Kayaking Tour In Sri Lanka

Kayaking Tour In Sri Lanka

Kayaking and canoeing allow you to experience the tranquillity of open water at your own speed. We offer a kayaking or canoeing experience to suit everyone, whether you’re feeling adventurous or you prefer to Kayak at your own pace and peace.

Kayaking and canoeing allow you to experience the tranquillity of open water at your own speed. We offer a kayaking or canoeing experience to suit everyone, whether you’re feeling adventurous or you prefer to Kayak at your own pace and peace. All Blue Lanka Kayak tours are guided Kayak trips and come with an entire customer experience package. Lagoon kayaking, Kayaking through the white water in Kithulgala, and even the calm waters in Thirappane – you name it, we are equipped to tailor your Kayak Tour with your preferred choices.+

The itinerary here is a basic guiding map for a starter package. Our Kayak tours are always customisable for your needs and wants.


BIA to Belihuloya

  • Airport Pickup & Transfer to Anamaduwa
  • Overnight stay in Anamaduwa

Welcome to Sri Lanka for you most awaited Canoeing Tour with Blue Lanka Tours. Meet our guide for your tour and get transferred to Anamaduwa to rest up before your adventure begins tomorrow.

air plane at air port
Belihuloya Stream


  • Morning Nature trail to the Kinchigune village
  • Enjoy Packed lunch in a Local Setup along the way
  • Afternoon Go Kayaking in the Samanalawewa Reservoir
  • Savor a BBQ dinner
  • Overnight Stay in Kinchigune

Kinchigune is a beautiful hidden rural village and offers a beautiful Nature Train for you in the morning on your first day of adventure. Enjoy the your packed lunch in a local setting along you way and enjoy a humble moment with nature and a slice of rural life in Sri Lanka. Once done, go in an Afternoon Kayaking journey in Samanalawewa reservoir and enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna along the way. Come back to savour a BBQ dinner as marking your ending for a beautiful Kayaking day.

Belihuloya Stream
Samanala Tank in Sri Lanka

Belihuloya to Kitulgala

  • Transfer to Kitulgala
  • Participate for a Guiding Tour about White Water Paddling, River Safety and Camp Craft
  • Experience White Water Rafting
  • Overnight stay in Kitulgala

Today you will be transferred to Kithulgala – the infamous White Water Rafting Adventure spot in Sri Lanka. You will take part in a Guiding Tour about White Water Paddling, River Safety and Camp Craft. Once done you will enjoy an adventurous White Water Rafting session and then spend your night in Kithulgala.

White water Rafting
Thrilling Canyoning Adventure in Kitulgala

Kitulgala to Mahaweli River

  • River expedition down the Mahaweli River
  • After 04 hours Kayak, reach the first camp just inside the national park of Wasgamuwa
  • Late Afternoon Play a game of Cricket or Frisbee on the beach
  • Overnight Stay at a Campsite
Kayak in sri lanka Hatton
Mahaweli River canoeing experience

Mahaweli River

  • Full Day Paddling Through the Wasgamuwa National Park
  • If you are lucky, you will catch a glimpse of sunning crocodiles and thirsty elephants
  • Reach the day’s end point. Set out the camp on a deserted river beach viewing the elephant corridor
  • Diner under the start by a campfire
  • Overnight Stay at a Campsite
White Water Kayaking Sri Lanka
Cycling in Sri Lanka

Mahaweli River to Polonnaruwa

  • Early morning Kayak safari
  • Reach final destination of Mahaweli Kayak expedition by lunch time
  • Transfer to Polonnaruwa
  • Check-Into The Hotel and Relax
  • Overnight Stay in Polonnaruwa

From Day 04 – Day 06, you will be taking part in the Mahaweli Rivier Kayak Expedition with river experts. You will camp inside Wasgamuwa National Park which will give you the experience of a lifetime. You will also be setting camp in Elephant Corridor on the 05th day with a beautiful bonfire experience. Next day you will Kayak through the Mahaweli River to your final destination – Pollonnaruwa. You will check in to your hotel and rest the night reminiscing your Mahaweli River Kayaking Expedition that is like no other.

