If You Haven’t Been to Sri Lanka yet, You MUST!

by | Feb 28, 2018

Warm hospitality, timeless ruins, herds of elephants, endless beaches, adventurous train rides, rolling surf, world renowned tea and deliciously mouth-watering food make Sri Lanka an irresistible holiday destination.

The Undiscovered Country

One could might as well say that Sri Lanka has been a country hiding in plain sight. Many travelers have flown over the pearl of the Indian Ocean, on their way to someplace else for a holiday. Indeed the 30 year long civil war was a major criteria in keeping Sri Lanka off holiday itineraries for most travelers. Today though, a lot has changed. The island nation is moving forward in a fast pace with more and more visitors discovering its countless charms. Neatly placed in between the southern part of India and the rest of Southeast Asia, the history, culture and natural beauty of Sri Lanka is undeniably appealing. So if you haven’t been to Sri Lanka yet, it should definitely be the ultimate destination for your next holiday plan.

So Much in So Little

Not many other countries have as many as eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites packed into a small geographical area such as what you see in Sri Lanka. With over 2000 years of history, several ancient sites in Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura still display the remnants of the bygone era. Legendary temples boast intricate details even though they are sheltered by caves or perched on noticeable peaks. More recent historical remnants are seen at colonial fortresses such as Galle and Trincomalee. Anywhere on the island, don’t be surprised if you notice an elephant walking towards his favorite waterhole. A number of pleasant and relaxed national parks throughout the island offer safari tours where you can encounter leopards, water buffaloes and several species of birds and primates.

Rainforests & Beaches

And then there are those breathtaking beaches – dazzling golden sands and turquoise blue waters, ring the island so that wherever you go, you will probably end up near a sandy gem. If you are the adventurous kind, surf your way through the beaches and dive at world-class sites, away from the crowds, in your own marine world, and you are always almost close to exploring something entirely new!

Once you are done with the tropical climate of the coast and lowlands, head up towards the hills and its cozy temperature and indulge in the achingly scenic green charms. Lush tea plantations and intense rainforests are a call out to all those walkers, trekkers and those who just want to enjoy the thrill from a spectacular train ride in Sri Lanka.

It’s So Easy

In Sri Lanka, distances are surprisingly short. You can manage to see the home of the world’s oldest living human-planted tree one morning in Anuradhapura and by afternoon, stand amidst a gathering of hundreds of elephants at the Minneriya National Park. Explore an exotic beach, hit some epic surf, stroll through colonial gems in Colombo, meditate in a temple that is nearly 2000 years old, exchange smiles while walking through a village, be awed at the birds and wildflowers and try to keep track of the number of small dishes that come with your authentic Lankan rice and curry meal. Sri Lanka is a spectacular, affordable and yet often uncrowded holiday destination that is waiting to be discovered by YOU!