Kataragama and its Enchanting Religious Significance
Kataragama is one magical destination where the most bizarre kind of legends become popular and clouds of aroma carry magic within them! In this enchanted city, it is believed that King Dutugemunu constructed a shrine for Kataragama Deviyo (the resident God – according to Buddhists) in the 2nd century BC. But the location apparently holds significance since much longer! Busiest times [...]
An Exciting Combination of Sri Lanka and Maldives in ONE Holiday!
Combining a holiday to Sri Lanka and the Maldives is a great idea, significantly due to its close geographical location and easy flight combinations. This holiday option will offer a fusion of history and culture, wildlife experiences, wrapped up with an unwinding stay at the white sand beaches and turquoise waters of an exclusive luxury resort in the Maldives. Hence [...]
Seven Most Expensive Hotel Rooms Across the Globe
Ever heard of the saying ‘money can’t buy happiness’? It’s true, BUT, money can surely have you living the life of royalty for a night! Put aside your rental expenses for the next five years and instead, give a shot at staying at the most expensive hotel suites in the world. From penthouse suites overlooking city landscapes to breathtaking ocean-view [...]
Eight Remarkable Historic Hotels in Sri Lanka
Visiting new holiday destinations is more than just crossing off one of those places from your travel list. It is also about studying the history and culture of an area, and the best way to do this is by immersing in the past and its remnants. In Sri Lanka, landmarks and museums are a good place to start. But [...]
Dalawella Beach: A Social Media Hotspot that Drives Tourism in Sri Lanka
When researching tourist hotspots in Sri Lanka, you must have surely come across the Unawatuna Beach, close to Galle town. A short drive further ahead from Unawatuna Beach is the Dalawella Beach, which is a famous Sri Lanka tourism hotspot on social media platforms particularly for the rope swing that is made hanging from a coconut tree branch. This part [...]
Photogenic Belihuloya Nature Adventures in Sri Lanka
Belihuloya is a small village in Sri Lanka’s hill country and is an ideal location for adventure based holidays as well as for observing nature at its best! The natural beauty of Belihuloya, along with the Horton Plains National Park completing its backdrop view provides sceneries that are incomparable. The unique location of Belihuloya is one that has a combination [...]
Five unforgettable ‘Food Scene’ experiences in Sri Lanka
1. Live Seafood Island life in Sri Lanka includes a whole lot of fresh seafood at meal times! Restaurants located by the beachside promote elite dining experiences by offering a wide range of live seafood. Customers can take their pick of fish and also choose from a variety of cooking options depending on how they’d like [...]
Mountain of Measurement – Hiker’s Paradise
More popularly known as Manigala – Mountain of Measurement, is one of the best, yet least visited mountains for hiking purposes within the Knuckles Mountain Ranges. Located south of Dambulla and northeast of Kandy, Dumbara Hills, or more precisely, Pitawala village is where you must get to as the base for climbing Manigala. Dumbara Hills, translated to “Misty Mountains”, is appropriate [...]
7 most luxurious things to do in Sri Lanka

1. Sky diving Have you ever imagined jumping out of an airplane? The amazing feeling of achievement? The adrenaline rush? Your luxury holiday in Sri Lanka just got to a whole new level! Tandem skydiving is possible in Koggala, Sri Lanka. Exit from an airplane at 15000 feet for an absolutely insane 60 seconds of […]

Mystical Setting Amidst Wilderness at Wasgamuwa National Park
Imagine a wildlife sanctuary where gentle giants roam, sloth bear slowly crawls and birds find refuge – Wasgamuwa National Park is an ideal place for nature lovers and wildlife photographers on the lookout for a mystical wilderness atmosphere. If you have the cultural triangle (Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa) scheduled on your Sri Lanka tour itinerary, then the Wasgamuwa National Park is a good [...]
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