“ Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see”

Neil Postman
Two kids laughing

All children worldwide, regardless of origin, have the right to an education, the right to health, the right to a nutritious food, the right to water, the right to care, and all other human rights. Children who have access to their rights develop as autonomous individuals capable of breaking out from the cycle of poverty. They are empowered to take control of their future and play an active role in molding it.

Blooming Smiles focuses on the right to an education targeting poverty stricken communities in rural villages in Sri Lanka. Embarking on a mission to provide all educational necessities, starting from all stationary items, lunch boxes, water bottles, to even providing proper clothes and shoes to these children, Blooming Smiles is committed to a promise of empowering children in need. It’s key to ensure that children have all necessities so that they continue to learn.

In addition to our core mission of Blooming Smiles CSR, we have a separate goal to educate young people on empathy and social responsibility. We accomplish this by offering volunteer opportunities starting from our own in house team and later incorporating other interested youth in State Universities and foreign volunteers.

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A message from the Managing Director

Mr. Dinesh N Perera

Blooming Smiles is something I have always, most patiently longed for a very long time and today – as I may be honest, an innocent dream come true.

Hailing from a family, where my Thaththa was a mere government employee, having a small and medium sized income, I saw and experienced the hardships myself. Whilst that inimitable feeling and unforgettable smell of a new pair of shoes, school bag, new books, new pencils and erasers still linger in my most sound and precious memories, I myself am very much aware the longing of the same of a child in need.

Today, with the prevailing economic crisis in Sri Lanka, I cannot imagine the feeling of many parents who struggle to find the basic needs let alone the basic schooling necessities for their children. They are countless and everyday the numbers are adding up. The rising inflation has dulled many dreams of the “little lives” who are looking forward to wake up and go to school every morning. First the pandemic and now the unprecedented levels of inflation – today more than ever there is the need for corporate social responsibility as I firmly believe. If there is anyway, I am able to be a part of a greater cause of making some dream possible for these children, there in nothing more that might bring joy to me as an individual , an entrepreneur and a father.

How did it all start?
I sent out a simple note on my social media asking if there are any schools in need of help. I still cannot believe the amount of responses and to date, I am receiving calls from all over Sri Lanka, places unheard of, in need of desperate help for many children who have been left in the dark. This experience opened my eyes even more to know, that help is needed and need to take every effort to give my level best not just as an individual but also using my medium of business – Blue Lanka Tours!

Tourism Industry for the longest time have been one of the most flourishing industries in Sri Lanka. Tourism Industry contributes over 12% to the GDP of Sri Lanka and being in the business for more than a decade and building my own in bound tour company – Blue Lanka Tours, I have come across many clients (foreign travellers) who will, in a heart beat offer to help the children in need.

Thus, my quest and responsibility is to now get all the help I can in order to make these innocent dreams of the future of Sri Lanka come true. Thereby, I have taken an oath to myself and for Blue Lanka Tours, that I will do my level best to be of help to the rural communities in Sri Lanka, by focusing on the children and their education.

With “Blooming Smiles” as the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Blue Lanka Tours, I hope to have a lasting impact on Children In need. “Enhancing little lives” is not just a tagline , but a promise to the future of Sri Lanka.

I believe “Blooming Smiles” will become a pioneer charitable foundation in the Tourism Sector of Sri Lanka encouraging many stakeholders and individuals to be part of the greater good of being in service to our communities, and country!

Blooming Smiles Projects

How do we select

With a simple post on our social media platform, we have received over 100 names of schools that lack the most basic necessities for education. As a team, we handpick each school starting from the most rural areas of Sri Lanka. We then continuously enquire and pay a visit to witness the hardships our selves. With these, we list down all names of the children, their needs & collectively organise donations accordingly.

How can you help in this great cause?

Dear clients, you are the centre of our business. With you choosing to travel to our home- Sri Lanka and choosing us as your travel companion. Blue Lanka Tours could not have made it to where we are today. That said, if you have even a slightest idea to help make education accessible for our children in need in Sri Lanka, please contact us and we will direct you to Blooming Smiles CSR team.