Best Ways to Enjoy a Family Day-Outing in Sri Lanka

by | Aug 15, 2017

Sometimes you just want to put all your troubles away and spend some quality time with your family and feel good about it. While travel agencies may be able to help you with some interesting ideas and day tour packages, you could also plan the trip yourself depending on your family’s requirements.

One important thing to keep in mind for day outings is that the travelling time should be no more than 2 hours from your home; otherwise the trip gets quite stressful rather than relaxing.

Let us just brainstorm a few ideas here…

Bungalows/Hotels on the southern coastlineThe idea here is to enjoy a day outing with your family on one of the many beautiful beaches that Sri Lanka has to offer. There are some pros and cons of choosing a private bungalow or a luxury hotel for this trip:


    • Maximum privacy as there will be no one else apart from your family.
    • You have the whole place to yourself. Plenty of space to play, relax and unwind.


    • Food spread is better as they cater to a larger number of people.
    • Quality of facilities is slightly higher.


For day outings, hotels and bungalows mostly charge a per person fee that includes food and access to facilities. As for facilities, both bungalows and hotels have access to the beach, swimming pool, changing rooms, bathrooms and garden space for outdoor activities. When looking for bungalows, inquire about the available facilities and menu options that they provide.

  • Bungalows/resorts in the hill country

This option involves total binding time with family along with some fun activities such as waterfall bathing and playing outdoors. Sri Lanka’s hill country has an abundance of holiday bungalows and resorts that are given out on rent for day packages. Some owners charge a fixed amount for the bungalow while you can take your own food and drinks. Some resort owners prefer to charge a per person rate that includes welcome drink, lunch, tea and access to all resort facilities.

Bungalows in these areas usually have a large garden where you can play any outdoor team sport with your family and friends. Some bungalows are located near waterfalls and streams so you can enjoy bathing there as well.

  • White water rafting in Kitulgala

White water rafting is an adventure-filled day outing that you can only opt for if your family members are all up for this kind of an activity. Drive to Kitulgala and stop at one of the many rafting joints where they will brief you in on available packages that include the rafting experience, access to changing rooms, as well as an authentic Sri Lankan lunch at a restaurant.

  • Explore the city of Galle

The Southern Expressway has made it very much easier for Colombo-iites to make a quick trip to Galle and back in a day. The historic city of Galle has much to offer in terms of food, culture and lovely beaches and is an ideal day outing option especially if you have to entertain guests from abroad. This trip does not require much planning except to make sure everyone keeps their schedules free on one particular date. Simply drive to Galle, explore the Galle Fort, have lunch anywhere you like, relax at an ice cream joint and dip in the water for awhile before heading back home.