Useful Sri Lanka Travel Info For 2019

by | Jan 2, 2019

It’s 2019, its January and its time to start making those travel plans, which honestly is a therapeutic way to get through the cold winter months. After the excitement of December, January can seem dull but planning your holiday to Sri Lanka will keep you energized and motivated. Why Sri Lanka you ask? Well, it has been named the top destination to visit this year by Lonely Planet, making it the perfect start for your travel plans this year.


Sri Lanka is blessed with a pleasant, tropical climate which is why it is a great destination to visit any time of the year. You can plan exciting excursions to different parts of the island at different times of the year as the two short monsoon seasons the country experiences, affect the alternate sides of the island at opposite times. Basically, this means that whatever time of the year you visit you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy yourself including hours of sunbathing on a sunny beach. After all, Sri Lanka is a tropical island. December to March is a relatively dry period for Sri Lanka making it a good time for activities such as a visit to the island’s cultural triangle and to climb the famous Adam’s Peak.

Getting Around

Getting around Sri Lanka is an adventure but relatively easy. If you opt for public transport, then you are in for an experience as you jostle with locals on the busy buses and trains. But that is all part of the allure of travel, having experiences that reflect the genuine spirit of the country. Roads are generally well maintained and with the highways and expressways travel has become even more convenient. You can reach anywhere in the island via public transport and for more remote locations you will be able to make use of the local tuk tuks, convenient and with a little haggling, affordable. Cabs and car hires are also easy to organize and usually come with a fixed price range and digital metres.


Sri Lankan food is spicy, flavoursome and full of variety. Local cuisine is perfect for vegans as well, as vegetarian options are made using plant-based ingredients. King coconuts are a naturally sweet and refreshing way to stay hydrated and the local cup of tea is out of this world. As you are travelling in a new country and experiencing new food, as always be mindful of where you purchase your food from, giving your body time to adjust to the new cuisine. Deep fried food is generally ok to buy from vendors but if you are opting for salads etc seek advice or consult an app such as on more well-known places to eat at.


This island is tiny but packed with adventures just waiting to be experienced. It is easy to plan your holiday in advanced to incorporate the areas that interest you. From the abundant wildlife at the National Wildlife Parks, to the cultural and historical sites, to the nature hikes and camping experiences, to the culinary adventures to the simple pleasure of sipping a cocktail on a sunny beach as the sea breeze cools you down, Sri Lanka has it all. This is backed by the famous hospitality that this island is known for, making you feel welcomed from the moment you step on its warm and inviting soil.