Gal Vihara Buddha Statues - Polonnaruwa


  • Exploration of Polonnaruwa Ancient City by Bicycle
  • Enjoy a Sri Lankan Rice and Curry Lunch at Priyamali Gedara
  • Afternoon Jeep Safari in Minneriya National Park
  • Overnight Stay in Polonnaruwa
Cycling in Sri Lanka
Minneriya National Park in Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa To Tirappane

  • Transfer to Sigiriya
  • Exploration of Sigiriya Rock Fortress
  • Transfer to Tirappane
  • Overnight Stay in Tirappane

On Day 07 & 08, you will explore the culture rich cities Pollonnaruwa and Sigiriya. You will climb the Sigiriya Rock Fortress – A UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you will also experience the Elephant Gathering in Minneriya National Park. End of Day 08, you will be transferred to Thirapane in order to start your Jungle Kayaking Experience the next day.

Minneriya National Park in Sri Lanka


  • Early Morning Experience Jungle Kayaking
  • Relax at The Hotel
  • Experience Village Tuk-Tuk Tour
  • Overnight Stay in Tirappane
Tuk Tuk
Mahweli River Expedition with River Experts


  • Morning Nature Trails Around The Resort
  • Organic Garden Tour and Cookery Demonstration
  • In The Evening Go on Jungle Kayaking
  • Overnight Stay in Tirappane

On 9th and 10th Days, you will be based in Thriappane, and you will be engaging in Jungle Kayaking Experience. You will also get to enjoy a local cookery demonstrations and have your meals that was prepared by yourselves.

Uga Ulagalla
White Water Kayaking Sri Lanka

Tirappane to Kalpitiya

  • Transfer to Kalpitiya
  • En Route Exploration of Anuradhapura Ancient City
  • Relax at The Hotel
  • Overnight Stay in Kalpitiya


  • Go on Kalpitiya Lagoon Tour and Island Hopping
  • Relax By The Beach
  • Overnight Stay in Kalpitiya

On Day 11 you will be transferred to Kalpitiya which you will spend time until Day 13. On you way to Kalpitiya you will be given the opportunity to explore the ancient Anuradhapura Kingdom. Once done, you will spend your night and the next day you will be taking a Kalpitiya Lagoon Tour island hopping and exploring these small islands through a Kayaking tour. Once done you will Relax by the serene Kalpitiya beach and you will spend your last night under beautiful Kalpitiya skies before you depart to the airport the next day.

kalpitiya - Dolphins

Kalpitiya to BIA

  • Airport Transfer

It’s never a good bye. This Kayaking Expedition is one in a lifetime experience in Sri Lanka with Blue Lanka Tours. See you again soon!

air plane at air port
Air plane taking off

Journey Highlights

  • Trip length: 13 Days
  • Kayaking into breathtaking sunsets
  • Surrounded by flora and fauna
  • Enjoying a Lankan cookery demo
  • Island hopping in Kalpitiya
  • Array of Flora & Fauna when Canoeing through the rivers/lakes/lagoons
  • Birds and Butterfly species in Belihuloya
  • Sunset from Kalu Ganga
  • Nature Trails during the tour

Insightful Tips

  • Sun screen when Kayaking is a must have
  • You backpacks have to have the essentials, first aid/a few fruits/water/isotonic drinks.
  • For the River Expedition Kayaking Tour, Pack all clothes that can be carried in your boat.
  • Bring long clothes to cover your hands to avoid sun burns as much as possible
  • Binoculars is a must have


Do I need prior experience to do Kayaking?

You don’t need any experience to get started kayaking, and you can easily pick it up. However, it is important you know how to swim at least 25 meters, in case you fall in the water through the river bank is never far away.

Are there any age limits for the Kayak trips?

Generally we recommend paddlers are at least 12 years of age.

How do I prepare for Kayaking?

You can bring sunscreen, wear appropriate clothes, proper footwear, and a dry bag with necessities. Life jackets and helmets will be provided.

How long does it take for the Jungle Kayaking in Thirappane?

It does take about an hour.