Next Step To Your Freedom

by | Jul 31, 2019


Next Step To Your Inner Freedom, Meditate in Sri Lanka

As humans we need to relax and find ourselves again. We exercise and eat healthy to maintain our physical well-being but what about our mental health? Why does people neglect their mental health? It is important to leave the stress behind, to understand the true meaning of life. There’s no place like Sri Lanka for you to relax and heighten your senses. Peacefulness, magnificence, calmness and hospitality of Sri Lankans will make you feel at ease and focus on yourself maybe for the very first time of your life.

Because of the competition among us humans we’re always running around, always rushed, always late. Money, relationships and work considered as most important aspects of life. But here’s a question, Are you really happy? Have you achieved inner peace with yourself? If not visit Sri Lanka to calm your mind and think about life, realize how universe work in a magical way and understand the life. Meditation basically shows us how to control our thoughts, let go or regrets, anger and to calm ourselves and to rise up against all the odds.

There are several types of meditations you can practice here in Sri Lanka,

  1. Metta Meditation – Loving /Kindness Meditation
  2. Body scan or progressive relaxation
  3. Mindfulness meditation
  4. Breath awareness meditation
  5. Zen meditation
  6. Transcendental Meditation


No matter what type of meditation you study basically you focus on your breathing while letting go of all your thoughts and focus on one thing. It is a known fact that while meditating people tend to relax more, feel less stressed and achieve peace within themselves.  You can first practice meditation in Sri Lanka, afterwards you’ll be able to do it at home to relax your mind and body within few minutes.

When you’re visiting Sri Lanka first decide where and what kind of meditation you want to try then could help you pick the best meditation retreat according to your preference. Whether you want to meditate inside a forest retreat or urban city Sri Lanka got you covered. There are meditation centers that looked after by monks, spiritual leaders or meditating teachers. Most of the time accommodation and meals are free of charge and meditators can stay upto weeks or sometimes months.

Here’s some of meditation centers and locations just for your better understanding.

  1. Kanduboda Meditation Centre – Delgoda
  2. Nilambe Meditation Centre – Nilambe (Kandy)
  3. Dhamma Kuta – Peradeniya
  4. All Ceylon Buddhist Congress – Colombo 7
  5. Damrivi Foundation – Colombo 5
  6. International Vipassana Meditation Centre – Colombo 7

You will realize all this time it was your negative thoughts and lack of awareness that made you stuck in one place and you will be able to deepen your thoughts into the calmness and serenity of life.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]