Tentalows: Finest luxury camping sites in Sri Lanka

Have you ever heard of Sri Lankan tentalows? Tentalows, are for those daring travelers who want to climb mountains, scuba dive and get up-close-and-personal with animals of the wild, but don’t want to rough it out either; instead, prefer the sophisticated versions of camping. Tentalows = luxury camping = glamping. Luxury tents fall in a […]

Fancy a wide palette of Honeymoon Destinations? Sri Lanka has got you covered!
When planning your Sri Lanka honeymoon itinerary, keep in mind the wide variety of landscapes, activities and tourist attractions that this Paradise Island has to offer. From beaches to lush greenery, wildlife, isolation, intimacy, culture, heritage, adventure, and more, Sri Lanka has got you covered. The best time to visit Sri Lanka for honeymoon depends on what location you prefer from [...]
20 Things to know about Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is Serendipity. Serendib is an old name for Sri Lanka, and this is the word that Serendipity is derived from – meaning ‘happy accident’. An ideal expression for the happy-go-lucky lifestyle that you will see in Sri Lanka. Be patient. Plan in advance. Sri Lanka is a popular tourist destination as we all [...]
Discover Sri Lanka like a true Sri Lankan

In recent years, Sri Lanka’s gorgeous beaches, historical monuments, cultural attractions, natural beauties, and delicious food, has been the reason the island has featured on the world’s hottest travel destinations. That being said, a unique way to discover Sri Lanka is like a local. Here are some ideas on how to experience real Sri Lanka. […]

Top 10 Family-Friendly Holiday Destinations in Sri Lanka
Inspired by the recently published article on Telegraph UK, the team at Blue Lanka Tours, together with our knowledge and experience, have come up with our own review of the best family-friendly hotels to stay in Sri Lanka. In this article, we will discuss why your kids will love each of these hotels as compared to other basic facilities offered [...]
All new Sri Lanka tour inspired by The Gandys (charity) Foundation
Brothers Rob and Paul lost their parents to the tsunami that took place in 2004. Several countries including Sri Lanka were terribly affected by this unfortunate natural hazard. After the tsunami, Rob and Paul were luckily able to return to the UK to reconcile with friends and family who supported them after their parents were taken away. The brothers were [...]
Sri Lanka’s Third International Airport Boosts Tourism Opportunities
After being declared open on the 17th of October 2019, the Jaffna International Airport (JIA), Sri Lanka’s third and newest International Airport, commenced international commercial flight operations from 11th November 2019. Inaugural operations were initiated with an Indian subsidiary as it scheduled flights from Jaffna International Airport to Chennai, three times a week. Sri Lanka is also currently in talks [...]
An archaeological Wonder – The Arankele Monastery in Sri Lanka
Imagine walking through a forest during your tour in Sri Lanka marvel and bumping into a Buddhist monastery! Arankele Monastery is exactly that. Acclaimed to be th premier Forest Hermitage of Sri Lanka, the ancient monastery of Arankele was initially constructed in the 6th century for meditation purposes of the Bhikkhus tribe. Due to strict religious practices taking place at [...]
Seven of the most luxurious All-Inclusive Hotels in Sri Lanka
1. Shangri La’s Hambantota Golf Resort and Spa Heaven on earth is an appropriate phrase to define Shangri La’s Hambantota Golf Resort and Spa. Located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, you could choose to land at theHambantota International Airport, just minutes away from the resort, or you could drive here from Colombo or the Bandaranaike International Airport. [...]
Explore Sri Lanka by Train: A brief guide
Traveling by train in Sri Lanka is on the bucket list of many travelers who’ve got this beautiful island on their vacation list. Sri Lanka is a safe, friendly and hassle-free holiday destination. By opting for train journeys, you can get your hands on real-life cultural experiences and gorgeous scenic routes; especially on the globally [...]
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