Great Experience and Great Company

Great excursion!! We were planning two days of whale watching, but considering the very positive results of the first day, we were so satisfied that we skipped the second day. We saw several blue whales and we followed them in respectfully way (at the proper distance, I mean good balance between close sight and not harming them too close) in their calm swim in the ocean. We saw also an incredible herd of dolphins, surrounding us, playing with the boat and following us almost the whole trip. The crew is at the same time very professional (knowledge of the animals, where to find them and providing with a proper explanation about) and friendly with all of us. Contacting and liaising with Blue Lanka Tours has been quite easy and effective by email, Dinesh and the Team reply properly and swiftly to all our questions.

A number of people on the boat have been kept at a very acceptable level. Even if the boat could allow more, we all had the proper space and we didn’t feel crowded at all. Very good guys, keep working in this way!