White Water Rafting – An Experience of a Lifetime!

by | Nov 14, 2016

White water rafting in Sri Lanka is an upcoming and increasingly popular sport amongst those planning adventure tours in Sri Lanka. The experience of rafting in Lankan waters not just gives you a thrilling memory but is also a challenge to test your teamwork ability, leadership and strategic thinking skills.

A Thrilling Adventure in Kitulgala – Sri Lanka

Kitulgala is a beautiful town where the banks of the Kelani River are located, which is about 80 kms from the city of Colombo. White water rafting adventures on the waters of this natural, yet perfectly designed Kelani River are suitable for amateurs and professionals alike. The picturesque river covers a total of 7 rapid falls, including 3 major ones and 4 minor ones. Every rapid fall is full of fun and excitement for those passing through it on their rafts.

White water rafting is ideal for all adults as well as children above the age of eight. Every rafting package comes with safety gear (life jackets and helmets), modern rafts as well as a brief instructions session by instructors before you begin the sport. The entire experience will take approximately one to two hours and the rafting distance covered is about 5kms. In addition to these, most rafting agents provide a Sri Lankan lunch, tea and coffee for the rafting package fee that they charge.

For those on a first time holiday in Sri Lanka and have never tried rafting before, you should get in touch with travel consultants at Blue Lanka Tours. We can arrange a day trip to Kitulgala for you to make sure you don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity. For first time rafters, here are a few frequently asked questions about white water rafting in Kitulgala that may clear your doubts.

How dangerous is white water rafting?

Rafting is an adventurous sport that involves exciting, wet, wild, thrilling and amazing fun. Yet, just like any other adventure sport would be, there is an inevitable risk involved. If there was no risk in an adventure sport like rafting, there would be no thrill and the sport would not be as enjoyable and exciting. The guides and instructors that would be with you during your rafting experience are expertly trained to manage and minimize any risks that you may come across.

What would be the consequences of any injury occurred during the rafting experience?

Your rafting instructor will give you a briefing on the do’s and don’ts of the boat ride as well as other safety techniques. Despite of this, if an injury were to occur, you will be transported to a neighboring hospital immediately and all costs of treatment will be borne by you or your travel insurance.

What are the basic safety rules for white water rafting in Kitulgala – Sri Lanka?

• No consumption of alcohol before the rafting session begins
• During the session, obey and abide by all rafting instructions given to you
• By dis-obeying safety rules and instructions, you are risking the lives of everyone on your boat.
• Rafting agency insurance will not cover any damages caused

Can non-swimmers still go rafting?

Everyone who steps into a rafting boat goes with an approved life jacket which will keep you afloat if you fall into the river. So it is okay to go rafting even if you do not know how to swim. Professionally trained instructors will guide you beforehand on what to do if you fall into the river during the rafting session.

What is the probability of falling out of the boat?

The priority is to stay in your boat. But due to certain circumstances you may end up falling out of your boat and in fact that adds to the excitement of your rafting experience. If you do fall into the water, beware of rocks and avoid swimming in rocky areas. Don’t hang on the boat either. Just relax, stay calm and let yourself float with the flow of the water. Once the rocky areas have passed you will be helped back onto the boat.