Morahelagama Primary School

An elementary school that houses 35 students from grades 1 to 5. This school is located in Monaragala district and nestles amongst lush greenery surrounded by trees and the finest of fresh air. Monaragala district is regarded as one of the most rural, poverty stricken areas in Sri Lanka. These youngsters come from impoverished backgrounds, and their parents can hardly afford to send them to school. Meaning, the kids are hardly able to meet their basic necessities let alone their educational requirements. With just 6 female and 3 male teachers, the heads are determined to do their best in terms of sharing their experience and obtaining the greatest possible assistance. When Blue Lanka was approached, we had nothing but good intentions to pay these kids a visit and bring them all the supplies they needed to finish their education like any other child!

Blooming Smiles was able to contribute 434 school supplies, affecting 45 people in this school community. We’ll never forget their purest expressions as we handed them their goodie bags. It was like receiving the most valuable prize of their lives. We watched their tears of delight, and it filled not only their emotions, but also the hearts of their parents and teachers of the school.

As a nation, we are facing one of the most difficult times by far with the prevailing economic crisis. Inflation has reached an all time high and many of us are struggling and battling through our daily chores. We could not imagine how tough times can be in these rural, poverty stricken areas. Thus, we embarked on this mission in order to give hope and share our privileges with the underprivileged. We want to be a part of the greater good and we want to ensure that our children, are by all means protected and provided for during these desperate times. In that light, Blooming Smiles is humbled to be at the service of these 35 littles lives, offering a helping hand to enrich these kids in Morahelagama Primary School, as our first project. Whilst we were present, we witnessed so much talent and yet such difficulties and barriers to reach their goals. We, as a team, are beyond blessed to be able to have shared these items with all of them and have an impact.

Captured Moments

How can you help in this great cause?

Dear clients, you are the centre of our business. With you choosing to travel to our home- Sri Lanka and choosing us as your travel companion, Blue Lanka Tours could not have made it to where we are today. That said, if you have even a slightest idea to help make education accessible for our children in need in Sri Lanka, please contact us and we will direct you to Blooming Smiles CSR team.