Kulu Safaris

Kulu Safaris operate in Yala, Udawalawe and Wilpattu National Parks. The base camp is situated in Yala and it is the largest. A bungalow is available for accommodation in Wilpattu on an elephant corridor near a watering hole. Guided by professional naturalists who have considerable experience, Kulu offers a luxury camp experience with eco-friendly practices that include a No Plastic policy.

Modified jeeps are deployed for game safaris and animal tracking. Most of the power consumed at the camps is generated by solar energy and rechargeable batteries, and a fully organic waste management system is in place.


All tents used at Kulu Safaris have been custom-made in South Africa by one of the world’s leading safari outfitters. Tents over 200 sq. ft. secured on raised wooden platforms are found in the Yala camp. Each tent includes a small deck (a verandah) for sitting down and relaxing, en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold showers and fly screens for ventilation and keeping out critters.

You can explore several Blocks in Yala with their wildlife excursions. Kulu also has a mobile safari option for bespoke camping per customer request. These tents are smaller, comfortable and well-equipped. The mobile camping provides a more ‘off the beaten track’ experience, especially for film crews, wildlife documentary crews and nature photographers.

Facilities and activities

You can go kayaking at the Yala Camp and enjoy a closer encounter with nature. Jungle walks with the guides help you to learn the art of animal tracking, animal behavior and birding. In the vicinity of the Yala camp there are historic and cultural sites such as Kataragama (a sacred place for Hindus and Buddhists) and Situlpawwa (an ancient jungle monastery dating back to 2nd century BC). You can visit these sites with Kulu Safaris. There is also the secret sunset location to mark the end to an adventurous day and this is a must-discover.


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