We dreamed it, Blue Lanka delivered it and more!

We asked for close-up wildlife for photo opportunities, with a guide who knew the birds, mammals, ecology, and could provide in-depth cultural experiences. Our guide/driver Aruna is very knowledgeable and can convey the enthusiasm he has for the treasures of his country: the people, the cultures, religions, food, history, and the well-protected natural resources. We spent 17 happy days with Aruna, who drives with great skill and very good humor in rather scary conditions (and I learned to drive in New York, but would not want to drive in Colombo). My husband got the photos he only hoped for (see examples posted), and we saw a great many species new to us, including the hard-to-see endemics. We are wildlife researchers in Latin America and have traveled to see wildlife in other Asian countries, but little Sri Lanka had much to offer us in natural beauty, and the country people have great heart that exhibits itself in many ways, whether in farm visits during harvest, or villages with amazing religious festivals, or national park naturalists with a talent for sharing their beloved wildlife, whether iconic elephants and leopards, or small but no less interesting gorgeous lizards, frogs, insects, and more. The Blue Lanka people are the best! Hoping to return….