Surfing In East Coast Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay is the highlight of East Coast or even Sri Lanka when it comes to surfing. Best known as A’bay, this fishing village is the surfer’s ultimate paradise. A’Bay, is regarded as one of the top 10 surfing destinations in the world, and is a popular destination for surfers from all over the world during the peak season. Arugam Bay is not just a surfing destination but it is one of the best surfing with waves of up to 6ft and rides of nearly 400m, as well as relatively secluded beaches. There’s also a good mix of chances for both expert and inexperienced surfers. In town, surfboards may be rented, and lessons are also provided. Right-hand sand bottom point breakers may be found all throughout the East Coast. From April to October, the Indian Ocean’s storms create a lot of waves on the East Coast of Sri Lanka.
Popular sites like Arugam Main Point, Pottuvil Point, and Peanut Farm perform best when the wave is 3-4 feet high, although they are capable of withstanding a swell as large as 6-8 feet high when it occurs (most likely in Jun, Jul, Aug). A-Bay rides typically range from 50 to 200 meters, which may leave your legs feeling like jello. You can’t go wrong with this kind of break. Before you go, do a lot of cardio to build up your stamina.

Main Surfing Points

• Arugam Main Point – good for intermediate to advanced surfers
• Peanut Farm – perfect for novices to intermediate surfing
• Okanda – good for intermediate and advanced surfers ( 45 minutes drive from main A’bay
• Pottuvil Point – for all surf levels
• Whisky Point – many novices lessons take place here
• Lighthouse – for novices to intermediate surfing
• Elephant Rock – for novices to intermediate surfing

At a glance

Trip length

12 days

When to go

April to October


Airport – Hotel – Tour attractions – Airport

Picture your self

Exploring the Eastern-most waves in your surf board

Enjoying Abay seasonal pop up markets and food stalls

Savouring the most delicious, fresh seafood

On a jeep safari in Yala

Not to miss in this tour

canoeingSunset at the horizon

sunsetArugam bay seasonal mini pop up markets is a must

birdsThe stunning morning views of the beaches

Main surfing spots in A’bay

Must Visit Attractions in Negombo
Day 1 BIA to Negombo

Airport Pickup & Transfer to Negombo
Overnight stay in Negombo

Your first day in beautiful Sri Lanka. Before you set off for your surfing holiday, sit back relax and enjoy the first night in Negombo.

Milleneum Elephant Foundation
Day 2 Negombo to Sigiriya

Transfer to Sigirya
Visit Millennium Elephant Foundation
Explore Dambulla Caves Temple
Overnight stay in Sigiriya

Your next day is a midday stop in the beautiful ancient city, once a kingdom called Dambulla. This is where the infamous Sigirya Rock Fortress is – the UNESCO world heritage. Enjoy the en route de tours to Millennium Elephant Foundation where you can send your time feeding, bathing and taking a stroll with elephants. Once you arrive in Dambulla, you must visit the Dambulla Caves Temple – the age old beautiful rock cave temples packed with history and religion.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress Sri Lanka
Day 3 Sigiriya to Pasikudah

Morning explore Sigiriya Lions Rock
Transfer to Pasikudah
Explore Polonnaruwa Ancient City
Overnight stay in Pasikudah

Wake up, gear up for an adventurous day. Your day is here to climb the Lions Rock ( AKA Sigiriya Rock) which was once the 8th wonder of the world. Next, proceed to the ancient city of Pollonnaruwa. Get to know the historical significances. Pack up afterwards, lets get you to Pasikudah beach – its time to test the beaches.

Day 4  Pasikudah

Engage with Water Sports on your own
Overnight stay in Pasikudah

Wake up to the beautiful sunrise and gear up to swim in the beach and snorkel to see some beautiful corals.

Arugam Bay Beach in Sri Lanka
Day 5 Pasikudah to Arugambay

Transfer to Arugambay
Engage with Surfing
Overnight stay in Arugambay

It’s serious surf time. There is no time that to an early rise and transfer to A’bay to engage all day long surfing. Surf, surf and surf!!!! It’s your day and enjoy all those waves for its the best time to be in A’bay.

Arugam Bay
Day 6 – Day 9 Arugambay

Surfing at your preferred surfing points
Overnight stay in Arugambay

Another few days of only surfing! Surf all day all time, go explore all surfing points around A’bay! Own your surfing tour!!!!

Jeep Safari in Sri Lanka
Day 10 Arugambay to Yala

Transfer to Yala
Jeep Safari in Yala National Park
Overnight Stay in Yala

With so much of surfing, its not right to take you back to airport right away. Yala – the infamous national park with a high density of Leoprad are just a few hours away. Therefore, sit back and relax whilst we transfer you to the Yala – the kingdom of leopards and many other animals. Relax at the hotel for a few hours and get ready for your first game drive to spot some animals. Later, get transferred back to your hideaway in Yala and enjoy the night star gazing from your hotel rooftop.

Buddhist Temples in Colombo
Day 11 Yala to Colombo

Early Morning Safari in Yala National Park
Transfer to Colombo
En route visit Galle Dutch Fort
Explore Colombo City
Overnight stay in Colombo

Its early morning game drive time! Wake up for and get ready to see the beautiful sunrise in the Jungle with some animals. Witness the beauty in all serenity with animals around you taking their morning rounds. Get transferred back to the hotel to check out and on your way to Colombo explore Galle Dutch Fort. Arriving in Colombo – enjoy the evening city tour and relax your night enjoying the hotel facilities.

Sri Lankan Airline
Day 12 Colombo to BIA

Airport Transfer

Its farewell time! But behold Surfers, we are sure to see you again during the surfing season in Sri Lanka – the surfer’s paradise.

Trail on the ground


Q. When is the best time to go east coast?
A. Summer, from May to October

Q. Do I need to bring my own surfboard?
A. If you want you can bring otherwise you can hire here in Sri Lanka.

Q. Which airport do I need to fly in to?
A. To Bandaranaike International Airport

Q. Do hotels have swimming pools?
A. Yes, all the suggested hotels have swimming pools.

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Insightful Tips

  • Your Swim suits/bikinis. Bring a few, so you can shuffle them up.
  • Bring your wet suits, anything Surf related gear that you got with you – bring them in (Surf boats however are available on location to purchase- FYI).
  • We don’t wanna leave you scarred. Sun screens are a must have for all surfers.
  • Flipflop around or sandal it up to be comfortable on the beach.
  • Comfy cotton cloths are a treasure in the coastal belt

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