Ayurveda & Spa Therapy

Ayurveda Sri Lanka credentials go back thousands of years. The direct influence of Indian Ayurveda and indigenous knowledge shaped the Ayurvedic system on the island. Today, it is no longer an alternative medicinal practice but a scientifically proven one that has become a part of every Sri Lankan’s life. Ayurveda means ‘life science.’ It is the oldest wellness system in the world based on restoring the balance between body, mind, and spirit. Spa therapies in Sri Lanka mainly revolve around Ayurvedic treatments, due to their rejuvenating and healing effects. Some Ayurveda resorts in Sri Lanka even have special diets and guest routines for a more wholesome experience. A qualified Ayurveda doctor is usually available at Ayurveda establishments for assessing your physical constitution before providing treatment. If you have any medical conditions, these, too, will receive attention during therapies. The Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka is home to some of the most authentic Ayurveda resorts designed closer to nature.

Tips to remember

  • Research Ayurveda techniques before spa therapies
  • Stick to the recommended diet
  • Avoid snacking on junk food
  • If you feel uncomfortable during therapy, let them know
  • Stay at Ayurveda-themed resorts for convenience