Experience fun-filled traditions of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in Sri Lanka

With majority of Sri Lankans being Buddhists, the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in Sri Lanka is the biggest holiday season in the country. The 13th and 14th of the month of April are marked as public holidays in every Sri Lankan calendar, with the 13th being the last day of the old year and

12 Dos and Don’ts For a Memorable Vacation in 2021

While tour operators in Sri Lanka are always happy to plan your trip, there are a few do’s and don’ts in Sri Lanka that you must keep in mind 1. Visa-On-Arrival? Not happening! Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is the term used in Sri Lanka for obtaining online visa prior to arrival. Apart from Singapore, Seychelles

Seven hotels in Sigiriya you must stay at!

Sigiriya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka, because it is home to the Lion’s Rock, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built by an ancient King of Sri Lanka, the Sigiriya rock fortress is an easy climb, during which you can explore some beautifully engraved frescoes and paintings, and once at

Enjoy complete privacy at these TEN stunning Villas in Sri Lanka

With social distancing becoming the new norm, Sri Lanka’s hospitality industry is adapting by offering tourist groups a wide range of luxury villas to stay at during their holiday in Sri Lanka. The concept here is to encourage group travel so you can book private accommodation at these villas reserved only for your group. You

Putting the pandemic behind us: a helpful travel guide to Sri Lanka

With the hope that the pandemic is fading away at a very slow pace, people’s desire to travel is beginning to get stronger than ever. However, most will be prioritizing their world travel destinations with health and safety in mind, preferring to go to places with fewer people and lesser health risks. We, at Blue

Nine amazing wellness retreats in Sri Lanka

In addition to the wide variety of natural, cultural and historical attractions that Sri Lanka has to offer, the country also promises some of the best wellness retreats in all of Asia. Most of the treatments offered at these retreats are based on Ayurvedic medicinal principles – one of the most ancient holistic approach to

How to be a sustainable traveler in Sri Lanka

Are you confused between sustainable travel, eco tourism, green travel and responsible travel? Well, don’t be. All these terms are used interchangeable and mean the same thing – the idea of being more conscious of how we travel, while minimizing negative impacts on the environment, and positively impacting local communities and economies. What is sustainable

Most Popular Contemporary Fashion Trends in Sri Lanka

It is important to make some time and effort into looking good and dressing well. Not only does it make you look elegant and fashionable, it also adds towards creating a good impression, whether it is for a work interview, a birthday party, a date, or just a casual outing with friends/family. Being conscious about

An exclusive Mountainous experience at Aarunya Resort – Kandy

If you are planning a holiday in Sri Lanka, you’ve surely heard of the Knuckles Mountain Ranges or have already included it as part of your tour itinerary? This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers amazing nature trails. But imagine living with a view of these beautiful mountains outside your room? Aarunya Nature Resort & Spa

Top tips for planning the perfect surfing holiday to Sri Lanka

Why choose Sri Lanka as a surf destination? From beginners to experts, this exotic island has the right choice of waves, easy access, and just the right tropical water to make it a surfer’s paradise! Sri Lanka’s coastal areas tend to have smaller and cleaner waves, being one of the higher latitude surf zones in

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