Eight admirably exclusive waterfalls in Sri Lanka

by | Apr 2, 2017

For those of you who are new to the term waterfall, it is a place in a stream or river where water flows over one or many vertical drops. These are mostly formed as a result of erosion in rocky areas in the upper course of a river. Because of the water flowing over the rock shelf, streams become wider and shallower just above the falls. The area below the waterfall is deep due to the kinetic energy generated when the water hits the bottom. Not only are these natural formations a beauty in itself, but it is also fun and exciting to experience the force under the vertical drop of water.

During your holiday in Sri Lanka, you will come across several waterfalls. In reality, there are over a hundred waterfalls located around the country; most of them are in the hill stations of Nuwara Eliya and Badulla. Some of these waterfalls are man-made but are still equally breathtaking. There are also several waterfalls that are not officially discovered and some that lie almost inaccessible in the midst of dense forests. Out of these many waterfalls, only a few of them are actually safe to bathe in. Take a round tour of Sri Lanka with Blue Lanka Tours and we can arrange to show you most of these cascading waterfalls around the country.

Here are some fun facts about the best waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

Bambarakanda Waterfalls

  • Tallest with a height of 786 feet
  • Located in a dense forest in Bandarawela
  • Difficult to get through but not impossible, and well worth the effort
  • Can be seen on the road to Haputale


Devon Waterfalls

  • Is a collection of 3 falls
  • Approximately 318 feet high
  • Can be spotted easily from the Talawakele-Navalapitiya road
  • Breathtaking site indeed


St. Claires Falls

  • Can be seen beautifully from the viewing gallery on Talawakele road
  • Falls in two cascades
  • Safe for bathing and is easily accessible on foot
  • Surrounded by tea estates


Ravana Waterfalls

  • 131 feet in height and has a wide flow of water
  • Located in a village known as Uduhawara, close to the town of Ella
  • Water provides for cultivating vegetables; which is the main income for villagers
  • Tiny, yet extremely beautiful


Dunhinda Waterfalls

  • Very popular, not for its height but its beauty
  • Situated close to Badulla and is easily accessible to locals and foreigners
  • Its name interprets the mist created by the water on its way down


Diyaluma Waterfalls

  • 559 feet high
  • Located on the Koslanda-Wellawaya road
  • Its appearance makes people perceive it as the highest waterfall
  • The rainy season brings humongous amounts of water spilling downwards, with no intermediate cascades


Bakers Falls

  • Located in Horton Plains, close to World’s End
  • Cascading waterfall with several falls
  • Icy waters glitter amidst the sunshine
  • Its backdrop of mountains and green valley’s make it a splendid sight
  • 20 meters in height
  • Very dangerous to bathe in
  • Named after its founder – Samuel Baker


Bopath Ella Falls

  • Located close to Kuruwita, Ratnapura
  • Dangerous to swim – people have died trying to do so
  • The name interprets that the waterfall is in the shape of a “Bo” tree
  • Best place to be for those seeking to get away from busy life