Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans will Prevail

by | May 8, 2019

It is two weeks since the appalling Easter Sunday tragedy that shook this tiny paradise island. Naturally buoyant and warm in personality, Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans have over the last decade put the horrors and hardships of the past 30 year civil war behind them and focussed on building the country up. We did such a good job, that Lonely Planet named us the number one destination to visit in 2019. However, the completely unexpected Easter Sunday attack on April 21st, 2019 rocked our country to the core and all our collective thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected.

The after effects and repercussions of these senseless attacks are being felt by all Sri Lankans today. Not only is it the devastating loss of innocent lives and the number of injured being over 500, but the fact that people are only now, two weeks later, slowly trying to return to normalcy. It has been a difficult time for each and everyone and our hears our heavy for the lives lost, for the injured and for the sense of shock and disbelief the country is trying to recover from. Sri Lanka is an island nation that has proven time and again that it is a functioning multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious melting pot that can thrive with peace and growing prosperity.

Travellers from across the world were flocking to our paradise island to experience the affordable mix of beach vacation, wildlife adventures, scenic hikes and treks and historic excursions. It is understandable but profoundly sad that travellers at present feel hesitant to travel to Sri Lanka, thereby losing out on making memories in this paradise isle while also affecting the livelihoods of all those who have made hospitality their profession. Tour guides, to local craftsmen and women, to traditional food suppliers to the wildlife sanctuaries that depend on the income generated to sustain the parks and the wellbeing of the wild animals and even villagers that gain employment through the tourist industry are all affected by the loss of visitors to the country.

However, as mentioned before at the root of Sri Lanka’s endurance is resilience, the ability to rise from the ashes and to work towards and create prosperity. The outpouring of condemnation for the attacks and heartfelt love and concern for the country always encourage us to defeat adversity and travel forward to a stronger future.

At Blue Lanka Tours we know that Sri Lanka’s natural attractions and warm and embracing culture will once again entice visitors from around the world to come and experience all that our tiny island paradise has to offer. We for our part will continue to create memorable and inspiring holiday experiences that will help towards re-building the travel trade upon which many Sri Lankans depend. The travel trade includes individuals from all ethnicities and religions and embraces a unified industry that is the complete reverse to those who seek to cause division and chaos. When you are ready, Sri Lanka is ready to embrace you into a journey of warm and unforgettable experiences.