5 Tips to beat the heat in Sri Lanka

If you are visiting Sri Lanka in the months of April – August, you will experience a gushing heat wave, in most parts of the island. Global warming is a hard fact and there is no escaping the heat. The best you can do is to beat it.

  1. Opt for air conditioned accommodation

Blue Lanka Tours have partnered with hotels that provide high quality air conditioned accommodation at every location in Sri Lanka. This ensures that you have a stress-free holiday and that you enjoy your stay in the country.

  1. Swimming Pools

Almost every luxury hotel in Sri Lanka is facilitated with a swimming pool. During your holiday, make time for a swim to cool down your body and get a break from the scorching heat. Before 10.00 a.m. or after 4.00 p.m. are the best times for a swim if you are looking to avoid the dangerous rays from the sun. For residents of Colombo, there are several hotels and clubs that let you pay and use the swimming pool for a few hours.

  1. Air conditioned bars/restaurants

If you are on a city tour or are far away from your hotel and you really need to chill for awhile, look out for a neighboring restaurant or bar that is air conditioned and grab a drink/bite and sit there for awhile. Let the AC cool down your body and dry out all the sweat while you sip on a cool drink or a chilled ice cream. Opting for a hot soup, tea or coffee in the middle of the day is a bad idea as that will only make you feel warmer.

  1. Escape to the hill country

This is possibly the best way to beat the heat in Sri Lanka. When planning your itinerary for a holiday in Sri Lanka, try to schedule more days in towns like Nuwara Eliya, Ella and Hatton. These are the coolest spots in the island and spending more time enjoying the weather and splendid natural beauty in these areas will make your holiday a peaceful one.

  1. Stay hydrated

The most important way to avoid the heat affecting your health is to keep yourself hydrated. Drink water at very regular intervals. Mineral water bottles are available at all roadside groceries and restaurants around the island. Table water is also given free at all restaurants.

Experience Geoffrey Bawa architecture in Sri Lanka

Geoffrey Manning Bawa entered the architecture industry in Sri Lanka and explored its modernism and cultural implications to create a unique style of design that had a lasting impact on architects across the globe. Bawa was well versed in Modernist theory and had a highly personal approach in all his designs. In 2001, Geoffrey Bawa was given an Aga Khan Award for his lifetime achievement. When you enter a building designed by the great Geoffrey Bawa, it evokes a sense of pleasure that goes perfectly with the climate, culture and landscape of Sri Lanka.

You can plan your holiday in Sri Lanka with inspiration from the talented Sri Lankan architect. When selecting holiday packages for your tour of Sri Lanka, simply request your preferred style of accommodation and Blue Lanka Tours can arrange for you to stay at hotels designed exclusively by Sir Geoffrey Bawa. Not only do people visit Sri Lanka for its exotic beaches, holiday-friendly weather and unique landscapes but also for the strong architecture in the country that is often ignored. Let us now discuss a few of the sophisticated pieces of work that Geoffrey Bawa has been in charge of.

Heritance Kandalama

This hotel in Kandalama is an amazing dramatic architectural creation of Sri Geoffrey Bawa. The property is built into a cliff face, overlooking the Kandalama reservoir. The design constitutes everything that is sustainable in a hotel. Heritance Kandalama is about a kilometer long and the jungle landscape that it is enveloped by has grown to make the hotel landscape look even more beautiful.

Blue Waters – Wadduwa

This hotel has a laid back paradise atmosphere with an understated charm and tranquility, offering five star luxury accommodation to its guests. The classic décor is highlighted with rich contemporary Sri Lankan style furnishing and crisp linen in shades of shells. The glass paneled Jacuzzi in the superior deluxe rooms provides an elegant charm in which you can unwind.

Lunuganga – Bentota

Lunuganga is Bawa’s country house estate located close to the beach resort in Bentota. This masterpiece was a 50 year passionate project that exhibited his ability to domesticate wild tropics and transform them into a well cultivated vision. Approximately 15 acres in size, the land features a cottage with four suites that have a tasteful interior, packed with art and history and yet does not look cluttered in any way.

