Tourism comparison in Sri Lanka and Maldives

The Maldives and Sri Lanka are two geographic, cultural and economic neighbors who share very similar lifestyles in the past and present. The climate and monsoons that both island nations experience are very similar but in terms of geographical reality, there is a vast difference in both countries. Due to these geographic reality differences the tourism industries of both nations are outlined in separate paths. For example, while a honeymoon in Sri Lanka will allow you to experience breathtaking beaches and panoramic greenery, a honeymoon in Maldives will only give you exposure to amazing sea life.



While Maldives has a geographical area that is two times bigger than that of Sri Lanka, the country has 99.9% of water and owns over a thousand mini islands separated by deep waters. 1972 was when tourism first began in Maldives and was developed with an aim to provide a relaxing holiday away from urban centers and the living spaces of the public. Hence more and more uninhabited islands in the Maldives were explored and transformed into holiday resorts. Tourists adored the fact that they got to spend their vacation in completely secluded hotels, away from the local population. Today, popular resort hotels have conquered complete uninhabited islands and tourists are transported by water taxis and charter flights.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka on the other hand is one island on the whole, thereby allowing for land transport to all corners of the country. 1966 is when tourism was initiated in Sri Lanka and during this period, the primary focus in fostering tourism was to make sure adequate accommodation facilities were available for the incoming guests. In fact British governors gave up their residences and offices to be used as accommodation, which are now transformed into beautiful hotels. This goes on to show that even though some distance was maintained, these places of accommodation were in close proximity to popular markets and centers of commerce. So even if you were on a private honeymoon in Sri Lanka and had some time left to shop and learn about the country’s culture, easily accessible places are always available nearby.

Today too, most of the popular hotels in Colombo are enveloped by major business centers but the people living there will not come in the way of tourists enjoying a private Sri Lanka honeymoon. The concept here, unlike that of Maldives tourism, is that tourists are free and encouraged to experience the diverse landscape of Sri Lanka and not just restrict themselves to one hotel or region.

As for tourists who choose to stay at one hotel throughout their stay, Blue Lanka Tours provides the option of day tours to visit other regions of the country. We will arrange luxury and comfortable transport along with a driver cum guide for guests who are interested in exploring other parts of Sri Lanka. Our day tour itineraries are categorized by region and interest of activities. So if you want to take a break from your Sri Lanka honeymoon, you can opt for day tours to explore the beaches, the hill country or the culture of the island, from wherever you are staying.



The tourism product being advertised by Maldives is mostly the tropical getaway vacation of sun, sea and sand. Honeymooners would love a secluded holiday like this and so would just about anyone looking for a break from the real world. In this context, the Maldivian tourism experience has different varieties such as:

Holiday on board while traveling in safari boats

Diving holidays to some of the best diving sites in the world

Dream waves for surfing enthusiasts

These varieties in will always have a marine touch to it obviously because of the extreme abundance of sea water owned by the group of islands. So while Maldives boasts of rich marine life, white sandy beaches and clear blue lagoons, whether you are in the north of the country or the south, the attractions are quite the same. You would either be enjoying days tanning yourself on the beach, indulging in nights of luxury accommodation, pampering yourself to an exclusive spa treatment or appreciating an extraordinary meal experience at an underwater restaurant.

Sri Lanka

While Sri Lanka is only half as big as Maldives, it offers considerable diversity to tourists. From beaches to jungles, Sri Lanka has it all. If you are on a honeymoon in Sri Lanka, you could choose a package designed for total relaxation while there are also packages catered to adventure lovers, nature lovers and culture lovers.

Nuwara Eliya boasts of cooling climate and massive tea estates

Sinharaja Forest Reserve is where you find the jungle flora and fauna

Anuradhapura is a culturally enhanced city

While exploring these regions, you can indulge in some adventurous fun such as white water rafting, canoeing, trekking and so on. In addition to these, Sri Lanka owns six UNESCO recognized sites and a rich combination of culture and hospitality to add charm and attraction to a holiday in Sri Lanka.

Southeast Asia – A backpacker’s paradise

Southeast Asia, as a tourist destination, has been more popularly known as a backpacker’s paradise since a long time now. Most places such as Sri Lanka tours, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand are very affordable, have very simple travel logistics, very safe to travel around and are blessed with an amazing, holiday-friendly tropical climate throughout the year. If you have a few weeks or months to spare on your calendar, you should definitely explore Southeast Asia as a backpacker.

