Our Team

Mr. Deminda Fernando – Assistant General Manager

Hotels and Tourism, though in the same sector are two very different fields. 12 years inside hotels reaching the very peak showed me that there is something beyond where I am. Blue Lanka Tours was that something. Selecting the tourism industry was the very best decision I ever made and being able to show the rest of the competition that we are always one step ahead of them is something that I will always have as a goal. I am proud of who I am and where I am now, and I will never stop taking myself to even higher heights no matter the competition and no matter what the outcome!

Ms. Natasha Abeyrathne – Sales Manager

Having a passion for travelling has been etched in me for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was small, I had a knack for the word “Traveler” and chose to become one myself. Having a desire to help anyone wishing to travel to anywhere, and especially Sri Lanka, and to help them make decisions on their trips using my own personal experiences, is something that I have decided is a must for my own future. Blue Lanka Tours has shown what needs to be done, and now I am more ready than ever to give out to others what I have unto myself!

Mr. Sachin De Silva – Assistant Sales Manager

Been where I am now at a very young age will definitely prove to be fruitful and effortless in the future. Passion and desire is everything to me, and where I am now, will help me to give it out to the rest of the world. Knowing that the world is a mysterious place, Sri Lanka will always give the mystery to the max and that’s what I aim to show to the rest of the world. Unknowing or unwilling is a thing of the past, because the beauty of Sri Lanka will always pull you closer and closer and will never let you get away. Blue Lanka Tours showed me the capabilities hidden deep within me, and ever since, I have not backed down from showing the rest of the outside world what Sri Lanka is, and quite frankly, stopping isn’t an option for me.

Ms. Imesha Karunasena – Accountant

Atmosphere is everything! And here you can definitely find anything. Starting all the way from happiness, going through liveliness, and ending up with energy. Tourism is a growing sector and that too at an amazing rate, where diversification and innovation is guaranteed. Also, this is definitely one place where communication is everything and if you wish to learn about communication, then this is the area for you! Being in the accounts field inside the tourism sector is something that I can be proud of especially inside Blue Lanka Tours itself.

Mr. Kasun Fernando – Accounts Executive

I have a drive to see the beauty in Sri Lanka and to explore and find the diversity in hotels in every location. To see the nature that would grow to be the soul of this island and to show the rest of the world that Sri Lanka can Truly be the utmost religious as well as the most scenic country in all of Asia filled with its own set of culture and its own personal beauty. Teaching the rest of the world about the history and culture of Sri Lanka is a dream I have had since I was 5 years old, and definitely I am not ready to give up on that dream no matter what.

Vimanka Punchihewa – Company Graphic Designer

Designing is more or less something any can do, but going beyond that is what I aim to show and give. With a touch of elegance & a bit of lush, I will give out the true colors of Blue Lanka Tours along with the grace of Sri Lanka to the outside world and make sure that I would leave them in awe for time to come.