5 Best Beaches in Sri Lanka that would be a regret to miss

The perk of being an island nation is that the majestic ocean hosts Sri Lanka, landscaping some of the best beaches Asia can be proud of. The coast around Sri Lanka is reason for many tourists to explore the island and explore her beauty. Venture a read to discover the best beaches in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s abundant inheritance of unique handicrafts

Introduction A nation with a rich heritage is sure to inherit inspiring and unique handicrafts. The diversity in Sri Lanka is highlighted through the multitude of ancient handicraft techniques prominent in different parts of the country. Let us journey around this island nation to imagine and experience its unique  handicrafts.  Wooden beauties with Wood Carvings

Essentials Items when travelling to Sri Lanka

Introduction Excited to try Sri Lanka as your next travel destination? Nicknamed the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an island nation that offers you a different experience in terms of climate, nature and culture as you travel across the country from North to South or East to West. It is best to

08 Best couple activities to do on your Sri Lanka honeymoon

Introduction Lush greenery, majestic waves, golden sand and welcoming hosts are the perfect combination for a perfect vacation. As you begin a new chapter in your life with a special someone to accompany you in sickness and in health, embarking on an adventure with him/her is symbolic of your life together. Explore the story of

A Complete Travel Guide to Ella, Sri Lanka; including Ten Activities You Shouldn’t Miss!

Introduction Surrounded by endless greenery and many waterfalls, Ella is an ideal place for relaxation, so be sure to include a few days here when planning your Sri Lanka holiday itinerary. Compared to other parts of Sri Lanka, the temperature here is pleasant and fresh as the city is located about 1000 meters above sea

All about the must-visit Tea Empire in Nuwara Eliya

Introduction Tea cultivation was Sri Lanka’s main driving factor for economic prosperity during the British era. Till date, the industry holds a vast share of the commercial exports that Sri Lanka gives to the world. Accounting for a quarter of the island’s earnings, the tea industry once survived a disastrous nationalization and was re-privatized again.

Highlights of Kitulgala – a must-include in your Sri Lanka itinerary

Introduction Kitulgala, Sri Lanka, offers a beautiful river setting, low country tea estates, and jungle-like hills, making it an ideal destination for adventure lovers and environment enthusiasts. It is also the hub for exciting water sports activities such as white-water rafting, abseiling, canyoning and exploring waterfalls. Located about 83kms from Bandaranaike International Airport and 100

7 of the best infinity pools in Sri Lanka

Tri Koggala Amongst the many hotels focusing on wellness and sustainable holidays, Tri Hotel Koggala is located along Sri Lanka’s finest lake, showcasing an inspiring jungle-like environment. The resort has a gorgeous lake-edge infinity swimming pool that offers panoramic views in hues of green and blue, which are a pleasant sight indeed. This gem of

Create your philanthropic journey across Sri Lanka

Why choose Sri Lanka for your philanthropic journey? Philanthropic journeys, also known as sustainable or conscious travel, means being able to give back to your chosen holiday destination. By choosing Sri Lanka for your philanthropic journey, you will be contributing towards a much-needed positive change in the country. Being a third-world developing country, Sri Lanka

Worth a visit: Nelligala Buddhist Temple

Introduction Nelligala Buddhist Temple adds to the many other historic and cultural attractions that Sri Lanka offers on the top of a mountain! The feeling of being at the top is invaluable – a feeling that can heal our minds as we escape from the busy and stressful lifestyle that revolves around us on a

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