The Ella Odyssey Train

by | Mar 14, 2022

For the first time in Sri Lanka – a train service dedicated towards tourism and only tourism was introduced in Sri Lanka. Launched in March 2022, this 7-hour train service from Kandy to Ella is all you need if you want a quick exploration of the hill country of Sri Lanka. Stopping for a few minutes at popular tourist destinations on the way, the Ella Odyssey Train gives you a chance to quickly hop off, get a glimpse at the natural beauty, capture some shots on your camera and hop back on to move on to the next stop. You could of course choose to get down at any of the stops and stay over for a night or two if you want to further explore that area, but for those who have limited time in Sri Lanka, this train journey is ideal.

Where is Ella?

About 200kms east of Colombo is the small, yet beautiful town of Ella, situated at a height of about 1040 meters above sea level. The fastest route to get there is via the southern expressway and can take you about 4.5 – 5 hours from Colombo by car. However, a more indulgent route to get to Ella is to drive to Kandy (3 hrs by car) and take the Ella Odyssey special train and experience one of the best train journeys in all of Asia.

About the Ella Odyssey Train

Inside the train:

The Ella Odyssey has 176 first class seats in an air conditioned cabin and 144 second class seats that can commute people from Kandy to Demodara. The train also highlights a restaurant that serves buffet meals and provides up to 70 seats for socializing.

Schedule, route and destination:

This train will operate daily, departing from Kandy railway station at 7.00 am and reaching the last stop – Demodara at 2.20 pm. It then leaves from Demodara at 3.40 pm and brings you back to Kandy by 9.45 pm.

The Ella Odyssey – tourist-oriented train stops at the following locations, some of which are stations and some are popular tourist attractions:

  1. Peradeniya Station
  2. Geli Oya Station
  3. Nawalapitiya Station
  4. Horse Tail Waterfall (2 minutes)
  5. Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) view (2 minutes)
  6. Hatton Station
  7. St. Claire’s Waterfall view (2 minutes)
  8. Great Western Station
  9. Nanu Oya Station
  10. Elgin Falls View (2 minutes)
  11. Pattipola Station
  12. Summit Level (2 minutes)
  13. No. 18 Tunnel (3 minutes)
  14. Ohiya Station
  15. Idalgashinna Station (30 minutes)
  16. Sulan Kapolla View (3 minutes)
  17. Haputale Station
  18. Kithal Ella Waterfall View (3 minutes)
  19. Ella Station
  20. Nine Arches Bridge (10 minutes)
  21. Demodara Station

The Experience:

Inviting all tourists to indulge in the scenic views of Sri Lanka’s hill country, this super luxury train gives you an experience of first-class treatment with comfortable seating while you cut through the lush greenery, massive tea estates, mountainous views and cascading waterfalls. Whether you look out the left window or right, views are equally ecstatic. The Ella Odyssey train stops at the above-mentioned locations for a few minutes for guests who want to get on and off and also for those who want to enjoy the scenery and click photographs.

How can I book a ticket?

It is highly advisable to book your seats for this luxury train service in advance in order to avoid disappointment. Especially if you are on a short stay in Sri Lanka, it might be difficult to find seats from Kandy to Ella for the required date at short notice. E-ticketing services are available for passengers who wish to book online using the following link:


You must add this train ride to your bucket list in Sri Lanka. In fact, you can schedule a couple of nights in Ella as there are many things to do such as rock climbing, zip lining, waterfall bathing and so on. Ella has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination and now has a wide range of accommodation options ranging from low to mid to high budgets. Contact Blue Lanka Tours to arrange your holiday in Sri Lanka, book your train tickets, arrange private transport as well as handle accommodation for you at a reasonable rate in Ella.