Promising reasons why Sri Lanka is a safe choice for post-Covid travel

by | Apr 22, 2021

Ever since the pandemic hit us, the Sri Lankan government has been very proactive in taking measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The country has had relatively low coronavirus cases during both waves thus far, proving that these measures have been extremely effective.

The Ministry of Health, together with the Sri Lanka tourism development authority have ensured that strict health and safety measures are currently in place while keeping in mind the safety of tourists as well as the local community. In recognition of this comprehensive guideline measure for post-covid travel in Sri Lanka, the country has received the ‘Safe Travels’ stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council on 10th August 2020.

During the pause in world travel, the attractions in Sri Lanka have not diminished. This small, yet beautiful country is rich with picturesque landscapes and remarkable accommodation, including small and private stays. Below are a few reasons why Sri Lanka should be your go-to holiday destination post covid, keeping in mind strict procedures, fewer people and fewer health risks.

A center for wellness

Ayurveda treatment has been practiced in Sri Lanka for centuries. In an effort to encourage this holistic healing approach amongst international travelers, the tourism industry has introduced several luxurious retreats devoted to wellness. Escape the hustle bustle and refresh your mind and body whilst indulging in beautiful natural surroundings in all corners of the country, be it the crisp and cool mountain air, lush tea plantations, and exotic beach views. These wellness resorts include customized spa treatments, delicious wholesome meal plans, yoga and meditation sessions and other Ayurvedic treatment facilities

Glimpse of Sri Lanka

Post-covid travel in Sri Lanka is ideal for those with restricted time in their hands, yet wanting to cover most of the country’s landscapes and attractions. In just about one week, you can plan a glimpse of Sri Lanka including ancient ruins of Anuradhapura, world heritage sites such as Sigiriya, chilly hills of Ella, jeep safaris away from the crowds at Yala National Park, and wrap it up with an exclusive beach resort in Kalpitiya, Passikudah or Tangalle as part of your itinerary. While this tour may be fast paced, it covers most of what Sri Lanka has to offer while also providing an opportunity to relax and unwind along the way. If you have a group of friends, couples or families travelling together, a glimpse of Sri Lanka is a perfect idea.

Largely a rural destination

Apart from a few cities such as Colombo, Kandy, and Nuwara Eliya, most of Sri Lanka is a quiet, rural destination, and much of the land is used for agriculture and wildlife conservation. Even with the coastline, a large proportion is untouched by tourism. You could plan an entire holiday in Sri Lanka to discover these quiet and lesser-known off the beaten track rural areas by choosing small boutique properties set amidst gorgeous locations where you will feel that the whole country is only yours!

Nature of travel during a tour

Those who have visited Sri Lanka before would know that a tour in Sri Lanka usually includes a private vehicle to yourself, along with a chauffeur cum guide who will be with you throughout your stay. The entire country can be covered by travelling around in this vehicle, as opposed to domestic flights and public transport required at other holiday destinations. The more you avoid contact with others, the safer you are in this post-covid world.

As per the most updated rules of the Sri Lankan government and the tourism development authority, your travel to Sri Lanka should include confirmed bookings at a safe and secure certified ‘Level 01’ hotel for the first 14 days. At these hotels, tourists can use all facilities such as gym, restaurants, swimming pool and spa. A comprehensive list of Level 01 hotels has been selected covering Galle, Colombo, Negombo, Sigiriya, Nuwara Eliya, Kandy, Passikudah, and all other popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. These hotels are not allowed to entertain domestic tourists and local banquets.

This results in a travel bubble for international travelers, ensuring safety of tourists, local communities and employees. Respective hotel authorities and tour agents are entrusted to ensure the safety bubble is not broken.

Frequently Asked Questions about Post-Covid travel to Sri Lanka

Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka during COVID?

Considering relatively low coronavirus cases reported from the beginning of the pandemic in Sri Lanka, and the bio bubble designed for international travelers, it is indeed safe to plan a holiday in Sri Lanka during Covid-19.

Do I need a COVID test for Sri Lanka?

All travelers to Sri Lanka must have a negative PCR test report from any accredited laboratory 96 to 72 hours prior to departure. This report will be validated at the landing International Airport in Sri Lanka.

Is there testing done at Sri Lanka airport?

For tourists, there will be no testing done at the Sri Lankan airport. However, the first paid PCR test will be done upon arrival at the guests’ selected Level 01 hotel before check-in.

Do I need Visa to enter Sri Lanka?

Yes, every foreigner needs a visa to enter Sri Lanka. An Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) must be obtained online, before arrival in Sri Lanka. Updated visa requirements and procedures are available at

Yes, Choose Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka has been time and again featured as one of the best travel destinations in the world over the last few years. We believe that Sri Lanka will still remain on top of your travel bucket list as it is most certainly recognized as a low-risk choice for post-covid holiday destinations.