Shopping in Galle: 10 must-visit boutique stores

by | May 28, 2021

Haven’t got Galle on your Sri Lanka holiday itinerary yet? You must add it now!

Located along the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Galle is renowned for its beautiful beaches, top notch holiday resorts, luxurious boutique hotels, and rich heritage. The Galle Fort, built during the Dutch era, is now a popular leisure spot, where the fortress remnants are still preserved. In addition to a stunning coastal view, visitors also like to spend some time in the calm waters, and wrap up the evening with a stroll along the colony within the walls of the Dutch Fort, taking their pick on where they would like to shop, wine, and dine!

Make sure you’ve got at least 2-3 days to spend in Galle if you want to do some quality souvenir shopping, buy special clothing, furniture, ornaments, accessories, gems, and much more. Below are a few hand-picked boutique stores in Galle where only high quality items are available to take back home for your own use, or for gifting to close friends and family.

1. Barefoot

Barefoot in Colombo

No. 41, Pedlar Street, Galle

As one of the most popular boutique stores in Galle, Barefoot promotes unique handwoven products ranging from pencil pouches and table cloths to sarees and bedsheets. With its main branch located in Colombo, Barefoot has become a favourite brand for handloom products such as clothing, fabrics, craft, and homeware, and many other stores are copying its concept and selling similar products. Transformed from an old house on Pedlar Street, this beautiful store is also known for an amazing story book and postcard collection in Galle.

2. KK The Collection

No. 71, Pedlar Street, Galle

Large and spacious, this well-known boutique shop has a wide collection of men and women clothing, linen, crafts, paintings, ornaments, and other home accessories. Be sure to have a few hours in hand before entering the store as when you browse through their wide range of items, there will most certainly be a few things interesting enough to purchase.

3. Exotic Roots

No. 50A, Lighthouse Street, Galle

Exotic Roots is an old family-run boutique store exhibiting uniquely styled paintings and artwork created only by the members of the family. Because of the one-of-a-kind items on sale, this store has become very popular amongst tourists. With over 20 years of establishment, this store has a wide collection of exclusive crafts that range from hand designed household objects such as plates, trays, vases and tiles, as well as gorgeous acrylic paintings on canvas.

4. Raux Brothers

No. 96, Pedlar Street, Galle

Introducing a special café cum store concept, Raux brothers lets you shop while also sipping on your favorite beverage and lounging around to relax your tired legs. The Galle outlet of Raux Brothers is just one of a chain of outlets across the country, popularly known for selling attractive designer furniture.

5. The Three by TPV

No. 43, Layn Baan Street, Fort Galle

From specially designed jewellery to unique artwork to beautiful household accessories, The Three by TPV is a thrill for shoppers! Take your time to stroll through this cleverly structured luxurious boutique store and explore the exclusive pieces that are up for sale.

6. Spa Ceylon

No. 54A, Lighthouse Street, Galle

Imagine being able to purchase the products that are being used on you during the most relaxing massage treatment ever?!? Yes, this store is a two-in-one spa and store where you can not only enjoy a therapeutic massage but also come out and purchase their organic, signature beauty and cosmetic products such as oils, balms, shower gels, shampoos, perfumes, and much more! Each product has a unique aroma to suit different personalities and these are a great option for gifting your friends back home.

7. Orchid House

No. 28A, Hospital Street, Fort Galle

Orchid House is another one of those shops in Galle that display uniquely designed pieces by the founders of the store, in addition to other memorabilia. Tea, spices, jewellery, clothes, handicrafts, herbal products and recycled products are just to name a few on sale. With such a wide variety of items to choose from, shoppers often get tired and are pampered with refreshments by the owners of the store.

8. Olanda Furniture

Leyn Baan Street, Galle

A Dutch colonial house transformed into a specialized antique furniture store, you are sure to love the limited-edition pieces here, and may even find some items to be native styled! With a team of skilled craftsmen, Olanda Furniture brings out the beauty of exclusive periodic furniture that is reproduced and handcrafted at their workshop. Upon entering the store, you will get a feeling of being in Aladin’s cave – a signature feature of the store. Also, in order to identify the store on Layn Baan Street, look out for an Austin and a Morris Minor from the early 1900s parked on the street and you will know this is where Olanda Furniture is located. As an extra service, Olanda also offers to arrange accommodation for tourists at elegant boutique hotels in Galle and along the southern coast.

9. Mimi Mango

No. 56, Lighthouse Street, Galle

Mimi Mango is a popular upmarket fashion store where you can find clothing for all occasions! Ranging from beach to cocktail wear, designer Jo Eden aims to make a woman look appropriately dressed in a kaftan throughout the day, wherever she may be and whatever she may be doing! Easy to wear designs, unique style, and elegant hand-stitched finishes are always a head turner for many. Authentic and colourful scarves, stoles and kaftans are often a must-have in the luggage of many discerning travellers.

10. Lihiniya Gems

No. 42A, Hospital Road, Galle

One of the many specialties of Sri Lanka are its precious and semi-precious gemstones and you cannot go home without buying one or more! Lihiniya Gems offers a wide range of uncut gems and beautiful jewellery at affordable prices. A friendly service team is always around to help you choose from stunning colourful necklaces, rings and earrings that complement your look.