2016 Season’s Greetings from Sri Lanka

Visit Sri Lanka this holiday season and celebrate Christmas in the true Lankan style! While Christians are a minority in the country, there is much enthusiasm for Christmas celebrations in Sri Lanka. Preparations begin several weeks in advance and the Christmas spirit can be seen all over the country, including small road-side boutiques to huge shopping centers. Beautifully decorated Christmas trees light up shopping complexes and Christian households.

If you choose to spend your Christmas holidays in Sri Lanka, you can be rest assured that it will be a very memorable one accompanied with all the amenities of the festive season. You can decide which one of the many scenic locations in Sri Lanka you would like to spend Christmas at. Blue Lanka Tours will arrange for you to stay at one of the many luxury hotels we have partnered with around the island and there you will have wonderful Christmas spreads, carols, dancing and other such festive activities. You will feel like home away from home, along with a range of additional experiences. If you have any special Christmas requirements, simply mention them to us and we will be sure to include them in your tour package.


On Christmas eve, OZO Colombo presents a unique menu known as ‘Roast and Toast’, which is a roast dinner buffet that features a special section for roasted turkey, pork leg, lamb leg, Australian beef, crispy duck and much more! On Christmas day, they have an international brunch buffet to kick start the day by tasting multiple cuisines and satisfying your taste buds. For dinner on 25th December, OZO offers Turkey Night (which is also an international buffet) with live entertainment. Roasted turkey and oysters are highlights on the menu.

The Harbour Court Restaurant at Kingsbury Hotel is hosting a Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinner with a splendid seven course international buffet. Known for their salads and veggies, the restaurant is also highly competitive in its seafood variety. For a quality meal worth for the price, Kingsbury Harbour Court is highly recommended.

Hilton Colombo offers Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinner at their well-known Italian restaurant – Il Ponte. If you choose to dine here during your Christmas holiday in Sri Lanka, you can expect premium quality Italian cuisine in a highly romantic ambience with great service from staff at the restaurant.

Looking for a fun way to entertain your children this Christmas? Visit the coffee shop at Galadari Hotel on Christmas day and join a lunch table with Santa Claus. Make it an unforgettable Christmas for your children by engaging in fun-filled conversations with Santa and learning more about his elves, flying reindeers and Mrs. Claus!

Celebrate a pink Christmas this season at Cinnamon Grand – Colombo. The hotel is all dressed up with striking pink and white colors and angels along the driveway, exhibiting a wonderful display. Here you will see some of the best Christmas decorations – all set to dazzle the city! As for events, the Taprobane restaurant has an international Christmas buffet on Christmas Eve, while the London Grill offers a seven course Gourmet Christmas meal. The Noodles restaurant is publicizing an all-you-can eat fest or you could try an Italian Christmas buffet at Echo.

Christmas Eve celebrations at the Galle Face Hotel Verandah Restaurant offers a wide selection of traditional Christmas culinary delights while the 1864 Restaurant offers an extensive set menu. On Christmas Day, you can be a part of the special luncheon buffet at Verandah Restaurant or enjoy a Christmas themed dinner at the 1864 Restaurant. Once you are done with your luxury Christmas meals, head on over to the neighboring Galle Face Green to see the world’s tallest Christmas tree. Currently under construction, the 325 foot tree aims to be complete by Christmas Eve and will be displayed for ten days.

Cinnamon Lakeside is celebrating a purple Christmas this year with decorations in all shades of purple. Plenty of man-made snowmen will greet your at this hotel, along with an abundance of purple snowflakes covering the ground. Don’t forget to visit the garden full of reindeers, which is an unmatchable sight when lit up in the evening. The restaurants at Cinnamon Lakeside offer gala buffet spreads on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Make merry with Taj Samudra during your Christmas holiday in Sri Lanka this year. If you are missing singing carols back home during Christmas, Taj brings you the chance to Carol the night away on 22nd December with Christmas Carols by Choro Calibre at the Lattice at 8.00 p.m. On Christmas day, the Latitude restaurant features a roast lunch buffet and a family dinner buffet while the popular Golden Dragon restaurant offers A La Carte menus with an exclusive selection of authentic Chinese dishes.

Christmas is the greatest season to celebrate love and joy with family and friends, and Water’s Edge – Battaramulla offers the best of celebrations this season. Whether you want to celebrate on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day – brunch, lunch, dinner or high tea, Water’s Edge has a package suitable for everyone. You could also celebrate Christmas in unique style this season by reserving your seats at the newly launched “Party Bus at the Edge” and make it an unforgettable Christmas!

