Galle Town

Galle Day Tour

Absorb the Sun, Sand and Waters of South Sri Lanka

Galle, 119km from Colombo, is a major city situated at the tip of the South Western coast of Sri Lanka. Being a coastal area, it is quite hot and humid but has an abundance of beautiful beaches in every town that you pass while travelling from Colombo to Galle. The Galle Fort was built by the Portuguese, fortified later by the Dutch and is well preserved till today. In addition to the Portuguese and Dutch remains, you will also find many British mansions left behind. As for beaches, the Unawatuna Bay probably tops it all and is safe for snorkelling and swimming because a reef protects it.

There you have it, a day tour of the city of Galle in a nutshell. In case there is a delay in your departure, try using the Southern Expressway, a recently built highway that can take you to Galle in half the time.

Places you will visit

Galle Fort

Visit Galle Fort Dutch city

The Dutch Fort in Galle is one of the best preserved sea forts in all of South Asia. UNESCO recognized it in the late 1980s as a unique example of urban ensemble that exhibits a fusion of European architecture as well as South Asian traditions between the 16th to 19th centuries.

Madu River Boat Ride

Madu River Boat Ride

The famous unforgettable river boat safari in Madu Ganga is GOALS! And yes, don’t miss the fish spa! One of the best excursions that can be done while in Sri Lanka, this Boat Ride will give you the comfort of a lifetime and is bound to keep you dazed and amazed at what Sri Lanka has to offer each and every single nature lover.

Weligama Stilt Fishing

Visit Weligama stilt Fisherman and beautiful beach

Here you can observe the old and mind boggling custom of using stilts for fishing. These fishermen are often seen on the beaches at sunset, noon and sunrise. They walk into the water with their poles and engraft them into the sea bed, and balance themselves on a cross bar attached to the pole.

Turtle Hatchery

Turtle Hatchery and Farm

Turtle hatchery: This is where sea turtles are preserved in Sri Lanka. It is a non-profit organization maintained to preserve sea turtles for the coming generation. Since its establishment in 1986, approximately 500000 sea turtles have been released into the ocean.

Not to miss in this tour

  • Shop at the Manning market
  • Visit the Gangarama temple
  • Learn about British colonial architectural patterns
  • Observe present day Sri Lankan urban life

Things you will do

  • Local street food
  • Ride in the tuk tuk
  • Walking through the Galle Face Green


Q. Is this day tour for me?

Anyone holiday-ing in Sri Lanka should visit Galle, especially those who love the ocean side.

Q. Can it be tailor-made?

Yes, we can customize the tour for you. If you wish to go to any place not mentioned in the route, simply inform us in advance and we will make the arrangements.

Q. When to go?

If departing from Colombo, 8.00 a.m should be ideal to have enough time for a day tour of Galle.

Q. What will transfers cover?

Pickup from Hotel – Tour Attractions – Drop at your Hotel.