Udawalawe National Park Day Tour

A visit to the city of Monaragala in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka will bring you to the Udawalawe National Park. This park is the third most visited park in all of Sri Lanka and presents visitors with a fusion of flora and fauna. Herds of elephants, buffalos, deer and leopards are what you are destined to see on your day tour of the Udawalawe Jeep Safari. The park is located at the center of the Udawalawe reservoir, which allows for marshes, grasslands and forests. Being a representation of many of the East African National parks, Udawalawe Park owns 12 species of amphibians, 33 species of resptiles, 43 types of mammals, 21 kinds of fish and 184 varieties of birds.

Summary of the Tour


Hotel - Tour - Drop

When to go

For this day tour we advise departure from Colombo at 7.00 a.m. and our return would be late night on the same day.

Is this Day Tour for me?

If you are one of those people glued to the animal life and wildlife shows on television, the Udawalawe jeep safari is definitely going to be an exciting one for you.

Can it be tailor-made?

Yes, we can customize the tour for you. If you wish to go to any place not mentioned in the route, simply inform us in advance and we will make the arrangements.

Plan your visit

Places you will visit

Udawalawe National Park

Udawalawe National Park

This Park was originally created for the purpose of being a sanctuary for wild animals that lost their home due to the construction of the Uda Walawe Reservoir on the Walawa River. It was designated as a National Park in 1972 with 31,000 hectares of landscape and today it homes several species of plants, animals and birds. Not only is it a popular attraction for tourists, but it is also widely visited by the locals.

Plan your visit

Visit Elephant Transit Home

Visit Elephant Transit Home

The Transit Home is a lively place. Feeding the calves with milk every three hours is a recurring job throughout the 365 days of the year. The concept of this establishment was to look after the orphaned elephant calves until they could look after themselves when released back to the wild.

Plan your visit

Things you will do

Elephant Transit Home

Udawalawe jeep safari

Indulge Sri Lankan Rice & Curry in a Local Home

Interact with Elephants

Bird watching

Come across plants and animals you have never seen before


  • Be prepared for a bumpy ride as you will be driving through nature, not infra-structure.
  • Keep your camera ready at all times. There will be no time for lens changing, etc.
  • Be patient and enjoy an amazing adventure!


  • Although scrublands and grasslands are a common sight, don’t be surprised if you come across rocky and mountainous roads.
  • Don’t disturb the wildlife; respect the animals.
  • Nature is unpredictable. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t come across the animals you are eager to see.

How they experienced it

When I decided to visit Serilanka I read on tripadvisor that Blue Lanka Tours is number one, and after reading the reviews ,I sent an email and start to work on planing my trip. Denish offer me a plan for 8 days trip and after a few emails we decided our final dates, hotels and the route.
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Not to Miss

  • A glimpse of Sri Lankan elephants
  • One of the largest reservoir’s in the country
  • Baby Milk feeding at the Transit Home

In a Gist

Who is it for

Animal and adventure lovers.

What it covers

You will be taken on a thrilling jeep safari to the famous Udawalawa National Park in Sri Lanka, which is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

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