Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

Kitulgala water rafting covers 5major rapids and 4minor rapids in a 5km stretch of the Kelani River. Conditions are also ideal for flat-water rafting.

Makandawa Rain Forest

Makandawa Forest Reserve

It is the catchment of the Kelani River and one of the most pristine rain forests in Sri Lanka. After Sinharaja, it has the most lowland endemic bird species.

Belilena Cave

Belilena Caves

These caves are an archeological site, where the remains of Homosapiens Balangodensis, a 12,000-year old prehistoric man, were discovered.

Aberdeen Falls

Aberdeen Falls

This 98m high waterfall is situated nearby Laxapana Falls. The base pool offers a stunning vantage point for admiring the falls and its rocky outcrop.

Laxapana Falls

Laxapana Falls

This 126m waterfall lights up Sri Lanka literally, with its twin hydroelectric power stations. Its deep base pool and the misty splash of water are a sight.

Olu Ella Fall

Olu Ella Falls

It is one of the less-known and visited waterfalls and takes its name from the Olu flower-like cascade. It falls in 4 segments from a height of 127m.