Not all backpackers touring the region will follow the same routes, but usually, this is how a practical route could be defined. A quick run through the banana pancake trail, which comprises Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. This name was given after the typical breakfast that was served to foreigners at most guesthouses. Next, you would move on to Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, South China, Phillipines and Myanmar. In your itinerary, you don’t have to stick through this circular route though because Asia allows for simple zig zag sailing through all the countries.

Most of the region has an abundance of amazing places to visit. A Sri Lanka holiday is ideal for relaxation and fun-filled activities with its variety of natural and cultural attractions. For backpackers passionate to see Asia, it is an island that must be covered, and for backpackers just starting out, a Sri Lanka tour would be a perfect way to begin their quest of Southeast Asia. After a horrifying past, Sri Lanka now proudly offers tourist a highlight of different formats of beaches, plenty of wildlife, cultural heritages, abundance of tea plantations, mountainous trails for hiking, and to top it all, an amazing Buddhist hospitality to everyone.

Thailand and Bali are very similar to playgrounds for partying westerners. Some attractions such as the temples in Bangkok and Ha Long Bay – Vietnam are often overrun by day-trippers and visitors who are on a package tour. If you want to stay clear from such commercial places, it is completely your choice, and to do so, you need to keep your plans very flexible in order to find the opportunities to explore countries.

For those setting out on their first backpacking trip, Southeast Asia is an ideal region to explore. Not only is it relatively easy to get around, it is also full of adventure. When planning your itinerary, be sure to include a Sri Lanka tour from Blue Lanka Tours. We will arrange a budget friendly round tour of the island so you do not miss any of the tourist attractions that Sri Lanka has to offer. In offering budget friendly packages for backpackers, we keep in mind comfort during journeys and in terms of accommodation as well.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind before you set out for your backpacking trip to Southeast Asia.

Don’t over-do the planning. Sufficient research and a list of must-see attractions are good. But once you get to your destination, plans are bound to change. Don’t be committed to the plans you have initially made. Impromptu change of plans is what makes your trip more memorable.

Stay calm and relaxed. In Asia, everything does not happen in a perfect schedule. Don’t let that bother you. Sometimes you may even spend ten minutes arguing with a taxi driver about the fare he has charged you. But that’s just part and parcel of experiencing a holiday in South East Asia. Take it easy and let go of minor issues by laughing it out.

Put yourself in the position of a local. If you are on a Sri Lanka tour, opt for local rice and curry type of meals rather than hamburgers. Don’t expect air conditioning everywhere you go. Take a ride on public transportation and experience the life of a local! If you have ever been on a Sri Lanka holiday, you would know that it is more of a ‘road less travelled’ due to the long civil war and devastation caused by the tsunami. But the backpacking crowd is easily finding their way into the lovely beaches, delicious cuisine, rich culture and wildlife. The best experiences of any country in South East Asia come from those that represent local life the most.

Before you begin your backpacking journey, plan, pack, prepare and get into the mindset of making the most of your trip. Turn your travel dreams into real plans and work hard towards making it happen in reality!

What to expect on Sri Lanka luxury holidays

Sri Lanka is a small, yet beautiful island at the foot of India, which entails a hard-to-resist combination of history, culture, food and nature. The beach resorts and diving schools are a big bonus for leisure travellers while culture lovers are attracted to the ancient forts, temples and popular food spots. Nature lovers would love to explore the inland lakes and reserves where they would find plenty of cheetah, elephants and more wildlife. Others simply relax at a luxury hotel spa or pool, sipping on premium tea manufactured from plantations that cover the mountainous interior of the country.

Sri Lanka luxury holidays present you with pristine sandy beaches and ultra-luxury holiday resorts amidst mesmeric settings. Whether you are looking for a luxury once in a lifetime romantic experience or rejuvenating families treat in absolute privacy and serenity, Sri Lanka has it all. The exotic beaches and the peace and tranquil of Sri Lanka’s hill country is a safe and secure environment to unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of the real world. What better place to indulge in this much needed vacation than on the beautiful and luxurious resorts of Sri Lanka?

Blue Lanka Tours provides amazingly affordable luxury holiday packages with all-inclusive offerings. Our long term partnership with many of the luxury hotels around the island allows us to avail special rates on accommodation and meal packages. These cost savings are passed on to our clients to give them a chance to experience a magical luxury holiday in Sri Lanka.


Most luxury resorts that you will find on Sri Lanka’s beaches have villas that spread on the coastline and within the hotel property. In addition to the astonishing view of the ocean, these villas are very spacious with large living spaces and large open-air bathrooms, private outdoor areas, and direct access to the beach. Maximum privacy to holiday-ers is the aim when designing these villas. While couples have the option of choosing a villa with a private plunge pool, families have a two bedroom villa option suitable for them. Guests can enjoy a stunning view of the sunset and sunrise from the comfort of their own room.

