Adventure at its Best – The Deep Jungle Festival (31st Aug – 2nd Sep 2018)

by | Aug 28, 2018

Get your adventure kits ready and head over to Sigiriya for one of the most awaited festivals of the year! A one-of-a-kind music and art festival combined with adventure activities such as camping, water sports and safaris!

The Deep Jungle Festival is no ordinary music festival – combining music, art and outdoor adventure, its main aim is to support a sustainable tourism industry. This festival is promoted globally, thereby creating an iconic mark in Asia and Sri Lanka. The upcoming festival features reggae, acoustic, downtempo, chillgressive, deep house, progressive house, techno and psytrance musical beats. Special traditional acts of Sri Lanka will also be exhibited at the event.

Apart from being a music and art festival, 50% of the proceeds of this event are reserved for charity. Hence every participant attending this festival with the purchase of a ticket is contributing towards charitable events.

The team at Deep Jungle believe that changes in the world happen in very small and mysterious ways, as opposed to what a lot of people prefer to think. Several transnational charities and other organizations contribute to the society with deeds that seem like a good idea on the surface. Deep Jungle prefers to look into the in depth needs of the society and fulfil those – and make a real change in the world.

Tourists in Sri Lanka are welcome to be a part of the management and organization of this event, thereby making them feel the true beauty of music – which indeed is a great exposure for every individual. In addition to that, volunteers are motivated to make a difference in the world while also having a lot of fun and an unforgettable experience in life.

Everyone who attends this Deep Jungle Festival goes back with big smiles on their faces. Here are some reviews from the festival that took place in April this year:

  • “Beautiful project along with a lot of activities to be learned , survival plans ,music, art and all we need is a bit of love .. •• The tribe along move forward in the cosmos helping people with charity and also loving the only Mother Nature , plant more and grow our minds , open your minds •• namaskar!! ••”
  • “Wow! What can I say Camp festival is just so full of colour, music, food, incredible backdrops….
    ( Magical Activity & Music festival ❤ )”
  • Wonderful project, good people and inspiring ideas! Great job and I wish you all the success in the world.

Tickets are priced at: LKR 3000/- for one day and LKR 6000/- for a three day entry.
Visit for further details.