If you are in Colombo from 20th – 23rd December 2016, don’t forget to visit the Arcade Independence Square one evening to be a part of the Christmas Fest 2016. Here you can learn about Sri Lankan culture, visit the many food stalls, enjoy live music and cultural shows, view a stunning fireworks display, entertain your kids, shop until you drop, and of course, enjoy Christmas carols at its best.



Come alive with the hills in Sri Lanka this Christmas season at Amaya Hills in a typical Kandyan style extravaganza. Celebrate with your family and loved ones at Amaya Hills – Kandy and receive loads of gift hampers, weekend vouchers and other festive goodies to make a perfect Christmas this year. Christmas goodies include Yule logs, cookies, German Stollen and much more. If you are in Kandy just for a day on Christmas, opt for a high tea at the terrace of this hotel where you can enjoy an amazing view of the sunset while nibbling on those delicious finger foods. For those residing at Amaya Hills, be a part of their special theme nights from 20th – 31st December 2016 and indulge in culinary delights from around the world.


Jetwing St. Andrews in Nuwara Eliya is celebrating 12 days of Christmas beginning on the 20th of December and includes an array of festive celebrations such as carols, games, nativities and of course amazing food, which the Jetwing chain of hotels is well known for. Along with the walls of the hotel being decorated in the traditional red and green colors, a Mexican dinner is promised at Jetwing St. Andrews on the second day of Christmas. Join in the holiday spirit in an exciting way amidst the mountainous peaks and serene greenery of Sri Lanka’s hill country.


Enjoy a tropical Christmas on the sun-kissed beaches of Negombo. At Jetwing Beach, Christmas Eve will include an incredible seven course dinner buffet along with Jazz music by popular musicians Rex and Jazz Dynamos. To top off this perfect night, a magnificent display of fireworks will be held at the crack of dawn on Christmas Day.


Christmas in Galle will let you experience the now hip 17th century Dutch fort town in the south of Sri Lanka. Within the barricades of the massive, 36-hectare fort built in 1663, you can stroll around to observe some of the finest Dutch, Portuguese and British colonial architecture in all of South Asia. Look around and you will find almost every shop decorated with lovely Christmas trees to celebrate the birth of Christ. Try some delicious burgers and homemade ice cream to go with it while celebrating Christmas in true Lankan style.

Sri Lanka prepare for the Christmas season weeks in advance with Christmas trees and decoration being invested by shops around the island. Churches, chapels and cathedrals hold midnight masses on Christmas Eve, companies and families hold get-togethers where a wide variety of seasonal Christmas food is offered. Plan your next holiday in Sri Lanka during Christmas and enjoy the festive mood that remains in the air for weeks to give you an undoubtedly incredible experience.

2017 the year for Spa holidays

2017 is almost here and with it comes the joy of starting to plan your holidays for the upcoming year. According to worldwide holiday experts 2017 will see an increase in wellness holidays, as more holiday goers look to use their holiday time as a means of rejuvenating their minds and bodies. Sri Lanka is a perfect choice for vacationers looking for spa holidays as it has many professional luxury spas that deliver far and above the expected, set in the midst of paradise.

Why should you opt for a spa holiday?

In a world where we literarily feel as though we are always on the go, a spa holiday makes us stop and slow down and de-stress. The treatments which include massages, deep tissue body scrubs and hot stone massages all have health benefits by helping increase flexibility and gently strengthening muscle tones. It can also help you enjoy better sleep cycles, as you experience complete relaxation. Further treatments such as facials, head massages, warm oil head massages and body wraps all aim to relax and cleanse for an overall feeling of wellbeing. Massages as a treatment have been around for thousands of years and are a completely natural way towards healing the body. As many of us have desk bound jobs, aches and pains along the spine and shoulders tend to be common. These can be treated and prevented with spa treatments.

Why a spa holiday in Sri Lanka?

Well Sri Lanka is a paradise island. Not only will you be reaping the benefits of being pampered with professional luxury spa treatments, but you will be also in an idyllic location. You can enjoy time on the beach, relaxing to the sound of the ocean as the sea breeze gently cools you down. It is a well-known fact that sea water is beneficial for the skin while an invigorating swim does wonders towards feeling good. There is something so therapeutic about the beach, that it is no wonder people travel the world over to spend time on Sri Lanka’s famous beaches for a dose of the sun, surf and sand. You can also combine your spa holiday with other activities such as exploring heritage sites, taking in the amazing wildlife or losing yourself in the scenic beauty of the island’s upcountry region.

