Blue Lanka Cares for SOS children

Blue Lanka Tours is currently assisting children at the SOS Children’s Village in Piliyandala, Sri Lanka. The operations of SOS in Sri Lanka has been going on for over three decades and has provided emergency relief to many thousands of families at times of natural disasters and other violence. Our team at Blue Lanka Tours helps towards ensuring the children have proper access to nutrition, health services, and education by providing textbooks, extra tuition and nutritious meals for the children.

The SOS Children’s village in Piliyandala is located in the suburbs of Colombo, in Sri Lanka’s Western Province. The SOS social center in Piliyandala is more of a family strengthening program for the local community, aiming to support vulnerable families and giving children a safe and stable home to grow up in. For single parents, there is guidance on generating income, craft classes for women, and assistance with obtaining small loans so as to make them financially independent. At present, over 570 children are benefitting from this valuable program.

In view of the family strengthening program, Blue Lanka Tours plans to become the SOS mother (adopt) to 10 children from the SOS Children’s Village in Piliyandala. While these beautiful children will be living in the SOS home with their brothers and sisters, the Blue Lanka team will affectionately care for them.

What happens at the Piliyandala SOS Children’s Village

After being established in 1981, SOS arranged for their young children to go to kindergarten along with other children from the neighborhood, making sure integration with the local community occurs. After elementary school, the children will move on to the SOS Hermann Gmeiner primary and secondary schools in Piliyandala. More than one thousand students have received a solid education base here, thereby making these schools very prominent in the region.

When the children complete their school years, they are moved on to the SOS Youth Program. During their higher education years, they live in shared houses and experience independent lifestyles, taking up responsibility and learning to make their own decisions. The SOS Youth Facilities in Piliyandala offers workshops for electronics, metalwork, woodwork, and welding. There is also a vocational training center to prepare SOS parents and co-workers for the role of taking care of their children.

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