Discover the Hills of Sri Lanka by Train

by | Feb 14, 2018

There’s nothing like escaping from the real world for a few days – sun bathing on a beach, hot air ballooning over beautiful valleys, or simply enveloping yourself into one of the most scenic hill countries in the world – Sri Lanka.

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean – Sri Lanka, is one of Mother Nature’s most stunning creations. The variations in attractions and the scenic countryside is what travelers often refer to as ‘the best of both worlds’ – rich culture on one side and endless stretches of tropical beaches on the other.


What makes Sri Lanka an absolutely unique tourist destination is the spectacular scenery of its hill country – intricate paddy fields, cascading waterfalls, rising mountains and tea estates galore. This picturesque image is a personal invitation to escape into total serenity with a holiday in Sri Lanka.

So how can you discover the treasures of this beautiful island, experience cozy mountain lodging and a touch of adventure without having to burden your pockets too much?

The Journey

If you are coming in from a foreign country, a flight to Sri Lanka is the only option to enter the country. During your holiday, try to eliminate unnecessary expenses so you have a budget for splurging where needed. How would you like the idea of a 7 hour scenic train ride?

Seems like a long number of hours to spend on a train in the middle of a holiday? Well, consider the fact that it is one of the most breathtaking scenic experiences you will ever come across; hence it will definitely be time well spent.

Tip: the ride from Kandy to Ella, or vice versa, is simply jaw-dropping.

If you want your journey to be as bold as it sounds, you need to prepare in advance…

Purchasing Tickets

Purchasing your tickets in advance is very important in order to avoid disappointment. Most trains in Sri Lanka have different categories to choose from. The private AC cabin is usually the first class seats which lets you escape the crowds and gives you access to a separate observation deck. This entire cabin is made of glass, catering only to tourists who do not want to miss even a glimpse of the scenery at any angle whatsoever.

Tip: on the ride from Kandy to Ella, select a seat on the right hand side as this will give you access to most of the views from the comfort of your own seat.

On the Expo Rail observation deck, Wi-Fi facilities are available along with charging outlets next to every seat. At regular intervals you will be served tea, coffee, water and refreshments. If you are a picky eater though, it is better to carry your own snacks.

Your Destination

Once you are done with the scenic train ride to Ella, relax and unwind at the expense of luxury at 98 Acres Resort & Spa.

Have you heard of the saying “the journey is better than the destination”? In this case, we can declare a draw match between the beauty of the journey and the destination.

This hotel defines its destination – Ella in true luxury and style. The chalets are made of recycling material and are surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes. Each of the suites boast modern amenities and lovely views of the mountains, the mini Adams Peak and the Ella Rock. A spacious balcony is provided to indulge in the panoramic views.