Only 24 hours in Colombo? Here’s how you should spend it!

February 4, 2018

Tourists to Sri Lanka often skip the sprawling capital and go for the treasures that lie beyond instead.

What does the capital city have in store?

Colombo has a rich history, a hyped up culinary scene and an eclectic culture and most certainly deserves to be more than a side note to the other parts of the island. Whether you are comparing it to the tea country of the central highlands or the wildlife abundant national parks or the temples of the Cultural Triangle or the exotic beaches, the cosmopolitan hub of Sri Lanka deserves much better.

After the 30 year long civil war ended in 2009, the port city of Colombo has colorfully flourished. Security check points gradually went away and exciting bars, cafes and restaurants have been launching themselves ever since. The fort area still remains the island’s political hub and also, home to the oldest building – the Dutch Hospital. The Fort area also marks the beginning of the Galle Face Green, which is now a beautiful promenade of Colombo.

No other part of the island has energy levels to match the hustle bustle in Colombo. In fact Colombo also has plenty of temples and cultural sights to explore, not forgetting the thriving art and culinary scene.

Hence the least you could do is to schedule at least 2-3 days to properly explore the city but if that’s too much to ask for, here’s how you can make the most of those 24 hours in Colombo.

Highlights in Colombo

If you have a few more hours the next day before you head on to your next destination, visit these places…

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