Pick Sri Lanka as your ultimate Christmas Vacation in 2022!

While Sri Lanka is always promoted as a year-round holiday-friendly destination, choosing to celebrate Christmas in Sri Lanka will definitely not disappoint you. As with everywhere else, Christmas in Sri Lanka is also celebrated on the 25th of December every year. Despite the Hindu and Buddhist majority in the country, Christmas still emerges as the

Six exclusive “picnic” appropriate Parks in Sri Lanka

1. Vihara Maha Devi Park – Colombo Located in the hub of Colombo, Vihara Maha Devi Park is gorgeous, popular and one of the biggest and oldest parks in Colombo. Initially known as the Victoria Park, the renaming to Vihara Maha Devi happened after the mother of King Dutugemunu. A huge Buddha Statue is highlighted

Explore Lotus Tower: The Latest Attraction in Colombo

History & Background In 2012, Sri Lanka and China signed a contract to construct the tallest tower in South Asia, in Sri Lanka – making it one of the biggest construction efforts in the country. In 2019, the then President of Sri Lanka officially opened the tower but construction was not complete yet. In September

A day out by some of the visually-stunning lakes and reservoirs in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a water destination – marine and fresh. The Indian Ocean that surrounds it and the innumerable natural and man-made lakes and ancient reservoirs make up an impressive aqua portfolio. Kings of ancient Sri Lanka built numerous reservoirs of monumental scale to irrigate paddy cultivation. They are the most substantial remains of the

Get closer to exotic nature at the best camping sites in Sri Lanka

Star-struck has a more beautiful meaning when you are spending nights under the stars here in Sri Lanka. It is the ultimate glamping experience in the tropical wilderness, with fine dining and creature comforts to pair with. Treat yourself to rare sights and the sounds of the wild. So, get ready to commune with dramatic

Azure-fronted best breakfast spots down south in Sri Lanka

Hear the waves splashing onto golden sands, the palm leaves rustling in the calm winds, and the stillness of time framed in memory. Breakfast with a view is a tasty tango you never get tired of. And the mighty Indian Ocean hugging the coastline of Sri Lanka has created dramatic sceneries for delicious views. We

A comprehensive guide to a cycling tour exploring the scenic beauty of Sri Lanka

Cycling in Sri Lanka offers a fantastic opportunity to discover the hidden treasures of this island nation’s tropical exterior. While you pedal along peaceful roads, you can observe tea plantations in line with wild jungles, historic temples nestled in gorgeous valleys, and colorful birds etched on garden walls; basically, every corner turn will show you

15 exciting water sports you must try during your trip to Sri Lanka!

Introduction: Why water sports in Sri Lanka? As an island nation, Sri Lanka is no stranger to water sports. Whether you are touring the coastal areas or inlands, there’s always some fun and action in water! From exploring the beauty of marine life to surfing over waves with a kite or jumping off a cliff

Blue Lanka Tours re-claims the World Travel Award as the Leading Tour Operator in Sri Lanka for 2022

As the world’s most reputed organisation for recommending and awarding bodies that are related to travel and hospitality, the World Travel Awards committee considers destinations for their high-quality service and awards them the World Travel Award as an inspiration to similar organizations.  Every year World Travel Awards are held regionally in different parts of the

10 secret places in Sri Lanka that must be explored

Introduction In addition to the well-known exotic beaches and lush greenery of the hill country, Sri Lanka has more natural beauty that is incredibly beautiful, yet hidden from the eyes of the traveler. Most of these attractions are located far from the common tourist routes, which means getting there is another adventure in itself. But

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