Comprehensive guideline: Updated Sri Lanka travel requirements from August 2020

Sri Lanka is ready to welcome tourists from 1st August 2020! All nationalities and all types of travelers – families, groups, and individuals are welcome. Thanks to proactive measures taken by the government of Sri Lanka, the country has been able to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus. There have been no active community

11 travel-related things to try from home while in quarantine

While most parts of the world try to fight the Coronavirus Pandemic, let us lighten up the lives of those travel addicts whose hopes of fulfilling travel plans seem bleak. Here are a few things that you can do from your home during this quarantine/lockdown phase, which will certainly give you those travel-related experience that

Sri Lanka – “the most generous country during Covid19” – Nas Daily

Nuseir Yassin, a popular international video blogger who operates the Nas Daily Corporation, has nominated Sri Lanka as the most generous country during the difficult lockdown times of Covid19. This video production company is a huge social media influencer as a result of the weekly videos they upload regarding lifestyle in different countries across the

Seven Most Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit in Sri Lanka

Did you know? Sri Lanka has the highest waterfall density in the world. The word “Ella” means ‘waterfall’ in Sinhalese. With a record of 382 waterfalls in the country, it is indeed difficult to narrow them down to a list of must-visit waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It must be noted that only some of these

Eight most unique experiences of a holiday in Sri Lanka

Along with the variety of natural landscapes, rich history and culture, beautiful wildlife explorations, exotic beaches, and more adventures in Sri Lanka, let us talk about some unique experiences that make this Paradise Island one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. Lion’s Rock – Sigiriya Being one of the eight UNESCO

Quick guide to the Best Museums in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, as we all know, is a country that is rich in history, culture, and heritage. Museums are the most insightful way to deeply explore the history. Artifacts that belong to different eras from the recent and distant past are housed in the many museums across the country. Each museum has its specialized collection

Tentalows: Finest luxury camping sites in Sri Lanka

Have you ever heard of Sri Lankan tentalows? Tentalows, are for those daring travelers who want to climb mountains, scuba dive and get up-close-and-personal with animals of the wild, but don’t want to rough it out either; instead, prefer the sophisticated versions of camping. Tentalows = luxury camping = glamping. Luxury tents fall in a

Fancy a wide palette of Honeymoon Destinations? Sri Lanka has got you covered!
When planning your Sri Lanka honeymoon itinerary, keep in mind the wide variety of landscapes, activities and tourist attractions that this Paradise Island has to offer. From beaches to lush greenery, wildlife, isolation, intimacy, culture, heritage, adventure, and more, Sri Lanka has got you covered. The best time to visit Sri Lanka for honeymoon depends on what location you prefer from
20 Things to know about Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is Serendipity. Serendib is an old name for Sri Lanka, and this is the word that Serendipity is derived from – meaning ‘happy accident’. An ideal expression for the happy-go-lucky lifestyle that you will see in Sri Lanka. Be patient. Plan in advance. Sri Lanka is a popular tourist destination as we all
Discover Sri Lanka like a true Sri Lankan

In recent years, Sri Lanka’s gorgeous beaches, historical monuments, cultural attractions, natural beauties, and delicious food, has been the reason the island has featured on the world’s hottest travel destinations. That being said, a unique way to discover Sri Lanka is like a local. Here are some ideas on how to experience real Sri Lanka.

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