Gonalagoda Vijayabahu Primary School

We are pleased to announce the successful wrap up of Project #2 of Blooming Smiles by Blue Lanka Tours. Another day, another humbling moment for all our Blue Lanka Tours Team. We set off to Gonalagoda, a hidden gem in the far corner of Galle district, where 18 little lives are being taken care by a staff of no more than 10, who have dedicated all their time to help enhance these children’s education in their best way possible.

On the 20th May 2022, Blooming Smiles – Children’s Education Support Programme donated 200+ schooling essentials, impacting 18 Children from Grade 1 to Grade 5 at Vijayabahu Primary School in Gonalagoda. A heart melting entrance and welcoming by Gonalagoda staff and children was a truly magical and unforgettable moment. We watched them dance, cheer, and sing as they were bursting with excitement and happiness to have their new goodies and, much more so, to have us with them.

We couldn’t help but feel blessed to be a part of this good deed as we listened to the stories of the parents, their difficulties in commuting, the floods that disrupted schooling, the orphans who are being cared for by their very old grandparents, and their inability to find basic necessities to provide for their families and children. Here’s what we do know. These teachers and parents are warriors — their spirits are inspiring, and their tenacity is unrivaled! They couldn’t be happier to devote everything they have to helping their children advance in their schooling.

Their hearts are so pure and their smiles are brighter than any affluent man’s. Most importantly, these children had nothing to give except their innocence and commitment to study hard and reach for the skies. We may argue that the sky is the limit for these children at Gonalagoda Vijayabahu Primary School.

We know we will return here to see them and continue supporting them- and that… is a promise from Blue Lanka Tours – Blooming Smiles team.

Captured Moments

How can you help in this great cause?

Dear clients, you are the centre of our business. With you choosing to travel to our home- Sri Lanka and choosing us as your travel companion, Blue Lanka Tours could not have made it to where we are today. That said, if you have even a slightest idea to help make education accessible for our children in need in Sri Lanka, please contact us and we will direct you to Blooming Smiles CSR team.