Create your philanthropic journey across Sri Lanka

by | Jun 20, 2022

Why choose Sri Lanka for your philanthropic journey?

Philanthropic journeys, also known as sustainable or conscious travel, means being able to give back to your chosen holiday destination. By choosing Sri Lanka for your philanthropic journey, you will be contributing towards a much-needed positive change in the country. Being a third-world developing country, Sri Lanka has seen a wide disparity of income between the rural and urban population. Moreover, there is a difference in the access to education and the availability of a steady livelihood for the lesser fortunate, and can instill poverty in them for generations. To help bridge this gap and bring the country to a better standard, the efforts of philanthropic journeys in Sri Lanka are much appreciated.

Tourism has been a huge part of Sri Lanka’s economy, but not all tourism is sustainable. Over the years, natural habitats in Sri Lanka have been affected due to lack of policies, and human-wildlife conflict has also had a high impact. We encourage our guests to choose sustainable travel options through Blue Lanka Tours so that we can maintain natural landscapes, a green environment, and no harm to the wildlife in Sri Lanka.

The island nation has been through several ups and downs in terms of disasters. From the 30-year civil war to the Tsunami in 2006 and the Easter Attacks in 2019, communities kept building back for a better tomorrow. Our team at Blue Lanka Tours has witnessed first-hand how the people of Sri Lanka keep bouncing back, which makes us want to give back more to the society. Hence, we encourage conscious travel to inspire change.

It is not about wanting elite travel experiences, but more about being aware of how your travel impacts the surrounding communities and environments. As sustainable travelers, you have the opportunity to help millions of people in Sri Lanka to live a better life, and help maintain the stunning natural beauty, diverse wildlife, rich culture and well-preserved historical ruins.

How philanthropic journeys positively impact Sri Lanka?

The more Sri Lanka tours that are organized in the country, the more circular economies are created through supply chains, thereby creating local employment to close in on the gap between different income levels. Sustainable travel also helps to break through inaccuracies and create deeper understanding of Sri Lankan life in a multi-ethnic society and how these challenges are faced; something that is hardly covered in the global news.

During your philanthropic journey, you will also understand the diversity and what brings about a common ground between different cultures in the north and south of this paradise island. An opportunity to meet Sri Lankans that you wouldn’t encounter on the usual tourist trail lets you interact with them for a better understanding of people and places. This is only possible through private touring customized by our team of friendly travel consultants, based on your travel preferences and concerns.

Furthermore, as conscious travelers, when you visit luxury hotels for example, you must ask the right questions from the management. Inquire about what they do in terms of preserving the environment, working with neighboring communities, and how their staff are treated. By showing concern, you are spurring a more tangible impact on the lives of the surrounding people and places. Tourism can indeed create a high impact if the revenue is invested into conservation, skill development, education and development of the rural community.

Must-visit destinations for your philanthropic journey in Sri Lanka

When creating a tailor-made itinerary for your philanthropic journey, here are a few destinations you might like to include:

  • Galle Fort – to explore the historical Dutch Fort from centuries ago.
  • Dambulla Cave Temples – the most well-preserved cave temples in all of Aisa.
  • Minneriya National Park – observing herds of wild elephants in their natural habitat.
  • Sigiriya Rock – an ancient Sri Lankan King who built his fortress on the top of a rock.
  • Temple of the Tooth – a Buddhist temple that houses the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha.
  • Hill country and tea plantations in Sri Lanka will help you with rustic paths to explore amidst the beauty of Mother Nature.

One-of-a-kind philanthropic activities in Sri Lanka

Establishing a real connection with rural communities who will directly benefit from your journey through strong sustainable projects will keep you wanting for more, even before you have completed your journey.  Here are a few activities that focus on giving back to the island, the people and the wild:

  • Interact with small groups of orphaned girls who are trained to earn a livelihood by working from home and handcrafting cloth bags, sewing masks, and making paper quill cards.
  • Volunteer and assist with scaling classrooms in rural areas and assist those looking for jobs to improve their spoken English by giving them access to a mobile application.
  • Support the efforts of wildlife conservation: reforestation and re-wilding elephant habitats. On this path, you could enjoy a reforested farmhouse experience or even regenerate a forested ridge to protect wild animals from human conflict in areas that lack government backed conservation. You could also contribute towards the funds needed to test AI-based technology that helps prevent elephants in colliding with the newly implemented train tracks in the north and east.
  • Agro-tourism creates livelihoods for men and women and also provides food security for the vulnerable communities. By funding the cost of one entire harvesting season for example, you are supporting agro-tourism, which will help sustain circular economies and offer deserving farmers the much-needed income. Your contribution will go a long way in helping with the education and medical needs of the farmer’s family.
  • Non-profit organizations are in dire need of support for their legal and advocacy efforts in protecting Sri Lanka’s environment and wildlife.
  • Encourage and assist local artists to expose themselves in the virtual world and take part in collaborations that will boost their career as well as their income levels.

Organizations that promote sustainable travel in Sri Lanka

  • Blue Lanka Tours
  • Aitken Spence Hotels
  • Ayu in the Wild
  • Fox Resorts
  • Infinity Vacations
  • Jetwing Travels
  • Teardrop Hotels

Sustainable accommodation options in Sri Lanka

With sustainable tourism quickly picking up pace in Sri Lanka, the industry is introducing more and more eco-friendly holiday resorts for the conscious travelers. From Santani Wellness Resort in Kandy to Saraii Village in Tissamaharama, The Hideout in Sigiriya, Heritance Kandalama and Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle in the southern coast, these green resorts are scattered all across the country. So whichever route you wish to take for your off-the-beaten-track exploration of Sri Lanka, sustainable accommodation options are available everywhere.