What are your options for accommodation in Sri Lanka?

by | May 14, 2017

Guest house

A guest house in Sri Lanka is more like a mini-hotel and is almost always chosen when one is looking for budget accommodation. If your stay in one location is for about one or two weeks, guest house is a good option. Their packages most often include only the price for accommodation; meals and other services usually come at an added cost. Some guest houses offer catering, security and transfer services.

In Sri Lanka, guest houses don’t always have a wide variety of rooms. Some guest houses look like bungalows, some look like apartment buildings, some offer rooms with separate entrancea and so on. The prices they quote depend on the variety of conveniences the rooms offer: air conditioning, hot water, refrigerator, television, and so on. The locality of the guest house also effects pricing. Those located at city centers and close to beach areas have higher rates than others.

If you want to save money and end up in a low-cost guest house, do not expect too many conveniences apart from a bed to sleep and a mosquito net. The higher the prices, the more the conveniences, and the more the comfort levels.


Motels are smaller roadside hotels that are perfect for those looking for a ‘home base’ to easily explore local sights. In Sri Lanka, popular motels are located near freeways and very accessible by public transportation. Motels are an economical option for unwinding after a long day as they offer quiet rooms, complimentary toiletries and very comfortable sleeping areas.

Motels are also a budget friendly accommodation option that let you plan the vacation of your dreams without having to spend all the money allocated in your travel budget.

Popular motels in Sri Lanka:

  • ZEN Group of motels
  • Ocean View Guesthouse
  • Colombo Riverdale Hotel
  • Negombo Village
  • Berling Holiday Resort


Villas and Bungalows

The concept of spending your holiday in a villa or a bungalow in Sri Lanka is quite popular. Holiday villas are large country homes that offer standard or supreme levels of luxury and are located all around the island. These large houses usually have about 3-8 large rooms, 2-4 bathrooms or maybe even more, a hall, a kitchen and a spacious garden. In addition to these basics, some villas offer swimming pool facilities, access to the beach/river stream, and sports facilities such as badminton, tennis, foosball, table tennis, billiards, and so on.

For large families or a group of friends who want a private holiday, these villas and bungalows are ideal options. The entire estate is for themselves. Cooks are often provided by villa owners, who will prepare meals as per your requests.


3 Star

Sri Lankan 3 star hotels are also referred to as motels and offer the same facilities: reasonably spacious rooms, a comfortable bed to sleep and an attached bathroom with toiletries.

4 star

4 star hotel rooms are quite large and have added conveniences such as television, mini bar, good food, room service and more. Other hotel facilities include swimming pools, sports, gym, spa, bar and so on.

5 star

Premium luxury standards are what 5 star hotels focus on. Rooms are very spacious, have great views and are equipped with the most modern amenities. Extra time is spent on the interior design of the hotel and rooms, the color coordination, the quality of services provided, excellent cuisines, and in trying to make the hotel look unique and luxurious.

When booking your Sri Lanka holiday package with Blue Lanka Tours, your accommodation is provided with 4 and 5 star partner hotels such as those owned by Aitken Spence, John Keells Holdings, Amaya Group and more.