Corporate Social Responsibility

At Blue Lanka Tours, not only are we committed to giving our customers the best tourism experience in Sri Lanka, but we are also completely dedicated towards contributing to sustainable development within the community. We consider it our responsibility as a part of the travel and tourism market, to be concerned about our employees, partners, society and the environment. In the 21st century, we understand that there is a need for a business to show global alliance to the society and environment. Hence we have rooted CSR values in our employees to make a difference in the way we do business. With our knowledge and solutions, we aim to create a better world.

Here’s how we make a difference to the society around us:


  • Our CSR manager is well experienced in the field.
  • Blue Lanka Tours strives to follow the ISO 26000 (social responsibility) guidelines.


  • All our employees are paid way above average wages.
  • Clear overtime regulations are laid out.
  • We conduct regular surveys to determine customer satisfaction levels of our employees.


  • Our customers are given a feedback form at the end of every tour.
  • Customers are also informed on the reliability and sustainability of our products.


  • We provide reliable means of transport and accommodation to all our guests.
  • All our vehicles are green tested before being sent for tours.


  • We regularly monitor, review and encourage social responsibility practices of hotels we partner with in providing accommodation to our guests.


  • Blue Lanka Tours protects the cultures of all our guests, regardless of where they are travelling from.
  • In advertising our tour packages and other services, we convey concern of Sri Lankan culture and do not interfere in the practices of the culture of our country.
  • As much as we can, we provide help to Temples and other places of worship that attract our customers who want to learn about Sri Lankan culture.


  • We work hard towards rescuing animals in the neighboring communities.