Lankan Fishermen, and Their Lifestyle
“Maalu Waadi” are fishing villages that are active during the six months of optimal fishing season in every coastline of Sri Lanka. Fishermen from across the country travel to these villages and set up temporary homes. Some travel with families while some are alone. Early mornings on the south coast of Sri Lanka is the [...]
7 Exciting Things to do in Mirissa
Mirissa has been one of the rising hotspot tourist destinations in Sri Lanka since the last couple of years or so. Apart from the most obvious – relaxing on a hammock on the coconut filled Mirissa beach, you can spend an adventurous few days here exploring the area. 1. Surfing Start off with your surf [...]
Culture Club Galle Fort

Experience the historic ambiance of the Galle Fort in all its authenticity at the Culture Club Galle. A relatively new additional to the appealing boutique accommodations to be found in and around the famous Galle Fort, Culture Club is ideal, if you want to a touch of Galle’s colonial past. Tucked away along one of […]

Useful Things to Have in Your Travel Bag When Travelling in Sri Lanka
Travelling in tropical Sri Lanka is an amazing experience filled with adventures from wildlife safaris, to nature treks, to culinary journeys, to exploring ancient ruins and of course unwinding-time at the beach. Whether you are staying for a few days or a few weeks, here are a few things you should have with you while [...]
Here’s Why Adam’s Peek Should Be On Your List of Sri Lanka Must-Dos
Are you looking for an invigorating challenge while on holiday in Sri Lanka? Then a climb or trek up Adam’s Peak is the perfect activity, especially if you are here during January to about March, when it is less windy and so less difficult to make the actual climb to the summit. It can get [...]
Sri Lanka’s Independence Day Celebrations and What to Expect
February 4th is the date Sri Lanka celebrates its independence from Colonial rule. After gaining independence from British rule, the island has every year, celebrated the efforts of its forefathers to gain its cherished sovereignty, through peaceful means and negotiations. The celebration itself is magnificent with pomp and pageantry resonating the pride and spirit of [...]
Calling All Literary Buffs to Visit Sri Lanka, Jan is Your Month
If you are in Sri Lanka during January then you are in for an additional treat, because honestly, being in Sri Lanka is a treat within itself. However, in Jan you can experience the Fairway Galle Literary Festival (FGLF) held in Galle each year. It can truly lay claim to being ‘one of the most [...]
Useful Sri Lanka Travel Info For 2019
It's 2019, its January and its time to start making those travel plans, which honestly is a therapeutic way to get through the cold winter months. After the excitement of December, January can seem dull but planning your holiday to Sri Lanka will keep you energized and motivated. Why Sri Lanka you ask? Well, it [...]
Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle and What to Expect
If Sri Lanka is on your 2019 holiday plans, then be sure to include time to explore Sri Lanka’s rich and interesting Cultural Triangle. An island saturated in culture and history, the Cultural Triangle is a connection of three of the foremost locations that moulded Sri Lanka’s historic journey. The great ancient cities of Anuradhapura, [...]
Here’s why Sri Lanka Ranks as Lonely Planet’s Top Country to Visit in 2019
Do you wonder what all the hype is about? Why has Lonely Planet, recognized as the world’s premier travel portal, named Sri Lanka as the top country to visit in 2019? Well, it is basically because this teardrop island paradise packs so much within its tiny boundaries, that visitors are never at loss for something [...]
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