Canoeing Tour In Sri Lanka

Discover the natural hidden wonders of Sri Lanka in a calm and self-paced manner. Be amazed
by the ever-changing scenery and tropical flora and animals with a Canoeing Tour. Sri Lanka’s
103 rivers, marshes, lagoons, and historic canals give many opportunities to try out this unique
and pleasant way of transportation. The Kalu Ganga (Black River) runs from the island’s core
to Kalutara on the west coast, where it joins the Indian Ocean.
The picturesque river offers canoeists a chance to see a diversity of vegetation and species.
Alternatively, visit one of the country’s numerous huge tanks and reservoirs! The tranquil
waters of the Samanalawewa reservoir in Sri Lanka’s Sabaragamuwa district (easy access from
BELIHULOYA) are suitable for this leisurely exercise.


• Canoeing in “Kalu Ganga”
• Canoeing in Belihuloya
• Canoeing in Mahaweli River
• Lagoon Canoeing in Unawatuna

At a glance

Trip length

12 days

When to go

November to March


Airport – Hotel – Tour attractions – Airport

Picture your self

Canoeing to sunsets

Spotting birds & different butterfly species

Taking a dip in a river

Setting Turtle babies free in the Turtle Conservation

Not to miss in this tour

canoeingArray of Flora & Fauna when Canoeing through the rivers/lakes/lagoons

sunsetSun set from Kalu Ganga

birdsBirds and Butterfly species in Belihuloya

trailsNature Trails during the tour

Bandaranaike International Airport
Day 1 BIA To Anamaduwa

Airport Pickup & Transfer to Anamaduwa
Overnight stay in Anamaduwa

Welcome to Sri Lanka for you most awaited Canoeing Tour with Blue Lanka Tours. Meet our guide for your tour and get transferred to Anamaduwa to rest up before your adventure begins tomorrow.

White Water Kayaking Sri Lanka
Day 2 Anamaduwa

Morning Bird Watching Trail
Afternoon Enjoy Cooking and Tasting Authentic Sri Lankan Rice and Curry Lunch
Late Afternoon Go Canoeing in Lake Nearby
Overnight stay in Anamaduwa

Anamaduwa is a beautiful hidden gem in Sri Lanka. Start your day with bird watching train
around the property. Proceed to have the most amazing Sri Lankan homemade lunch
experience. In the evening, get ready for canoeing in the beautiful water ways around
Anamaduwa. Canoe in to the sunset in Anamaduwa and return back to the hotel for you night stay.

Day 3 Anamaduwa To Kandy

Transfer to Kandy
Go Canoeing along Mahaweli River
Witness Cultural Dance Show
Blessings at Kandy Tooth Relic Temple
Overnight stay in Kandy

You will be transferred to Kandy on this day before you could canoe in Kitulgala. Kandy is your resting stop along the way as you need not miss the sacred city infamous for the Tooth relic  Visit the temple and witness a  show.cultural dance Conclude the day resting the night at the hotel.

Day 4  Kandy To Kitulgala

Morning Visit to Royal Botanical Garden of Peradeniya
Transfer to Kitulgala
Afternoon White Water Rafting in Kelani River
Overnight stay in Kitulgala

You will be transferred to Kitulgala today. Stop by the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya.It’s rafting time in Kitulagala. Enjoy the adventure and rest the night in Kithulagala.

Day 5 Kitulgala

Cycling Tour to Pre-Historic “Belilena Caves” – 28500 years old and Explore Countryside of Kitulgala
Go Canoeing
Enjoy a BBQ Dinner Viewing the Picturesque Kelani River
Overnight stay in Kitulgala

Take a cycling tour to the Ancient Belilena Caves through the stunning countryside of Kithulagala. Canoe to the Sunsets of Kelani River. A BBQ is ready by the river side, enjoy your last night in Kithulgala.

Day 6 Kitulgala To Belihuloya

Transfer to Belihuloya
Take a Dip in the River
Overnight stay in Belihuloya

You will be transferred today to Belihuloya from Kithulagala. Once you arrive in Belihuloya,take a dip in the river and enjoy your night stay in Belihuloya.

tuk tuk tour
Day 7 Belihuloya

Swerve through the roads of Belihuloya by Tuk-Tuk
Gain Some Fascinating Insights into Village Lifestyles
Go Canoeing in Belihuloya
Overnight stay in Belihuloya

Take a Tuk Tuk ride through Belihuloya vicinity and explore the surroundings. Come back, rest and gear up for canoeing in Samanalawewa Reservoir – a man made tank with an array of butterfly species and birds. Spend your night in Belihuloya.

The Galle Dutch Fort Sri Lanka
Day 8 Belihuloya To Unawatuna

Transfer to Unawatun
Evening Exploration of Galle Fort and City
Overnight stay in Unawatuna

Take a Tuk Tuk ride through Belihuloya vicinity and explore the surroundings. Come back, rest and gear up for canoeing in Samanalawewa Reservoir – a man made tank with an array of butterfly species and birds. Spend your night in Belihuloya.

Unawatuna Beach in Galle
Day 9 Unawatuna

Go Canoeing Through Warm Lagoons and Trembling Mangrove Forests in Unawatuna
Relax By The Beach
Overnight stay in Unawatuna

Unawatuna Lagoon is rich with forests and beautiful sights. Wander through the habitats of water birds while paddling through Unawatuna’s unbelievably lovely lagoons and mangroves, drenched in gentle sunshine. Come back to chase the sunset at the beach in Unawatuna and spend your nights.

Turtle Hatcheries in Sri Lanka
Day 10 Unawatuna To Kalutara

Transfer to Kalutara
En Route Go On a Scenic Boat Ride in Madu River
Visit to Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery
Overnight stay in Kalutara

Kaluthara Temple in Sri Lanka
Day 11 Kalutara

Canoeing Experience Through Magical Kalu Ganga (Black River)
Visit to Sacred Kalutara Temple
Overnight stay in Kalutara

Kalu Ganga is a must-do Canoeing focal point in Sri Lanka. Today is your day to Canoe through some parts of the Kalu Ganga and then pay a visit to the infamous Kalutara temple.

Sri Lankan Airline
Day 12 Kalutara To BIA

Airport Transfer

Trail on the ground


Q. How long would it take to reach the Anamaduwa from Airport?
A. It is about 02 & ½ hours’ drive.

Q. Do we get an experienced guide on canoeing tours?
A. Yes Definitely.

Q. Where can I get money exchanged?
A. The exchange of foreign currency is only permitted at banks, money changers and hotels.

Q. Is WI-FI readily available?
A. Wi-Fi is available at most restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and malls although you’ll find
gaps in service in remote areas and villages

Real people, real views

How they experienced it

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Insightful Tips

  • Sun screen when canoeing is a must have
  • You backpacks have to have the essentials, first aid/a few fruits/water/isotonic drinks
  • Bring long clothes to cover your hands to avoid sun burns as much as possible
  • Binoculars is a must have

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