Ulpotha is a unique Ayurveda resort in the world, and it is hidden away in the charming village of Ulpotha in Anuradhapura. It has a history over 5000 years and is located in the north central province, in the oldest kingdom of the island. This eco-friendly vegetarian Ayurveda and Yoga retreat is housed in a manor house built several hundred years ago. Ulpotha is a traditional working village in the middle of mountains, lakes and paddy fields. The resort runs on a non-profit basis and all revenue from Ayurveda holidays are spent on its villagers and the surrounding local community. It is open to guests only for six months of the year, while the rest of the year it goes back to being a traditional village.


There are 11 charming wattle and daub huts in Ulpotha, 10 of which are for two guests and one for three. The huts have an open-airy atmosphere, designed in harmony with nature. These are equipped with comfortable beds, excellent mosquito nets, cupboards, fresh water, towels, and a sarong to wear and take home. Ulpotha adheres to the Sri Lankan village tradition of keeping toilet/loo spaces separate from living spaces. The magical showers are open to the stars and the toilets are modern. All the huts are allocated on a twin share basis. There is no electricity in Ulpotha, and the old-fashioned charm is still preserved. Paths and accommodation are lit by lamps and lanterns. Each hut has been painted by the locals in coloured clay and twice a year this process is repeated in different colours and designs.

Resort Facilities

Ulpotha has its own Ayurveda doctor and Yoga instructors. All food prepared at the resort come from Ulpotha itself, where they have been grown using traditional farming methods by the locals. These are organic ingredients that do not contain pesticide. Food is made fresh and not stored in freezers. The natural land and the habitat around are yours to roam freely and enjoy.


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