Sports Based Tours

Canoeing Sri Lanka

Canoeing Tour In Sri Lanka

11 Nights – 12 Days

Discover the natural hidden wonders of Sri Lanka in a calm and self-paced manner. Be amazed by the ever-changing scenery and tropical flora and animals…

Kayaking in Sri Lanka

Kayaking Tour In Sri Lanka

12 Nights – 13 Days

Kayaking and canoeing allow you to experience the tranquillity of open water at your own speed. We offer a kayaking or canoeing experience to suit…

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving Tour In Sri Lanka

12 Nights – 13 Days

Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka is currently a popular sport for both tourists and locals. With our island’s vibrant marine life, which includes a plethora of colourful fish and corals…

Cricket Tour

Sri Lanka Cricket Tour

11 Nights – 12 Days

Gather up your team for an exciting Sri Lanka cricket tour, offering the opportunity to play on world renowned pitches, on which legends have created history!

Golf Course

Sri Lanka Golf Tours

4 Nights – 5 Days

Although Sri Lanka is small in size, the country has made best use of its natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, along with the available space to create…


Surfing In East Coast Sri Lanka

11 Nights – 12 Days

Arugam Bay is the highlight of East Coast or even Sri Lanka when it comes to surfing. Best known as A’bay, this fishing village is the surfer’s ultimate paradise…


Surfing Tour In Sri Lanka

11 Nights – 12 Days

Sri Lanka offers everything a surfer’s heart desires, and then more! Perfectly formed pointbreaks, secret bays and beaches, and an infinite supply of reef configurations extending…


Water Sports Adventure Tour in Sri Lanka

11 Nights – 12 Days

From surfing to jet skiing to snorkeling to kayaking and more, the beautiful island of Sri Lanka has it all! Opt for this water sports adventure tour in Sri Lanka…