Sinharaja Rain Forest Eco Lodge

Sinharaja Rain Forest Eco Lodge in Sinharaja Rain Forest is one of the best places to stay when you want to explore Sinharaja Rain Forest. This is the only hotel situated INSIDE the rain forest as all other places are located by the border. This is located in Deniyaya (Southern side of Sinharaja Rain Forest) side, so the drive is about 3 hours from Galle and 5 hours from Colombo. Technically, the only hotel located inside Sinharaja Rain Forest. With the ever changing whether in the area, you will have the real feeling of living inside a rain forest.

This is an Eco tourism concept. All rooms/cabins are made up of cargo containers; hence the cement usage is minimized. All cabins are situated at the edge of hotel’s compound in the tea estate. View from the cabin is breathtaking as you can see the mist rolling through the tea garden and the thick canopied rain forest beyond.

When it comes to meals nothing special but freshly prepared meals with locally sourced or home grown fresh ingredients. In house restaurants serves local, western and eastern delicious food. Try the rice and curry !!

Trekking in Sinharaja Rain Forest is the thing to do at Sinharaja Rain Forest Eco Lodge. As the hotel is inside the rain forest, you can simply walk to the forest at your will and of course with the guidance of the expert naturalists at the hotel. There are waterfalls, streams and all wonders of nature can be experienced at Sinharaja Rain Forest Eco lodge.

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