Bentota Beach Hotel

In designing this hotel, Geoffrey Bawa pays tribute to the bright and lovely sun shining up above to make the hotel look visually appealing and help with providing warm hospitality. The pool at this hotel is exclusively designed by Sir Bawa with sun motifs and a natural rock pool kind of look.

Lighthouse Hotel – Galle

Splendid, iconic architecture is what you will observe upon strolling around the Lighthouse Hotel in Galle, fashionably designed by Geoffrey Bawa. The hotel conveys an old world charm with a touch of elegance and simplicity.

The Last House – Tangalle

This villa style hotel is the final piece of artwork from Geoffrey Bawas brand of architecture. It is a small, six bedroom seaside hotel with plenty of living space and ventilation. It is the perfect location for indulging in a private family getaway. This stylish villa is laid out in the shape of a horseshoe and the interior has a striking look of whitewashed walls contrasted with blue door and window frames to give it a more ‘beach house’ kind of appeal. The rooms are chic and luxurious with an ideal touch of Mr. Bawa. The cool cement floors and pillared verandahs are framed with stimulating views of the sea, and that is where Bawa’s touch is exhibited.

20 reasons tourists like to visit Sri Lanka

  1. To go wild

If you visit at the right time, you can dive in the Indian Ocean with blue whales and dolphins by your side. The national parks together have the biggest concentration of leopards in the world. Buffalo and sloth bears are also widely popular.

  1. Indulge in seafood, particularly crab

There’s an entire ministry for crab, launched by two former national cricketers. The restaurant is located in a beautiful building in the capital city of Colombo.

  1. An atmosphere of caves

Walk around the cave temple complex in Dambulla and observe the beautiful statues of Buddha and the amazing cave paintings.

  1. Scenic train rides

Whether you ride from Colombo – Hikkaduwa, Nuwara Eliya, or Jaffna, or even from Kandy to Ella, the train journeys offer absolutely breathtaking sceneries.

  1. Encounters with elephants

The best way to do this is by volunteering to help at an elephant sanctuary. Pinnawela elephant orphanage is one possible option.

  1. Enjoy adaptable local snacks

Hoppers are an anytime enjoyable snack: an extremely thin crispy batter made with spices and coconut milk and poured into a bowl shaped pan. You could have it for breakfast, with your evening tea, or even as a midnight snack.

  1. A morning on the tea estates

Enjoy a unique tea plucking experience at one of the many tea estates in the hill country of Sri Lanka.

  1. Get pampered at luxury hotels

Extremely luxurious hotels and resorts have come up in all corners of the island. Just to name a few – Anantara resorts, 98 acres resort and spa, Uga group of hotels, Amaya hotels, Heritance hotels and more.

  1. Indulge in tropical savory bites – very affordable

Branches of popular bakeries such as Perera & Sons are located in every popular town around the country and offer delicious savories such as rolls and pastries at very affordable prices.

  1. Surf and party

To the south east of the island is Arugam Bay – a surfer’s paradise – offering barreling breaks during peak season for surfers and rocking parties during night time for everyone. If the east is rainy, try towns such as Weligama on the southern coast.

  1. A glimpse of hell

In the southern town of Dickwella, an amazing Buddhist temple known as the Wewurukannala Vihara which exhibits a 160ft tall statue of Buddha in a sitting posture. It also has life size models of demons and sinners displayed in graphic detail.

  1. A glimpse of England

Nuwara Eliya, also known as Little England, is where you should go if you want to imagine being in England.

  1. Crowd-free beaches

Uppuveli and Nilaveli, on the north east coast, are astonishing beaches that are surprisingly peaceful and ideal for lonely wonderings.

  1. Scenic rocks

Sigiriya, an abandoned palace at the top of a rock is a must visit to see the ancient frescoes carved into the rock, the lion’s paw and the breathtaking view from up there.