As for luxury boutique hotels in the beautiful hill country of Sri Lanka, towns such as Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Ella and Hatton have some splendid options too. The only difference in hill country resorts from beach resorts is that the view of the ocean is replaced with the peace and tranquil of green valleys, mountains, tea estates and cascading waterfalls amidst the mist of the chilly weather.


The key to a complete Sri Lanka luxury holiday experience is definitely the culinary delights and dining experiences. The hotels have a variety of food and beverage experiences in order to ensure that customers have a good choice when selecting their dining options. Depending on the meal packages that you choose, you will have several opportunities to experience top notch, seven course meals on a buffet spread at your chosen luxury hotel. In addition to a multi-cuisine meal, you can indulge in the wide collection of premium wines, beers and colorful cocktails that the bar has to offer.

Hospitality and other facilities

Apart from food, luxury resorts in Sri Lanka excel at providing unmatchable hospitality. Butler services, laundry, in-room dining and much more is what you get under the luxury service category. The friendly and dedicated staff at all resorts will go out of their way to make sure you have a memorable stay at the hotel. So sit back, relax and allow yourself to be pampered to the maximum. Speaking of pampering, every hotel has its own private spa where you can indulge in some rejuvenating therapies for your mind and body. The spas provide Ayurveda therapies as well as sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and beauty salon.

Due to the large space of land owned by these luxury hotels, you will most often find a lot of extracurricular activities such as a gym, kids club, large swimming pools, tennis courts, pubs, dance floors and much more. These resorts also offer a range of activities such as excursions, sunset fishing, kite-surfing, trekking, cycling, snorkeling and other motorized and non-motorized water sports.

In conclusion, if you are seeking an absolutely rejuvenating and enchanting luxury holiday, Sri Lanka is your best option. Absolutely affordable, yet luxurious.

Tips for a perfect honeymoon in Sri Lanka

Honeymoon is a trip that is surely almost, if not even more, exciting than the wedding itself. You may have been on vacations with you fiancé before. You may go on couple holidays in the future too. But after all that stress of planning your wedding, a memorable honeymoon is something you definitely deserve.

Consider a honeymoon in Sri Lanka when planning this trip. Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for everything you would want in a honeymoon. Be it a relaxing stay amidst beautiful and panoramic views of mother nature, a tanning holiday on the beach, or an adventure filled one with activities such as rafting, camping and trekking, Sri Lanka has it all.

Avoid mishaps

No matter how much planning you do for your Sri Lanka honeymoon, these are the first few days of your married life and they don’t always go as expected. So don’t be disappointed with a few mishaps and twists and turns as these can often be what make the trip more memorable.

To avoid mishaps while on your honeymoon, here are a couple of tips you should keep in mind:

Plan your honeymoon dates about a week after wedding. This gives you enough time to rest for a honeymoon that you would otherwise spend just sleeping throughout.

Take it easy during your honeymoon in Sri Lanka. If you are still exhausted after the wedding bells, opt out of tiring activities such as trekking. Just choose to relax on the beach instead.


In discussing how to have a perfect honeymoon, there is definitely a list of things you should not miss while you are at it.

Do something you have never done before

Sri Lanka has a lot of activities that tourists can try out for the first time. Some of these include: kite-surfing, white water rafting, camping amidst wildlife, climbing Adam’s Peak, tea plucking experience, ayurvedic treatment, turtle watching, or simply indulging in the ultra-luxury accommodation at an exclusive holiday resort. Fun and exciting experiences such as these are what make your honeymoon in Sri Lanka an unforgettable one.

Order room service

Honeymoons are meant to make you lazy. There may be a time when you are experiencing a bed bug where you just don’t want to move out of bed, let alone getting dressed and walking to the restaurant for your meal. Pamper yourself to the luxury of having your meal sent to your room so you can sit by the window and enjoy a private meal, overlooking the beautiful view from your room.

Get your pictures taken

It is your special trip and you want to record every minute of it. In fact, it is worth recording every minute of a honeymoon in Sri Lanka. You want to take back home unique memories of serene green landscapes, beautiful estates of tea, exotic golden sand beaches, friendly local life, UNSESCO world heritage sites, wild animals that you don’t see every day, and much much more. Don’t feel shy to bother other holiday-ers to get pictures of you. You can pay them back by doing the same for them.

