Exploring the historical and cultural heritage of Sri Lanka

Introduction Serendib Ceylon The Pearl of the Indian Ocean These are the beautiful names given to Sri Lanka in the past by the British and the Arabs. Due to its vast history of rulers, varying degrees of colonial impact, modernizing influences, wealth, and income, Sri Lanka has developed a very diverse culture. Religion is an

Must see Nature and Wildlife Destinations in Sri Lanka

During the 1800s, Sri Lanka had an abundance of wildlife. At the time, villagers and British folk would hunt animals like the sambar, deer, buffalo, wild boar and so on for consumption purposes. The Sri Lanka government then found out and took certain measures to prevent the animal population from reducing. The strategy was to

Shopping in Galle: 10 must-visit boutique stores

Haven’t got Galle on your Sri Lanka holiday itinerary yet? You must add it now! Located along the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Galle is renowned for its beautiful beaches, top notch holiday resorts, luxurious boutique hotels, and rich heritage. The Galle Fort, built during the Dutch era, is now a popular leisure spot, where

Eight assuring reasons why Sri Lanka is fantastic for Kids

With most countries facing lockdowns and travel restrictions since early 2020, everyone is eagerly waiting for an opportunity to go on a holiday with their children. As we all learn to adapt to a new normal and accept Covid-19 to be a part of our lives for the next few years at the very least,

Exploring seven famous international film locations in Sri Lanka

From thick jungles to beautiful mountains to idealistic beaches, Sri Lanka has everything a film producer would need to make a film, and that too, everything accessible in a short amount of time! Here are seven iconic famous film locations in Sri Lanka. 1. The Bridge on the River Kwai – Kitulgala Having won seven

Stunning beaches in Sri Lanka that you must visit in 2021

One amongst the many diverse landscapes that Sri Lanka is known for is its absolutely stunning coastline, boasting some of the finest beaches in all of South East Asia! So, if you are planning a holiday in Sri Lanka, make sure to include a few of these best beaches in Sri Lanka into your itinerary

Promising reasons why Sri Lanka is a safe choice for post-Covid travel

Ever since the pandemic hit us, the Sri Lankan government has been very proactive in taking measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The country has had relatively low coronavirus cases during both waves thus far, proving that these measures have been extremely effective. The Ministry of Health, together with the Sri Lanka tourism

Make Unforgettable Memories at some of the Finest Honeymoon Places in Sri Lanka in 2021

Immerse yourself in the endless tea plantations of Ella and Nuwara Eliya for a romantic honeymoon, experience wildlife up-close-and-personal in the National Parks of Sri Lanka or make it a beach honeymoon by selecting exotic beach destinations along the coasts of Sri Lanka. Being a tropical country, there is a wide variety of honeymoon places

Experience fun-filled traditions of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in Sri Lanka

With majority of Sri Lankans being Buddhists, the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in Sri Lanka is the biggest holiday season in the country. The 13th and 14th of the month of April are marked as public holidays in every Sri Lankan calendar, with the 13th being the last day of the old year and

12 Dos and Don’ts For a Memorable Vacation in 2021

While tour operators in Sri Lanka are always happy to plan your trip, there are a few do’s and don’ts in Sri Lanka that you must keep in mind 1. Visa-On-Arrival? Not happening! Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is the term used in Sri Lanka for obtaining online visa prior to arrival. Apart from Singapore, Seychelles

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