Embark into a Basket and Delicately Float Away…

by | Sep 15, 2018

Have you experienced your Hot Air Balloon Flight yet? Well… if not, here’s what you need to know.

There is nothing quite like floating over the greenery in Sri Lanka. Not just in any other place but the infamous cultural triangle with the most astonishing skylines and down below wilderness, the thick vegetation, one of the worlds wonders and then, the serene lakes that stand still with time.

Checking into delayed flights, the procedural baggage counters, TSA pat downs—flying isn’t always about the mediocre processes in an airport or an airplane. But Captain… have you stepped aboard one of these timeless hot air balloons? ’Tis a guaranteed way to rekindle a love of air travel, an opportunity to merry make in the world’s most beautiful landscapes, high above the fray. And it is the kind of mesmerizing little trip in the air that you’ll be talking about long after you’re back on solid ground.


Why do you want to take a Drone when you can be one?

Commercial air balloon flights have now come of age and being most asked about by many Sri Lankans as well as tourists visiting the infamous Cultural Triangle. The bird’s eye view in floating baskets has now become one of the best experiences one can hear from another. The splendor of historic backdrops is nothing more than a jaw dropping hot air ballooning excursion experience in the Lankan skies. Yes a $200 is something you would consider – but if you ever wondered what its like to be a cloud, the splurge is worthwhile, and we assure you that.


A brief glimpse in to Hot Air Ballooning experience as it takes off…

Not with any pilot, but authorized experts will board you into your baskets and following a brief introduction you will set sail in the air together with the sun. As the balloon fills with sufficient hotair you will rise up up and above.
Dambulla, Habarana and Sigiriya has turned out to be become a frequent sight to tourists and locals with complementing views of Sigiriya Rock, temples, mountains, lotus ponds, water ways and even the local village habitat, waving at you eagerly with their heart warming smiles. Amongst all of these, Kandalama has been rated as the ballooning capital of the Island and the region has been recognized as one of the best ballooning destinations in the world fot its own “unique ballooning beauty”.
After a smooth landing, toss a glass of Champaign to celebrate your hot air ballooning excursion and you will be driven back to your safe havens (hotels).


The best Season for Hot Air Ballooning experience in Sri Lanka

The ideal weather guaranteed in our Lankan tropics are from the latter part of the year to continue to the next first quarter, that’s from November to April. This is recognized as the season for Hot Air Ballooning rides in Sri Lanka with the highest probability of a promising weather. It is the best time for families, couples and even cooperate groups to hop into a hot air balloon flight to enjoy the vistas of a heritage land.

Hot Air ballooning experience is a sunrise experience commencing from 8am onwards, however it depends on the agents you wish to have you best of experience in a balloon in our Island.

Get in touch with us @www.bluelanktours.com before hand to plan your Hot Air Ballooning excursion. We assure you the very best and it to be a magical experience in the air with bespoke services.

Written By
Carol R Taylor