Eat and drink generously

You don’t have to worry about fitting into your wedding dress anymore so eat, eat and eat all you can! By choosing Blue Lanka Tours as your Sri Lanka honeymoon provider, you will be assured of accommodation and meal packages at our exclusive partner hotels all around the island that offer the best in terms of food and beds. You can indulge in the widespread buffets and try a variety of cuisines on your taste buds. Oh and while you are still in the tropical island of Sri Lanka, don’t forget to order a fruity cocktail with an umbrella in it!

Have a romantic, candlelight dinner

A candlelight dinner is solely reserved for couples. As a newlywed couple, you are bound to enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner which can be arranged on your Sri Lanka honeymoon. You could choose to have a backdrop of astonishing mountains, cascading waterfalls and greenery everywhere, or you could dine on the shores of the striking coastline in Sri Lanka. Just make a request to your hotel when you are visiting the hill country or are enjoying the beaches of the eastern and southern coastlines. Hotel management will make the necessary arrangements for your romantic and cherished night out.

So there we have it, a guide to making your honeymoon an absolutely perfect one. Keep these tips in mind to make the most of the most treasured vacation of your life!

A Simply-Flying Experience of Sri Lankan Scenery

The world can be seen in several perspectives and angles. Every human being sees their surroundings from ground level. Imagine what it would be like to be a bird and fly over the beautiful island of Sri Lanka while gazing downwards? A helicopter ride in Sri Lanka would bring to you a totally different, unique and interesting perspective. When you look from above, the beaches you would stroll on, the malls you would shop at, the wildlife experience, the visit to Temples and historical ruins, and the mountains and tea estates that you would enjoy driving by, are all incredibly different.

Simply-flying helicopters

A helicopter ride can take you to where few men have gone before and will present you with an experience that very few have felt before! Sri Lanka is a popular tourist destination that offers visitors a diverse range of attractions, ranging from the sounds of the tropical jungles to the panoramic beauty of a beautiful coastline, to the misty mountains of the hill country.

Sometimes road travel can be an inconvenience due to travelling time, congested roads and other health problems that many travelers may experience. This should not restrict you from experiencing the breathtaking beauty of Sri Lanka. Avoid the hassle and traffic associated with road travel by choosing to travel by air. Travel in unparalleled style and comfort with helicopter tours in Sri Lanka, which will give you an exclusive birds’ eye view of the island. All you need is a helicopter ride reservation, and an empty field to take off and land the helicopter!

How to reserve helicopter transfers

Flights are scheduled based on flight availability and passenger requirements. Helicopter Rides in Sri Lanka operate only during the day-time and in acceptable weather conditions. This restriction is for passenger convenience and safety and also to make sure nothing obstructs the bird’s eye view that passengers are desperately awaiting.

Blue Lanka Tours provides luxury helicopter tours in Sri Lanka for all our clients. Simply inform us 24-36 hours in advance, and we will reserve an aircraft and crew to take you on the helicopter tour on your requested date. If you want a greater choice of aircrafts and pricing options, it is advisable to get in touch with us at least a week before your flight date. This allows us to cater to any special requests from our clients.

To make the reservation, we need passenger details such as name, date of birth, passport number and nationality. To avoid any confusion and misunderstandings, we will provide you with accurate details of the information required in order to make the helicopter reservation. Also please note that all helicopters are independently monitored by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka.

Advice for First-Time Helicopter Passengers

Helicopter rides in Sri Lanka are definitely an exciting experience but may often feel overwhelming for those riding a helicopter for the first time. Here’s how you can be well prepared to enjoy your scenic flight.

Not being nervous about flying is very important. Flying has been proven to be a very safe form of travel. The numbers of accidents on air are much less than those that occur on road. The pilot navigating your helicopter will be a well trained professional who has many hours of experience in flying helicopters in varied weather conditions. He will also be familiar with the route you have selected for your helicopter tour in Sri Lanka.

Control your anxiety before you get onto the helicopter by taking deep breaths, meditating and visualizing the flying experience. For extreme anxiety, you could visit a doctor and obtain some anti-anxiety medication to help you stay calm during the ride. While on the flight, you may find it helpful to read, play games or converse with another. However, do not forget to keep looking out the window regularly because that bird’s eye view of the pearl of the Indian Ocean is one that should not be missed!

Appropriate clothing for your flight would be long pants, a light jacket, and long hair should be pulled back. Inappropriate accessories would be sunglasses hats, sandals, flip flops, and loose jewelry. You are also advised not to bring heavy luggage and loose items such as a keys or a purse.

When your pilot is giving instructions, listen carefully. He will tell you about emergency procedures, the location of first aid kits, flotation devices and so on. Sit tight with your seatbelt on and do not leave until instructed to do so.

To have a very pleasant and simply-flying helicopter ride in Sri Lanka, follow these tips and be prepared.