7 Best Water Sport Activities in Sri Lanka

by | Sep 9, 2017

The island of Sri Lanka has an abundance of beaches where water sports are carried out. Let us talk about which ones are most thrilling and what is the best place in Sri Lanka to enjoy each sport.

1.   Surfing

If you are looking to surf sand-bottomed point breaks all day long in 30 degrees bright and shiny weather, Sri Lanka is the place to be.

Surfing is more of a hobby or a pleasure activity that is loved by many. To enjoy surfing the most, you need to be on a beach that has beautiful crashing waves that you can surf against. Of course, in the sport of surfing, patience is of utmost importance as you have to wait for the wave. Also, you should be willing to take chances at massive waves and keep calm if in case things get hectic.

Arugam Bay, in the east coast, is the ideal place for a surfing holiday in Sri Lanka. Hordes of surfers, particularly from wave-starved European countries love the ripples on the coastline. In this area, you will find surfers mostly in the intermediate range but if you are a beginner, surfing lessons are available to help you out. June to October is the best time to visit places like Passikuda and Arugam Bay for surfing on the east coast. Places like Unawatuna in the south-west coast are also popular for surfing during the months of November to May.

2.   Jet skiing

Jet skiing is very much like a motor bike ride, but on water! The thrill of riding a motor bike on water can only be experienced through a Jet Ski ride in Sri Lanka. Jet skiing is possible in several parts of the island, including east, west and south coast beaches as well as man-made lakes lagoons around the country.

A water sport lover is sure to enjoy drenching themselves on a jet ski while negotiating with the water movements and performing air-water jumps. You can explore deep into the ocean if you are confident enough on a jet ski while also making speedy movements around big waves.

Bentota in the south-west coast has a water sports center that offers jet skiing. In addition to that, Unawatuna beach, Negombo beach, Negombo lagoon, Kalpitiya beach, Passikudah beach and Gregory Lake in Nuwara Eliya are a few places in Sri Lanka where jet skiing is popular.

3.   Scuba Diving/Snorkeling

Snorkeling and scuba diving are very similar activities through which you can explore the marine life around the island of Sri Lanka. Equipment such as masks, fins and snorkels are provided by the center, along with a guide who will swim around with you. Pigeon island in trincomalee, Hikkaduwa Unawatuna beach and Kalpitiya beach are a few places where you will find the services of snorkeling. During your snorkel experience in Sri Lanka, be prepared to observe beautiful tropical fish and coral reefs that decorate the deep seas.

4.   Kite Surfing

Kitesurfing is an adventurous activity that combines the aspects of snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, and gymnastics into one activity. A large power kite is needed to harness the wind power and direction. This is attached to a kite board on which the surfer is held firm with the help of foot straps.

Due to its consistently windy conditions and the narrow sandbar that separates the lagoon from the ocean, creating perfect waters, people love kitserufing in Kalpitya. Not only does Kalpitiya have the best beach for kitesurfing, it also has a line of schools that will provide you with the equipment and teach you how to kitesurf. Once you get the hang of the sport, you will not want to leave the water and neither will you want to let go of your kitesurfing gear. An addictive sport indeed!

5.   Deep Sea Diving

Challenge yourself to partake in this extreme sport of descending into the deep waters of the Indian Ocean, of course with the help of breathing apparatus and a guide around you at all times. Batticaloa, Nilaveli, Negombo and Unawatuna are popular destinations for deep sea diving in Sri Lanka.

6.   Sailing

The ocean is Sri Lanka’s primary resource. Explore Sri Lankan coasts in style with a sailing cruise. You could choose either the east, west south or north coast to explore depending on which time of the year that you are visiting. With a sailing holiday you have access to stunning landscapes and pristine beaches. Sailing as an activity is also available in Sri Lanka in places like Bolgoda Lake, North-East coast and Southern coast.

7.   White Water Rafting

The beautiful Kelani River in Kitulgala, Sri Lanka is where the thrilling activity of white water rafting takes place. Go with a group of 3-6 people and one of the many rafting service providers will assist you with the necessary equipment and guide you on how to maneuver your boat on the rapids and minors of the river. Confidence jumps, stream slides and river camping are also some activities that you can enjoy here.