Best hostels in Weligama for a budget-friendly stay in Sri Lanka

Weligama is where sun, surf, and serenity harmonize. A 2 hours drive from the country’s main airport, it is a picturesque coastal town nestled along the south shores of Sri Lanka with laidback vibes. The town’s crescent-shaped sandy bay is where surfing dreams come true. It is one of the best places in Sri Lanka

Best picnic places in Sri Lanka to spend quality time with your loved ones

Sri Lanka is a picnic paradise. The extravagant sunsets, the shade of palm trees, ancient ruins, rolling hills, cascading falls, and tranquil lakeshores of the island offer stunning backdrops for moments in nature’s embrace. They are a motley canvas to paint your memories with your loved ones or in quiet contemplation. We are taking you

Sri Lanka bike tour: adventures and encounters on two wheels

It’s not just tuk-tuks that are immense fun here; bikes take you up and down the country for some close-up encounters. Sri Lanka is Asia’s most exciting new destination. And, what better way to experience it than pedalling through its vivid landscapes and varied terrains, where every turn of the wheel reveals something to be

Top places to visit in Sri Lanka on a 2-day getaway

48 hours in Sri Lanka? Sometimes, we only get a brief interlude to escape the mundane, and making every moment count matters. Hop across the mesmerizing tapestry of culture, nature, and history on a dramatic island landscape. Surrounded by the sea, kissed by the sun, criss-crossed by jungles, dotted by ancient ruins, and adorned by

Unveiling the best of Sri Lanka: A 21-day itinerary for ultimate exploration

Sri Lanka may be a teardrop-shaped island in the vast Indian Ocean, but the experiences it offers are immense. History, wildlife, beaches, watersports, wellness, culture, and cuisine will enthrall you endlessly. From beach hopping to jeep safaris, surfing to sailing, Sri Lanka will keep you busy. So, a week won’t do, and even two weeks

A guide to Sri Lanka’s summer season water-sports

Sri Lanka is a true year-round destination, served by two monsoons and situated close to the equator. December to April is the high season when tourists throng to the island nation to bask in the winter sun. It is the southwest coast’s beach season, as the monsoons are active on the east coast. Come May,

Luxury beyond compare: Experiencing the finest accommodations in Sri Lanka

The epitome of luxury is never forced but often gifted by nature. Sri Lanka’s natural beauty creates a gold standard for luxury. Among the wilderness & ancient ruins, along its coveted coastline, surrounded by tea gardens on misty hills, and amidst the colorful vibrancy of its metro, you find some of the most sumptuous hotels

A guide to the most romantic destinations in Sri Lanka

Enveloped by mile after mile of tropical sandy beaches, lapped by balmy waves, and covered by pristine, verdant jungles, it is paradise by another name. The pearl of the Indian Ocean is actually a gem for those hearts ruled by romance. The island nation of Sri Lanka has seduced the world since time immemorial, from

A guide to exploring the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka

While Sri Lanka is indeed an amazing holiday destination for those looking to explore beaches and scenic views of the hill country, don’t miss out on the collection of historical and cultural wonders that are well worth a closer look. Introduction Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle is between Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Dambulla, inclusive of everything in

Ten types of purpose-built tours in Sri Lanka

After having studied customer preferences, and with their immense experience in planning tailor-made Sri Lanka Tour itineraries, the team at Blue Lanka Tours has come up with a few unique purpose-built tours that are centred around themes such as cooking, tea, famous architects, photography, gems, the veddah tribe, wellness tours, and much more. 1. Geoffrey

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