The Wilderness with Blue Lanka Tours

A flourishing ecosystem, plentiful waterways, and thick jungles have created the perfect wilderness paradise for wildlife in Sri Lanka. Positioned on the migratory path for many birds, it is also the ideal bird-watching destination. Two monsoon seasons, a varied landscape, and wide-ranging altitudes, all contribute to a climate and biodiversity seen only on a whole continent. There are altogether 22 national parks in Sri Lanka, but you can see wild animals on a normal jungle-trek or even on the grounds of some of the resorts. About 5800 wild elephants roam the island’s jungles, and the highest leopard concentration in the world is known to be from here. Sambar deer, water buffalo, crocodile, sloth bear, and langurs inhabit the lush wilderness. From Blue Whales to spinner dolphins to sea turtles, the waters off the coast of Sri Lanka are also rich in biodiversity.

Tips to remember

  • Always carry bottled water
  • Wear hats and plenty of sun protection
  • Patience is a virtue – animal sightings take time
  • Never wander off by yourself
  • Avoid perfume and perfumed products
  • Do not leave rubbish behind