How to arrange a tailor-made holiday in Sri Lanka?

by | May 3, 2023

What is a tailor-made holiday?

The term “tailor-made” is to design something as per an individual’s requirements and expectations. In the case of a tailor-made holiday, a tour operator should be able to deliver whatever you want from a holiday. Whether it is an adventure-seeking tour around Sri Lanka’s hill country and coastal areas, or a wellness focused package with yoga destinations, a budgeted 10-day tour in Sri Lanka, or a selection of the finest boutique properties in the country.

In theory, a tailor-made holiday is the opposite of an off-the-shelf package. It should be built from elements that you personally select – from flight routes to excursions, hotels and transport options, everything should be catered to fit individual needs.

You may provide the complete details of what you want from a holiday or you could just pinpoint a few things that you have heard about or want to include into the package; and accordingly, the travel consultants will plan a Sri Lanka tour itinerary for you.

What is the difference between group holidays and tailor-made holidays?

The ultimate question is:

What is important for your Sri Lanka holiday travel itinerary?

  • Cost
  • Security
  • Sociability
  • Flexibility
  • Personalized experiences

When touring with others in a group, it presents a great way to make new friends. You will end up having varied and interesting conversations at meal times and will enjoy sharing experiences with others. Although hotels and activities will be decided based on the size of the group, these packages will be slightly cheaper due to the economies of scale and shared cost of transport and guide.

On the other hand, tailor-made holidays allow you to spend quality time with who you choose to travel – it could be your spouse, children, extended family or close friends. You will spend quality time in each other’s company without other social pressures. These kinds of holidays are designed around personal preferences in terms of activities and hotels.

Why should you plan a tailor-made holiday?

  • You don’t play a part in any organizing
    Sometimes, individuals who want to go on a holiday are so busy with their daily lives, they don’t have the time to organize a holiday for themselves and are looking for an agency who can meet their needs and make the itinerary arrangements based on personal preferences.
  • You have complete privacy
    This is one of the most critical aspects of planning a tailor-made holiday. Your trip will be completely personal, with only those who you choose to travel with, sharing the same moments and experiences. You don’t have to restrict your travel arrangements to match with others in a larger group.
  • Flexibility with dates
    The dates of your trip will be adaptable and specific to only your schedule and requirements, thus giving you complete control over your itinerary.
  • Personalized accommodation
    Whether you want to stay in a luxury resort, an exclusive boutique hotel, or a private villa, tailor-made vacations let you choose your lodging options.
  • Choose your own budget
    Budget is at the top of your mind when planning a vacation and with tailor-made tours, all you have to do is specify a budget to your travel consultant and they will plan the tour within that range. With this solution, you know exactly how much you will be spending, and you can plan other expenses accordingly.

How flexible is tailor-made travel?

A tailor-made holiday in Sri Lanka offers complete control over their holiday to guests traveling – from transport to hotels to activities, attractions, meals and more. Therefore, tailor-made travel is highly flexible as the main job of the tour operator is to plan a holiday as per your individual requirements.

How does tailor-made travel work?

A tailor-made tour includes only the hotels and destinations that you prefer. No two tailor-made holidays will be the same. In this case, the options are limitless. But be sure to include locations you’ve heard about, ideas you have previously had, and any other lifelong travel ambitions that have been on your list.

Why tailor-made travel is worth it

The freedom and feeling of liberation to build your own holiday with a travel company is ecstatic! Knowing that you will be spending your money on exactly your kind of holiday while at the same time, not having to undertake any arrangements, you are free to simply get on the flight and enjoy your vacation.

How to plan a tailor-made holiday in Sri Lanka?

Blue Lanka Tours offers specialized packages focusing on different aspects of the country, as well as a few lined up that cover all the popular landscapes in one tour. If any of our prepared itineraries are not meeting your requirements, we will gladly make alterations to cater to your requests. Our team of consultants discuss with each group of travellers to determine what they prefer and do not prefer during their holiday. Based on that, we carefully curate the best possible Sri Lanka tailor-made tour packages for them.

From meet and greet at the airport, to each hotel transfer, each destination transfer, visit to tour attractions, transfers back to the hotels and lastly to the airport, Blue Lanka Tours will arrange a comfortable luxury vehicle. The team will also suggest the most comfortable and luxurious holiday resorts in Sri Lanka to plan your accommodation and arrange bookings at the hotels you choose to stay. So, whether you are on a honeymoon, with your children and parents or just a group of friends and colleagues, get in touch with us and we will plan a tailor-made holiday for you!