Why not try Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one of the oldest natural healing treatments in the world and Sri Lanka has a 2000 year old history with using this holistic method to heal the body, spirit and mind. These treatments too include massages, cleansing programs and herbal baths using all-natural products. Another element to Ayurveda are the meditation and yoga as well as special diets that all work together to help you feel like a new person by the end of your holiday. Also you can consult in house Ayurveda doctors to get personal fitness plans that include exercises both physical and breathing as well as diet plans that are easy to follow once back home from your holiday.

Why wait?

With so much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose why wait any longer to start planning your 2017 spa holiday? Make it a holiday all about yourself, where you take time to relax from the everyday world and spend time in paradise being pampered completely. To make it even better, you can opt for a couple’s package so that you and your better half can spend time together during treatments. What better way to bond and rejuvenate. Sri Lanka is perfect as your spa holiday destination as it has many luxury and Ayurveda spas to choose from, all providing professional treatments in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

An underground campaign to inspire visitors

Sri Lanka is a paradise destination that many people have started to appreciate as being able to deliver an all-round idyllic holiday experience. This tiny island has so much to offer be it a beachside holiday, a wildlife experience, nature retreat or adventure. Yet, there are many that think of Sri Lanka as only a location for sun kissed beaches. While Sri Lanka’s beaches are world famous, this tiny tear drop island is a country blessed with natural wonders that will amaze even the most seasoned of travellers. It is to highlight this that Sri Lanka Tourism is currently carrying out an advertising campaign in the UK underground train and railway.

Rich Heritage

The campaign highlights the splendor of Sri Lanka to commuters as they go about their daily travels. It is a great way to inspire people to start planning their summer holidays and create awareness about the country itself. Sri Lanka is a country rich in culture and heritage and its many great ruins, temples and manmade lakes show the extent of the ancient Sri Lankan’s abilities. It truly is an enlightening experience to walk through these ancient marvels and see the structures and architecture that made use of the natural elements to perfection. The dramatic palace complex the Sigiriya Rock Fortress by the despotic King Kassapa, is just one of the few historic gems that Sri Lanka has to offer.

Multi ethnic culture

Another angle that the campaign highlights is Sri Lanka’s ‘vibrant multi ethnic culture’. Sri Lanka is a warm melting pot of cultures that reflect throughout the island. From its many sometimes colourful and at other times serene religious ceremonies to the breathtaking pereheras or religious parades, visitors are filled with a greater sense of Sri Lanka’s rich heritage. Traditional sweetmeats, the boiling of the milk pot, the following of auspicious times are all wonderful Sri Lankan traditions that are interesting to be a part of. The island’s multi-cultural background is a delightful mix of Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim and Burgher cultures that have blended together to create a truly unique warm and inviting culture. Sri Lanka is famous for the warm inviting smile of its people.

Relax, relax, relax

Another area Sri Lanka has become popular for is as a great holiday destination for rejuvenation. This is not only by sunbathing on the warm beaches but also through spa treatments and Ayurveda holidays. These have grown in popularity in Sri Lanka as visitors appreciate the professional and thoroughly rejuvenating treatments they are able to enjoy while holidaying here. An Ayurveda holiday is a total detox program which helps people feel better both mentally and physically. This 5000 year old natural healing process has recently become popular again for its natural therapeutic benefits. Spas in Sri Lanka are of top quality and perfect for the visitor looking for some holiday pampering and a complete feeling of wellness.

Calling of the wild

Sri Lanka is also blessed with an amazing range of wildlife. It has large national wildlife parks that are home to such an array of animals that visitors wonder how such a tiny island can have such a diverse range. The wild Asian elephants roam gently in these parks and are breathtaking to see up close. The elusive leopard which is found in Sri Lanka can also be seen by those lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

Adventure crazy

Idyllic paradise island Sri Lanka may be, but it also is a great location for an adventure holiday be it sports or exploring or nature. Kayaking, forest hikes, trekking, surfing, kite surfing, camping, hot air ballooning and diving are just some of the exhilarating activities you can enjoy that are provided by professionals in the field. They offer adventures that deliver as promised.

It is to highlight all these wonderful elements of Sri Lanka that Sri Lanka Tourism started the underground campaign. It will inspire more British commuters to plan their 2017 summer holidays in Sri Lanka, for a holiday of a lifetime.