Best Ice Cream Joints in Sri Lanka

by | Nov 10, 2017

Craving an ice cream during your holiday in Sri Lanka? Whether you are in Colombo, Kandy, Jaffna or Galle, ice cream lovers can satisfy their cravings anywhere in Sri Lanka.


Point Pedro – Rio Ice Cream

The Rio Ice Cream brand is about 40 years old and has survived through decades of war in Jaffna. Now it has become an important part of the local community and is a must-visit stop during your tour to Jaffna, Sri Lanka (if not for the ice cream, for the brand at least!).

The ice cream joint is located just adjoining the Nallur Temple and is also a popular hangout spot for youngsters, particularly since it is one of the few establishments in Jaffna that offers air conditioning. Their menu includes a wide variety of scoops, sundaes and other specials. Taste wise, the ice cream is lovable for those with a sweet tooth.


Pedlars Inn Gelato

Pedlar’s Inn is a popular brand in the Galle Fort area, located on Pedlar’s Street. Along with their ice cream joint, they have a pizzeria and a dining café as well. The gelato they serve is naturally flavored, very creamy and goes quite on par with international standards.

Dairy King

Located on Church Street, in Galle Fort, this joint is run by a family living there. In addition to the ice cream flavors, they have many options of juices, shakes, tea and coffee. Their ice cream scoops are very much worth for the price and they offer many flavors to choose from. Don’t forget to try their brownie and ice cream dish which is served with a generous serving of delicious brownies.


Cool corner fried ice cream parlor

This is a leading fried ice cream provider in Kandy and is well recommended by those who have been there. On their menu, they have delicious fruity flavors of ice cream scoops, as well as sorbets and other beverages. A recently popular item is the roll ice cream that gives you a blend of two or more flavors into one ice cream roll.


Frozsta is a great hangout place that provides healthy frozen yogurt and other desserts. The environment is very peaceful and the owner makes an extra effort to make your visit a memorable one.



For decades, carnival has been a go-to place for those wanting an affordable ice cream option. Recently, the store has had a major uplift and is now much more appealing than before. The interior is really done with an aim to cheer up anyone in a sad mood. They have introduced more ice cream flavors on their menu as well as new shakes and sundaes. You haven’t been to Colombo if you haven’t been to its signature ice cream store – Carnival!

Jam Roll

Originating in Thailand, roll ice cream is now in Sri Lanka. A small joint in Thimbirigasyaya serves roll ice cream, just the way you like it. The open kitchen concept lets you see the intriguing process of how they make it. You could either choose from their set menu or pick your own flavors and toppings to result in your kind of ice cream.


If you are looking for some premium quality ice cream in a unique range of flavors, Cremalato is where you should be. They have their own range of fresh fruit popsicles that are a real refresher in the heat of Colombo. Additional creamy flavors include biscotti, wild berries, mint choc chip, mango and more. If you are lazy to go to their pickup outlet in Colombo 04 (A&M Cupcakes), simply call them up to deliver your ice cream straight to your doorstep!