The gloriously scenic Kandy to Ella train

Introduction Embark on one of the most beautiful train rides in the world, which is also now much of an Instagram sensation and should be added to your Sri Lanka itinerary. The much spoken about scenic Kandy to Ella train ride is definitely not overrated. This popular journey often means being surrounded by a lot

Voluntourism in Sri Lanka

What is Voluntourism? Combine travel and tourism to get Voluntourism! Lots of people are using this term for ‘travel with purpose’ to describe their holiday abroad experiences. Voluntourism in Sri Lanka allows travelers to immerse in a new culture as well as give back to the local community. Everyone has a different goal for their

Checklist of things to do in Jaffna when you visit the Sri Lankan Haven

Jaffna is a must-visit tourist destination in Sri Lanka if you are looking for a fascinating insight to a beautiful, culturally diverse part of the country. It’s only been about a decade since visitors were allowed in Jaffna after the end of the 30 year long Sri Lankan civil war. The war is over now

Things you need to know if you are travelling to Sri Lanka from Europe

Introduction Sri Lanka is a gorgeous tropical island to opt for if you are looking to get away from the chilly winters in Europe. Full of exotic flora and fauna, the mountains have stunning panoramic views while the beaches are extraordinarily beautiful not just to look at but also to give yourself a sun tan

The Dos and Don’ts when visiting a National Park in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s wildlife is indeed commendable. A large variety of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians can be found at more than 25 national parks across the country. Yala National Park, Minneriya National Park, Wilpattu National Park and Kaudulla National Park are just a few of the more popular ones where you can see Asian elephants,

Things to do in Sri Lanka when travel returns post covid

Introduction Sri Lanka is one of the few tourism rich countries that have opened up to international travelers since December 2020. With travel being such an essential part of our lifestyles, the fact that it was brought to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic is difficult for many across the world. Now that the

Explore Sri Lanka as a wreck diving treasure trove!

Introduction Did you know? At present, there are 120 reported shipwrecks around Sri Lanka, but archeologists believe there could be more than 200 wrecks. Sri Lanka as a wreck diving destination is gaining popularity at a very fast pace. But still, many are not aware of most of the valuable heritage of the country that

Discovering the forests of Sri Lanka

Did you know that almost 30% of Sri Lanka’s land area is forested? 8.6% of this area is classified as primary forests – the most biodiverse form of forestation. More statistics from the World Conservation Monitoring Center, Sri Lanka has about 751 species of amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles. 21.7% of this figure is endemic

Dickwella, the Surf & Beach Gem of Sri Lanka

Introduction Dickwella is one of the lesser-known surf and beach destinations in Sri Lanka, and is almost never crowded. In fact, someone visiting for the first time may consider the beach to be barren, but of course, there is a lot of hidden beauty that awaits beyond a few thin layers of camouflage. Dickwella town

Wildlife treasures at Kaudulla National Park

Introduction One out of Sri Lanka’s 26 National Parks is in Kaudulla, and a safari at this park is the best option for spotting elephants in Sri Lanka. There is a record of over 200 elephants residing at Kaudulla National Park, in addition to monkeys, crocodiles and even a few leopards. Opened in 2002, this

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