The Galle Fort Hotel

The award-winning Galle Fort hotel is one of the grand mansions of the historic Galle Fort in southern Sri Lanka. Over the years, the iconic building has served as a former gem merchant’s mansion, RAF barracks, a post office, bakery, lapidary and even a pitch for the Fort’s juvenile cricketers. This eclectic hotel has been restored to its glorious cultural aesthetics and has been a renowned legendary abode for travelers from all over the world. The UNESCO heritage site it is housed in is the home to the maritime fortress originally built by the Portuguese in 1588 and later used and fortified by the Dutch and the British.


There are 12 suites in the hotel that offer visitors a tranquil, comfortable and soothing staying experience. The rooms are equipped with WiFi, air conditioning, ceiling fans, mosquito nets, hair dryer and bottled water.

Garden Rooms

The three Garden Rooms are ideal for two people and offer generous proportions, luxurious amenities and easy access to the garden. It even has a secret miniature parterre garden.

The Loft Suite

The split level room has a ground floor consisting of sitting room, bathroom and wardrobe, and the upper level for its antique four poster bed.

Porcelain Suite

The suite has a wall entirely adorned with white and blue 19th century porcelain plates and a spacious bathroom with dressing room.

Admiral Cheng Ho Suite

Paying homage to the Chinese explorer Cheng Ho who visited Galle in 1406, this double story suite is decorated and furnished to utmost perfection.

Library Suite

This is the largest suite of the hotel and is perfect for families or even two people.

Mews Suite

Designed for small families, this suite is a mini private villa with an inviting cubby house, children will love.

Grand Apartment Suite

You can rent this entire apartment to yourself or just one of its suites. Features chaise lounges and spiral four poster beds.

The Grand Apartment

Designed by Count de Mauny-Talvande, this penthouse suite comprises two bedrooms, each with their own bathroom; and a salon cum dining room.

Hotel Facilities

  • Babysitting service
  • Vegan meals




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