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Deminda Our Team

Mr. Deminda Fernando – Assistant General Manager

Hotels and Tourism, though in the same sector are two very different fields. 12 years inside hotels reaching the very peak showed me that there is something beyond where I am. Blue Lanka Tours was that something. Selecting the tourism industry was the very best decision I ever made and being able to show the rest of the competition that we are always one step ahead of them is something that I will always have as a goal. I am proud of who I am and where I am now, and I will never stop taking myself to even higher heights no matter the competition and no matter what the outcome!


Ms. Imesha Karunasena – Accountant

Atmosphere is everything! And here you can definitely find anything. Starting all the way from happiness, going through liveliness, and ending up with energy. Tourism is a growing sector and that too at an amazing rate, where diversification and innovation is guaranteed. Also, this is definitely one place where communication is everything and if you wish to learn about communication, then this is the area for you! Being in the accounts field inside the tourism sector is something that I can be proud of especially inside Blue Lanka Tours itself.




Ms. Nimodi Lanka – Financial Executive

Ever since I could remember, I was always in love with numbers, and I know that my future lies in the financial department of any industry. Blue Lanka showed me the creativity of Accounts through its fast moving environment and I realized now much potential this trade would have at the same time, doesn’t hurt that I find it very interesting for my first job.



Mr. Pasindu Alwis – Accounts Executive

 With 2 + years experience in audit sector & 1 year at apparel sector, Blue Lanka Tours is the best place to explore my knowledge with regard to tourism it self. sector Being in the Accounts department in travel & tourism is pretty amazing and interesting as well. Blue Lanka Tours has opened up a new portal for me to get a glance about hotels, and to build up relationships with hoteliers. It is a good exposure for me as individual who wants to move forward in Accounting & finance sector. The staff is extremely Friendly and help full , I enjoy working at Blue Lanka Tours!


Savishka-Fernando copy

Mr. Savishka Fernando – Senior Operations & Reservations Executive

My life took an amazing turn when I changed my career path to travels from working at hotels. Even though it’s the same field it’s totally different and I loved the change. I love getting to know more people and building connections with hoteliers which I believe is very important and working at Blue Lanka it makes me grow as a person as well as a reputed figure in the industry.



Ms. Kalna Arangala – Operations & Reservations Executive

“Home is the only place to be comfortable”, We say it is so.

We provide the most peaceful gateways from the Huzz-buzz of life. Blue Lanka Tours renders a hand to find your desired space to feel relaxed and comfortable according to your taste. I’d rather say that Blue Lanka Tours is the second home for me. It’s a place of existence, a place of security and a place to treasure.


Ms. Pramila Madhubashini – Senior Tour Consultant

Blue Lanka Tours is my second job but, my first job in the tourism trade.Little did I know, that I would fall in love with the aspects of tourism through the eyes of Blue Lanka Having Handled the financial sector of Blue Lanka, and being transferred to tour consultant, I realized my potential and the passion I have towards the travel industry.


Ms. Upekha Gunasinghe – Tour Consultant

The interest to learn new cultures, languages, meet new people and my passion to travel around lead me to Blue Lanka Tours. Since day 01 I have been getting the correct guidance on discipline, work ethics. Being in the service sector, the main goal is to satisfy the client, I have been getting all the training I need to connect with the travelers from all the over the world, which will help me grow as a successful person as well. If you are interested in these, Blue Lanka Tours is the perfect fit for you!


Ms. Dinithi Wijesundara – HR & Admin Executive

More than ever, the role of Human Resources is to make sure that the Blue Lanka Tours basses its development on the shared values of Trust, Excellence Independence and Momentum. As a Human Resources and Administrative Executive support to all staff and perform a variety of tasks. I am step forward daily with Blue Lanka Tours.


Mr. Vimanka Punchihewa – Company Graphic Designer

Designing is more or less something any can do, but going beyond that is what I aim to show and give. With a touch of elegance & a bit of lush, I will give out the true colors of Blue Lanka Tours along with the grace of Sri Lanka to the outside world and make sure that I would leave them in awe for time to come.