  1. A glimpse of heaven

A seaplane experience will give you a stunning aerial view of Sri Lanka’s beautiful interior and exotic coastlines.

  1. An introduction to south east Asia

Sri Lankan lifestyle is quite peaceful and hence is a good introduction to other tourist destinations in south east Asia.

  1. Rainforest nature trails

Sinharaja forest, a UNESCO world heritage site, is an ideal place to go for treks and swim in waterfalls.

  1. Full moon celebrations

Some full moon (poya) celebrations are more elaborate than others. People are dressed in white, free food is served on the road side, pilgrimages are often made to Mihintale (a sacred mountain).

  1. Kite festivals

Visit Galle Face Green in Colombo to fly a kite or watch others fighting with their kites in the skies.

  1. A close look at Adam/Buddha’s footprint

Adam’s Peak is a mountain believed to be holy by Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus. Each religion believes the footprint of an important person is imprinted at the peak of this mountain.

Eight admirably exclusive waterfalls in Sri Lanka

For those of you who are new to the term waterfall, it is a place in a stream or river where water flows over one or many vertical drops. These are mostly formed as a result of erosion in rocky areas in the upper course of a river. Because of the water flowing over the rock shelf, streams become wider and shallower just above the falls. The area below the waterfall is deep due to the kinetic energy generated when the water hits the bottom. Not only are these natural formations a beauty in itself, but it is also fun and exciting to experience the force under the vertical drop of water.

During your holiday in Sri Lanka, you will come across several waterfalls. In reality, there are over a hundred waterfalls located around the country; most of them are in the hill stations of Nuwara Eliya and Badulla. Some of these waterfalls are man-made but are still equally breathtaking. There are also several waterfalls that are not officially discovered and some that lie almost inaccessible in the midst of dense forests. Out of these many waterfalls, only a few of them are actually safe to bathe in. Take a round tour of Sri Lanka with Blue Lanka Tours and we can arrange to show you most of these cascading waterfalls around the country.

Here are some fun facts about the best waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

Bambarakanda Waterfalls

  • Tallest with a height of 786 feet
  • Located in a dense forest in Bandarawela
  • Difficult to get through but not impossible, and well worth the effort
  • Can be seen on the road to Haputale


Devon Waterfalls

  • Is a collection of 3 falls
  • Approximately 318 feet high
  • Can be spotted easily from the Talawakele-Navalapitiya road
  • Breathtaking site indeed


St. Claires Falls

  • Can be seen beautifully from the viewing gallery on Talawakele road
  • Falls in two cascades
  • Safe for bathing and is easily accessible on foot
  • Surrounded by tea estates


Ravana Waterfalls

  • 131 feet in height and has a wide flow of water
  • Located in a village known as Uduhawara, close to the town of Ella
  • Water provides for cultivating vegetables; which is the main income for villagers
  • Tiny, yet extremely beautiful


Dunhinda Waterfalls

  • Very popular, not for its height but its beauty
  • Situated close to Badulla and is easily accessible to locals and foreigners
  • Its name interprets the mist created by the water on its way down


Diyaluma Waterfalls

  • 559 feet high
  • Located on the Koslanda-Wellawaya road
  • Its appearance makes people perceive it as the highest waterfall
  • The rainy season brings humongous amounts of water spilling downwards, with no intermediate cascades


Bakers Falls

  • Located in Horton Plains, close to World’s End
  • Cascading waterfall with several falls
  • Icy waters glitter amidst the sunshine
  • Its backdrop of mountains and green valley’s make it a splendid sight
  • 20 meters in height
  • Very dangerous to bathe in
  • Named after its founder – Samuel Baker


Bopath Ella Falls

  • Located close to Kuruwita, Ratnapura
  • Dangerous to swim – people have died trying to do so
  • The name interprets that the waterfall is in the shape of a “Bo” tree
  • Best place to be for those seeking to get away from busy life