10 Best Places to Observe Sunrise and Sunset in Sri Lanka

by | Nov 20, 2018

Tourism in Sri Lanka includes a wide variety of tour attractions and things to admire. One of these natural beauties include watching picturesque sunrises and sunsets. Let us discuss what the best Instagram worthy moments to grabbing a perfect sunrise or sunset in Sri Lanka are (in no particular order).

  1. Adam’s Peak Sunrise

The summit of this 7350 foot tall mountain – Adam’s Peak, located in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, provides one of the most magical sunrise views in Sri Lanka. Also known as “Sri Pada”, the season for climbing this mountain begins in December and ends on the Full Moon Poya Day in the month of May. Climbing Adam’s Peak holds a religious significance to Buddhists, Tamils, Muslims and Christians, while tourists simply entail in this activity as a part of an adventurous holiday resulting in stunning views at the top. The climb is only suitable for the reasonably fit people – it takes about 3-4 hours to reach the summit with a lot of encouragement from your group members, and then another 3 hours to get back down.

  1. Ella Gap Sunrise

Ella is a beautiful little village in the hill country of Sri Lanka, about half an hour’s drive from the popular town of Bandarawela, at the southeastern end of the hills. Just recently discovered, this idyllic village has a heavenly atmosphere with the main town just beginning to develop with restaurants, motels and more. The biggest attraction in Ella is to climb the Ella rock and observe the absolutely spectacular view through the narrow split in the hills. This is referred to as the ‘Ella Gap’ – providing exclusively unforgettable panoramas.

  1. Lipton’s Seat Sunrise

While on your tour of Sri Lanka’s beautiful hills, schedule a night in Haputale and wake up early the next morning to visit the Dambatenne Tea Estate, which is where the viewpoint of Lipton’s Seat is located. Named in honor of the British businessman and tea idol of Lipton Ceylonta, this viewpoint is another breathtaking one that adds to this list. While at Lipton’s Seat, you can observe the neighboring tea factory and how it works, and perhaps request for a tour even!

  1. Pidurangala Rock Sunrise

While tourists often flock at the many popular wonders of Sri Lanka, this one is often overlooked. The summit of Pidurangala – one of the most spectacular views ever.

As you approach the top, notice a sea of flat rock stretched out in front of you with a cluster of trees and shrubs at the center – giving you a feel of being on the roof of the world. At the crack of dawn, the sky changes shades from dark purple to pink to orange, and gradually your surroundings are revealed. Sigiriya is visible in the distance and the orange hues make the scene levelled to the top of a volcanic peculiarity.

  1. World’s End Sunrise

World’s End is one of the most popular hiking trails at Horton Plains National Park, located at the southern edge of Sri Lanka’s hill country. At the edge of this trail is where cliffs suddenly drop at your feet to the plains below – presenting you “World’s End”.  Inform your hotel in Nuwara Eliya that you plan to take this hike early the next morning and they will keep your breakfast packs ready for you to take away. Once you get to the park entrance, it is about a 2.5-3km walk to World’s End, and be there at the crack of dawn if you wish to observe a spectacular sunrise.

  1. Arugam Bay sunrise

Moving on from hill country destinations, there is also the East Coast of Sri Lanka to observe fine views of the sunrise from. Arugam Bay, also known as the surfer’s paradise, is amongst the best beaches in Sri Lanka for surf lovers. Located on the eastern coast, it also provides for a gorgeous sunrise if you wake up early one morning for your surf lessons during the months of June-July.

  1. Galle Fort Sunset

The intense Dutch influence at the Galle Fort has made it an enchanting attraction for tourists. Your presence there takes you back in time to when the Dutch ruled Sri Lanka. Head to the top of the Ramparts for a stunning view of the sunset behind the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean.

  1. Sigiriya Rock Sunset

You’ve probably heard of the Lion’s Rock in Sigiriya – no doubt one of the most visited attractions in Sri Lanka. Atop this rock are the remnants of a palace that King Kasyapa constructed during his reign. The climb takes about an hour and the best view from the summit is at sunset – absolute perfection.

  1. Parakrama Samudraya Sunset

Polonnaruwa is one of the most ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka, very popular amongst tourists throughout the year. Parakrama Samudraya is one of the largest irrigation tanks ever built, and any tour of Polonnaruwa will either begin or end from here. This water body presents a picture perfect sunset which you must catch if you have Polonnaruwa scheduled on your Sri Lanka holiday itinerary.

  1. Galle Face Green Sunset

The Galle Face Green stretch in Colombo is known for the ideal hangout spot for lovebirds to cuddle up and watch the beautiful sunset over the western coast of Sri Lanka. Be it from your room at Galle Face Hotel, Shangri La Hotel, or simply from the bench at the Galle Face promenade, the sunset view is indeed magnificent.