5 Best Beaches in Sri Lanka that would be a regret to miss

by | Aug 29, 2022

The perk of being an island nation is that the majestic ocean hosts Sri Lanka, landscaping some of the best beaches Asia can be proud of. The coast around Sri Lanka is reason for many tourists to explore the island and explore her beauty. Venture a read to discover the best beaches in Sri Lanka and the reasons as to why it would be a regret to miss them. 

Kite-surfing capital: Kalpitiya Beach

Located in the Western arm of Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya is best known for its soothing blue waves washed up by the Indian Ocean. The pearly sands and the kaleidoscopic waves are a beacon for visitors both locally and internationally to relax on the beach and to ride the mesmerising waves. 

Kalpitiya is known for kite surfing and international kite surfing festivals are organised in Kalpitiya for its reputation of waves suitable for water sports. Locals conduct kite surfing lessons for visitors just so the ‘Kalpitiya Experience’ is fulfilling. Additionally, Kalpitiya is home to dolphins and whales also enabling whale watching, diving and snorkelling in the surrounding sea. Local folks are hospitable and friendly offering insights to where the best beach spots are for water sports and to just relax by the sandy beach.

Amazing Arugam Bay Beach

“If you haven’t watched the sunset in Arugam Bay, you haven’t watched a sunset at all” is a popular slogan among the village folk in Arugam Bay. The slogan has been vouched for and if you are a sunset lover, the sunsets at Arugam Bay are to die for. Arugam Bay is located in the South Eastern coast of Sri Lanka and it is Sri Lanka’s very own surfer’s paradise. The waves at Arugam Bay rank amongst the waves in Los Angeles, Brisbane and Bali according to surfer jargon. 

Aside from water sports, Arugam Bay is known for the beautiful beach resorts and impeccable seafood cuisine. For an ultimate beach experience, Arugam Bay is one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka. 

Naturally majestic Nilaveli Beach

If you are in for azure blue waters and a sandy beach, Nilaveli is your haven. A tourist paradise in the Eastern Coast, Nilaveli is the best known beach recommended by locals. Nilaveli too hosts several beach resorts and it is an ideal spot to relax with friends and family. 

Further towards the ocean from Nilaveli is Pigeon Island, an established national park in Sri Lanka with pigeons (its namesake) nesting in the caves of the deep jungle. Diving and snorkelling is allowed at Pigeon island for a surreal experience in seeking coral reefs and befriending sea turtles. Boat rides are arranged from the Nilaveli coast by private boat owners, beach resorts and the Sri Lanka Navy to journey out to Pigeon island and on occasion to watch dolphins ride along with you. 

Memorious Mirissa Beach

Mirissa is Sri Lanka’s southern beach capital well known for the towering palms dotting the shoreline of golden sands and frothy waves. The palms are ideal to tie a hammock between them and enjoy a nice, cold beer after a swim in the ocean. 

Whale watching, dolphin watching, diving and snorkelling are famous activities at Mirissa and many local and international visitors gather in Mirissa to experience the southern hospitality and cuisine. Beach resorts provide comfortable accommodation and equipment to try water sports. Top spots such as the Secret Beach, Parrot Rock and Coconut Tree Hill bring Mirissa its reputation as one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka.

Wholesome Hiriketiya Beach

Hiriketiya Beach, fondly known as “Hiri” by locals is a beautiful beach paradise in the fishing village of Dickwella. Surfers and water sport aficionados recommend Hiri as one of the best spots in Sri Lanka to experience surfing. The gorgeous beach surrounds a horse shoe bay sheltered by palm trees offer a relaxing environment to visitors thus making Hiri a favourite beach. Boutique hotels offer gourmet dishes with fresh produce from the area. The craft shops housing unique handicrafts provide an unlimited choice of mementos to share with your loved ones back home. October to April are the best months to visit Hiri as the weather is ideal for a beach vacation. Hiri is popular for cafe-hopping and yoga workshops given the relaxing, laid back vibe of the town. Enjoy a wholesome beach experience at Hiriketiya, one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka.

While 5 of the best beaches are elaborated, many other beaches in Sri Lanka offer diverse experiences that are delightful. As an island nation, Sri Lanka offers the best beaches for a wholesome holiday by yourself or with family and friends. Visit at least one of these beaches and you would know what we are raving about.