The Secret Yala

The Secret Yala is tucked away in the Yala National Park and features luxurious tents in an ideal camping location amongst the natural wilderness. Surround yourself in the magical murmur of the forest, the emerald canopy and the tranquil beach close by. Yala National Park is Sri Lanka’s most visited national park and the second largest. A wealth of wildlife including elephants, leopards, monkeys, bears and 215 bird species are seen in the Park.


The five eco-friendly tents at The Secret Yala are designed for you to get close to nature. Tucked away between the idyllic shores of the beach and the thick jungles of Yala, the tents have been carefully put up so as to not upset the natural environment in anyway.

Tent Amenities

  • Bathroom with Running
  • WaterShowerIn-Room
  • Fan
  • Private beach hut (sunbathing/room service)
  • Double Camping Chairs
  • Eco-Friendly / Biodegradable Products
  • 2 single beds or 1 double bed
  • Binocular
  • Limited electricity supply – Fully available upon request

Hotel Facilities

Enjoy personalised dining within your luxurious tent, on soft sandy shores or surrounded by nature in the jungles. They provide an array of dining options from laidback family barbeque on the beach to a romantic meal under the stars with elegant cuisine prepared just the way you like it. The resident naturalist and ornithologist will provide you with wildlife insights and will accompany you on your wildlife adventure. You will also receive your very own personalized butler who will make your beds and prepare meals. A private beach hut on the shore is available to watch the setting sun or rising dawn. It is open from 6 in the morning to 7.30 at night, offering breathtaking 180 degree views of the endless Indian Ocean. You can have wine and other beverages to be brought to you or even a shisha.


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