7 Adventurous Tree House Accommodation in Sri Lanka

by | Jan 20, 2021

If you know a little about Sri Lanka, you surely know how amazing the forest area is! Take your next holiday to a whole new level by choosing to stay in treehouses in Sri Lanka! Hidden away in the heart of the forests, you will find spectacular accommodation ranging from luxury treehouses to wooden abodes amidst natural greenery and the soothing sound of birds chirping.

Treehouse accommodation has been part of Sri Lanka’s rural culture since centuries. The tourism industry is now increasingly giving holiday-ers the opportunity to experience this traditional living style. It could be in the form of only treehouses overlooking acres of jungle land or private and unique luxury treehouses with infinity pools – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Luxury Tree House Rentals

Luxury tree houses are located in various parts of Sri Lanka, giving you the real feel and experience of sleeping in an open tree house, whilst enjoying the fresh air and views of the forest around you but also provide the luxuries of a comfortable bed, a mosquito net, and a luxury bathroom with all the amenities. So, if you want the authentic experience but do not want to compromise on the luxuries, read ahead to learn about some of the best luxury treehouse rentals in Sri Lanka.

1. The Ark Tree House – Sinharaja forest

The Ark is a fascinating eco retreat bordering the Sinharaja rainforest reserve, a treehouse with an imaginative character, and an exciting design mixed with uplifting views to create unforgettable memories. The concept here is slightly different to other hotels where a few rooms are built as treehouses, The Ark is one entire treehouse that can be booked privately for one family or group of visitors.

Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its rich biodiversity. The Ark is located on an estate bordering this reserve, which consists of tea, rubber and cinnamon. About 14kms from the town of Matugama, Sri Lanka, you will arrive at The Ark, where you can spend your days exploring the beauty of nature, the variety of flora and fauna while on nature trails, or simply relax by your pool and listen to the sounds of wildlife.

2. Tree House Suite – Saraii Village (Weerawila)

Saraii village is more suited for those looking for simple and traditional accommodation. The natural ambience makes it a treat to sleep in a tree house and dine under the stars with just enough supplements to make guests comfortable. The treehouses are built in original Sri Lankan style constructed mostly with natural materials available in the country. Saraii Village offers a great local experience in terms of accommodation, delicious authentic rice and curry meals, friendly staff, a saltwater swimming pool and safe wildlife roaming the grounds. Located in Weerawila of the Hambantota district, you can add peacock sounds to your stay at Saraii Village, along with other traditional village activities such as pottery making and curd processing, as well as an exciting jeep safari experience at the famous Yala National Park.

3. Back of Beyond Tree House in Pidurangala

Located at the forest base of the Pidurangala Rock, geographically in between Dambulla and Sigiriya, Back of Beyond offers a unique journey to the heart of wildlife in Sri Lanka. As one of the first resorts in Sri Lanka to provide accommodation for tourists, the Pidurangala treehouse has always been and still is one of the favorites.

Hidden in 4 acres jungle land, this retreat is known as a Bird Park amongst the local villagers. Walk or ride through this wilderness bird park to explore the 5th Century Heritage in Sigiriya and the ancient monastery near Pidurangala Rock. Just half hour from here is the Minneriya National Park which boasts one of the largest Wild Elephant gatherings in Asia. But you could choose to spend days inside the Pidurangala Tree House and these elephants and other forest creatures will visit you in your premises itself!

4. Back of Beyond Treehouse in Dehigaha Ela

Dehigaha Ela is an off-the-grid nature’s retreat secluded with untouched wilderness around you. In the middle of a seven-acre jungle land, the property utilizes barely one acre, and is decorated with ponds, streams, waterfalls, and a few huge hill-like boulders. Calcium deposits also can be seen if you hike around the streams. One can also expect to see colorful butterflies, iguanas, and exotic birds inside the Dehigaha Ela property of Back of Beyond.  

The treehouse can be reached through a climb of three flights of stairs, and this height is probably the only thing that keeps you away from the creatures of the forest! A massive room is attached under the tree house where there is a sitting room and a large open-air bathroom.

This nature lover’s paradise is located close to Sigiriya and is a good place to start for discovering the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka.

5. The Elephant Watch Hut

Combining all the features of an ideal hotel into eco-friendly traditional accommodation, the Elephant Watch Hut is an amazing place with friendly service that makes for an unforgettable stay. This classic jungle treehouse collection is located close to Habarana and is equipped with a luxury bed, bathroom, shower, and free toiletries. You can also enjoy the use of simple and to the point amenities such as swimming pool, restaurant and garden during your stay. The acres of grass surrounding the treehouses are swarmed with wildlife, including the wild elephants. The Habarana Lake is just 5kms from here and the Ritigala Forest Monastery is 25 kms away. The Elephant Watch Hut is a great place to start for wildlife excursions and elephant safaris.

6. Huma Terra Green Lodge

Constructed with wood and straw, Huma Terra tree houses boast comfort and green living integrated into one. Perched above rice paddies, this property consists of five tree huts, an Ayurveda Center, a restaurant, and various other activities. The unique design highlights a living space that is half-outside, half-inside, and luxurious dry bathrooms. Photovoltaic panels are used to provide electricity to the tree huts and all materials used at the property are in accordance with ecological standards. The staff is trained to separate kitchen waste and compost, and guests are encouraged to do the same.

7. The Tree House – Ginigathena

Adjoining the Hatton-Colombo Highway, Ginigathena Sri Lanka is where “The Tree House” cottages are built on Pine Trees at a height of 30-40ft above ground level! One treehouse at 41ft and the others at 31ft are connected via separate wooden bridges that are about 25ft in distance. 2-3 people can be accommodated in each tree house which also have attached washrooms and a private balcony.

With Sri Lanka having built the only tree houses at such a height, these provide utmost privacy due to being located far away from each other. The 20 acre land borders virgin Kehelgamuwa Oya, which is one of the two main forming rivers of Kelani River. Guests can also choose to go on a private jungle trekking path to Kehelgamuwa Oya during their stay here. White water rafting, bird watching, river bathing, and mountain biking are other adventurous activities that guests can indulge in.